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The Movement Towards a More Technologically-Focused Precious Metals and Jewellery Industry

Posted: 11/23/2016 at 12:54 PM   /   by   /   comments (0)

Jewellery IndustryJewellery and precious stone cutting, joining and processing is often reserved only for individuals possessing great craftsmanship. But, more than being a specialist job, becoming a manufacturer in this industry also requires the precision of a surgeon as one mistake will literally cost an irrefutable fortune.

For this reason, the arrival of methodical and laser-accurate technologies brings much better news for jewellery manufacturers in the UK. This will not only streamline the industry, it will start a revolution on who can participate in preserving this age-old art.

Brilliantly Accurate Technological Applications

Among the many technologies applied to the jewellery craft today is using CAD software, which is typically used for construction and engineering industries operated by engineers, architects, and designers for drafting extremely precise design structure blueprints.

In particular, the application of CAD to jewellery and other precious stone paves the way for more affordable and more dependable stone weighting, designing, and cutting. Instead of trying to look for people with talents in the jewellery manufacturing, businesses can now focus on having a computer and single operator instead — providing undeniable cost-effectiveness.

Sustaining the Bespoke Jewellery Manufacturing Demand

Other than upgrading traditional jewellery manufacturing processes, the latest technologies in terms of cutting and mapping a particular precious stone also apply to bespoke jewellery demand. According to a specialist in the field, Ed Hole on the advantages of digitalising the jewellery business, “The investment has made production processes not only much quicker but also more precise and repeatable. It has also allowed us to create much more intricate and complex designs which would have been difficult and time-consuming to create by hand, but can now be made quickly and efficiently.”

Better Customer Satisfaction, Market Compliance and Guaranteed Quality

Through the full use of the CAD technology, the guesswork in the manufacturing process is now out of the question. Clients can now view jewellery and precious stone designs based on their preferences for quicker and more confident approval.

Overall, the modern day melding techniques for jewellery and precious metals creates a much more scalable and fool-proof system for both the consumers and manufacturers.