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Location: Finding the Right Wedding Reception for Your Wedding

Wedding Reception Planning a wedding reception requires a lot of tasks, but it begins by deciding on the location and the type of reception available. A wedding reception should be fun, exciting, and full of energy. It must be able to cater all the needs of the guests and provide entertainment for everyone attending the wedding. Here are some locations to consider:


Hotels make a good wedding reception. It may seem traditional, but it gives great reasons for all couples to make use of a hotel. One good reason is that guests can easily rest after the wedding reception. They don’t have to drive home, especially in an unfamiliar place after the party. Convenience is not only the reason to choose hotels. Today, hotels have fully air-conditioned reception areas, great scenery, banquet halls, and amenities for all guests to enjoy.

Backyard reception

There are many pros and cons to holding a backyard wedding reception. If you want something casual, however, this is a great option. All you need is to set up everything in an open space, starting with the decorations, food, and cake. Backyard reception can help you save because you won’t spend as much. Space isn’t limited and you can extend reception hours as long as you don’t bother neighboring areas.

Apres Party and Tent Rental recommends hiring tent rental companies to provide everything you need. Some of them even offer tables and chairs, so you don’t have to rent them separately.

Elegant restaurants

Restaurants are ideal wedding reception areas. If you want a formal reception, you can look for a fancy restaurant in your area and make reservations. Restaurants shine by the food they serve. If you want to serve a particular cuisine or dishes to your guests, the restaurant can do it all for you.

The cost of restaurant wedding reception differs, depending on the number of guests and the place you’ll be using. Unlike ordinary reception halls, most restaurants have their own distinctive look that includes unusual art and vivid colors.

There are many places where couples can enjoy a great wedding reception. If you want a lively reception location, pick the right spot where you and your guests can enjoy.

3 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Romantic Newlywed KissingPerhaps, one of the first major decisions that engaged couples need to make, next to getting married, is choosing the right venue. Some in-demand venues get fully booked several months to a year in advance, so you want to tick that box off your checklist as soon as you can. There are many dreamy places to choose from, so how do you trim down your options.

1. Estimate the number of guests

First, you need to decide whether you want a big or a more intimate wedding. Do you want it to be the talk of the town, or do you want something simpler with only your closest friends and family present? Estimate how many guests are expected from both parties, and leave room for more, in case. This would be your guide in eliminating too big or too small spaces.

2. Decide on the location

Do you want a destination wedding or do you want to have it at home in Brisbane? If it’s your dream to have a destination wedding, you have to understand that planning will be more complicated as you will have to consider more factors when it comes to logistics. Usually, couples who decide to get wed in a different state or even country find suppliers based there.

3. Consider the weather

If you want to have a beach or garden wedding, you need to make sure that there is only a slight chance of bad weather or rain. Otherwise, you will have to settle for an indoor ceremony or move the schedule of your wedding. If you cannot change the date anymore, instead of risking it, you can find an indoor space that you can customise based on the theme that you want. You can rent a function room just in Brisbane and hire experts that will help style and spruce it up, Victoriapark.com.au suggests.

Other factors that you want to consider are the layout of the venue. You don’t want your guests to be scattered, and you also want enough space for partying and dancing. Wedding planning can really be a headache, but once you get this off the way, everything else will follow. The most important is that wherever you decide to get married, make sure that you and your guests will be comfortable.

I Do My ‘Do: Daring Hairstyles for the Wedding

Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding HairstyleWhen couples decide to marry, people would always find something to say about the bride and how she looks. True, there’s that joke going on about making the bridesmaids look horrible so the bride’s beauty is accentuated, but why not just make the bride stand out on her own? After all, it is her special day and it would be good for all of Austin to see her beauty in full bloom.

That said, here are some bridal hair tips for her special day.

Butterflies and Flowers

Butterflies are relatively quiet and docile creatures. They come in so many shapes and sizes and the sight of a single one is rather beautiful. Imagine what a few dozen of them, nestled gently on your hair or veil, would look as soon as you start walking down the aisle. While this may be one of the most complicated in terms of sourcing for the butterflies, it is a very unique and stunning visual display.

However, as it involves living creatures, it’s best to try this hairstyle for short hair that didn’t have any artificial chemicals on them. Also, it is highly discouraged from trapping the butterflies in the hair by any means, as this is still considered cruelty to a living animal. Otherwise, make it a memorable display of creativity, especially for open-air weddings.

The Train

No, not the locomotive kind, but the length of your hair. Instead of covering up your hair with a typical veil, why take advantage of long hair and let it all flow down? Wedding hair stylists across Austin, says redstellasalonaustin.com, are quite aware of the subtle competition between brides and their hair, gown, veil, and overall look during a wedding.

This is an excellent opportunity to let natural beauty shine amidst extensions, so why not ask if your stylist can create a weave of both your hair and your veil? Just make sure it’s easy to put on and take off.


For something completely quirky but daring, the Renaissance is a good period for inspiration. If your theme matches, take your hair to literal heights by raised buns and bobs, layered tiers with crystal and flower accessories, or even one designed like a shrub.

This is considerably one of the more costly and complicated hairstyles a woman can ever wear, especially for her wedding, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as the suggestions provided. They can be faux-Renaissance designs with extensions or a headdress that’s much easier to remove.

With these suggestions, there would be no way that anyone will ever miss out on the gorgeous hair style of the happiest woman in the room. With these styles, it is truly apt to say, “Here comes the bride!” for the vision that she is.