Upcoming Brisbane Events Aimed at Promoting Health and Fitness

Promoting Health and FitnessPromotion of healthy and active living seems to be taking root in many parts of the world, Australia included. Many organisations are intent on teaching people how to watch their health in the wake of increased lifestyle and preventable ailments. The aim of these campaigns is to enable people to take control of their health, with focus on prevention rather than treatment.

If you have been waiting for such functions, here are some events to check out as listed by Brisbane Powerhouse.

Zumba Fitness

The contagious Zumba fitness programme gives you the opportunity to work out as you enjoy dance moves. As artistic as it is, Zumba fitness improves overall body health. Have a full body workout and burn a few calories regardless of your fitness level at the Karingal Park this October.

Group Fitness Training

Working out in a group can be beneficial for someone who finds it difficult to stick to a routine. It offers morale and accountability. Starting October 1, you have the opportunity to enjoy this blend of low- and high-impact training at the Bayside Park.

Aqua Aerobics

Water aerobics offer the perfect cardiovascular workout, relieve stress and strengthen muscles. That is why you need to visit the Musgrave Park Pool to the south of Brisbane on Sunday, 2 October. This Brisbane event has no fitness restrictions and it is open to both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Exercise Class

Are you looking to improve your fitness, balance, strength and coordination? Are you over thirty years old? Visit the Moorooka Community Centre on Thursday, 22 December for a wide variety of exercises for $10 per session or $80 if you opt for a 10-session package.

Being in good health and high fitness level should be a priority for everyone. As you visit various Brisbane venues for comedy, visual arts, theatre and so on, consider going to Brisbane events that promote health as well.