Varicose Veins: It’s All About How You Move

Legs with varicose veinsYour body has its own ways of telling you that something is wrong. Sometimes, it can be subtle. Other times, it can be as clear as day such as getting varicose veins. When these signs become more apparent, they are not only a measure of an underlying problem. The effects itself can be a problem that can affect how you look. It is a cycle of issues that you can put a stop to if you know how to prevent them.

While you can get comprehensive varicose vein treatment from reliable facilities like, it is still much easier if you do not have to go through it in the first place. Getting a better idea of what causes the problem can help you prevent more of it from happening.

Here are some causes you should avoid: 

Standing Too Long

When your job requires you to stand all day, it may cause health problems. While sedentary lifestyles also bring about problems, keeping the balance can save you from it. Standing for long hours put a lot of pressure on your legs. Scientifically, this is due to gravity and your weight being carried on your two feet. Getting proper rest for your legs every few hours can help prevent varicose veins from taking form.

Crossing Your Legs

Varicose veins are caused by an irregular flow of blood in your system. Whenever you take on different postures in sitting, you might be interrupting the natural flow of your blood. Crossing your legs put a strain on your veins. It is a restrictive movement that may feel right for you but is not actually good for your health. Anything that prevents proper flow of blood is never a good thing. From the tightness of clothes you wear to your movements, you should be careful.

Knowing what unhealthy habits to watch out for may help you prevent experiencing the damages they make on your body.