Why People Want a Perfect Smile

Dental Clinic in Wilmette, IlSmiling is universal. Fascinatingly, we smile for different reasons – we even smile while crying. But, have you ever wondered why we want that perfect, Julia Roberts-like smile? Glenlake Dental Care may ask, why do we approach a dentist Wilmette, Il to fix our smile?

There are three main reasons people yearn for the perfect smile. All these reasons are psychosocial in nature.

1) To smile more in photos

In a certain experiment, approximately 50% of the participants hoped to smile more in photos. Some people tend to think they aren't attractive enough because of their crooked teeth that show when they smile. For some, it is the reason they cannot find a special someone or land a job they always wanted.

2) To improve confidence

Forty-two percent of the experiment's respondents want to overcome their shyness especially around people who have otherwise white and straight teeth. These are the people who aren't afraid or ashamed of smiling in front of the cameras.

3) To minimize the need to cover the mouth

About 9% of the respondents wanted to smile, but without covering their mouths. Due to specific reasons, some respondents don't feel comfortable with their own smiles. This ruins the moment because of their embarrassment.

The Science Behind These Reasons

A great smile is an important feature in making a great first impression. Thus, we invest in maintaining a perfect smile or enhance one.

People want real smiles. They want something believable, and our smiles are among these things. A lovely smile warms the heart, making it difficult to resist smiling back.

A smile is indicative of good, happy and positive things. It speaks volume of our self-esteem and general health. That's why people seek to have that perfect smile.