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Stress Buster Vacation Ideas for Successful Executives

airplane taking off at sunsetHard work and dedication are essential characteristics to be successful. In most cases, entrepreneurs and executives work endlessly and to the bone to reach their goals and objectives. However, the human body will eventually demand rest and recreation to reduce one’s stress levels.

If you can afford it, go out and enjoy these vacation stress buster ideas.

Sporty Weekend

If you’re the kind of vacationer who needs a little athletic action to reduce stress, then find yourself a ski resort, a hiking site or a seaside hotel where you can ski, hike or swim respectively. Search for discounted skiing packages near Chicago if you don’t want to go too far out into the wilderness.

Just make sure that you get yourself a cozy room so you can rest adequately in between activities. Better yet, make sure there’s a nearby spa for massages and treatments.

Scenic Tour

You can do this with friends, family or solo. Rent a trailer and stock it full of provisions and roll out. Bring a first aid kit, fuel, and your emergency numbers list and keep them handy.

Aim for a destination goal but don’t be too strict with your route. Find a scenic one where you can stop to enjoy the view now and then.

Fly Out

There are some very beautiful and stress-free vacation destinations within and outside the country. Choose places that feature your favorite sport, hobby or interests. Schedule your trip during the offseason to avoid the stressful tourist peak.

Most importantly, reserve your rooms and tickets ahead of time. That way you can take advantage of discounts, freebies, and bonuses that come with early reservations.

Rest can never be put aside if you intend to achieve your dreams. Stress and pressure can affect your work quality and can endanger your health. So along with your short and long-term goals, plan your vacations as well.

Things to Do in Historic Bath

A aerial view of Bath CityThe city of Bath, UK, is a very historic place. Named because of the natural hot springs in the area that has served both Romans and Gaels in history, the City of Bath has the best of both worlds—Georgian brick buildings and lush greenery.

When in Bath

Taking a short vacation break in Bath? Here’s a list of the things you should do:

The Romans built public baths in the City, and you can still see it in the Great Bath. The ruins are still impressive and provide historians with an idea how the Roman Empire flourished in the UK. There are also pre-Roman sites near the area, but you need to plan for a day trip to see these enigmatic sites, especially Stonehenge.

The city has many other highlights, which you can take in when you go for a walking tour of the city. Visit the Holbourne Museum or the Victoria Art Gallery, or spend your day at Prior Park or the Circus. You could also take in the Georgian architecture of the Royal Crescent and marvel at the majestic structure.

Of course, a stay in Bath won’t be complete if you don’t enjoy its invigorating hot springs. The waters of Bath have been known for their rejuvenating and healing properties, so take a dip in many of the city’s spas and enjoy a dip in the waters.

Where to Stay?

Of course, when you’re having your short break in Bath, you can choose to stay in the many available accommodations in Bath: hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast. Choose one that will suit your needs and provides you with the amenities no matter how long you intend to stay.

The Importance of Taking Breaks from Work

Taking Short Breaks in BathCompanies in the UK are required to provide their workers with vacation time every year. As an employee, you probably appreciate that you have that option. However, many workers in the UK feel they cannot take the time to go on a long vacation, especially if no one can take on their workload. Their work will simply pile up, and they will have to tackle it when they get back. Instead of taking several weeks off at a time, it may be a better idea to take short breaks in Bath. 

Here are some reasons from Bailbrook Lodge to take a break from work.

You achieve perspective

Many employees forget that they have a life outside work. They slave away at their jobs as if it was the only thing in the world. When you take a break, even short ones, you realise that there is more to life than your work and that you are missing a big part of it when you confine yourself to such a small box. Getting out into the world gives you a different perspective, and can make you a more interesting person to your family, friends, and co-workers.

You avoid burnout

People that never look up from their computer or get up from their desks are candidates for early burnout. You feel stressed and exhausted every day, and become unproductive at work. You might even begin thinking of quitting. Instead of going to extremes, go away for a few days, and forget about work. Do something enjoyable or relaxing. When you get back, you will feel refreshed. You may even be excited to get back to your work.

You become healthier

Studies show that people that never take breaks from work are likely to have high blood pressure, high stress levels, and insomnia. This can develop into life-threatening medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Even if you enjoy your work, you can still damage your health by keeping at it every day. You need to take a step back occasionally and take a breather to maintain your health, so you can work longer.

Working hard all the time is bad for you on many levels. You can avoid many problems by taking short breaks. It will not kill you, and it will make life a lot more interesting.

Sihanoukville: An Ideal Yoga Destination


SihanoukvilleMany travelers visit Southeast Asia for the authentic yoga experience, as several types of practices originated from the region. With the mindset of experiencing the ‘local culture’, most of them enroll in yoga retreats.

Value for Money

Similar to Thailand and China, Cambodia offers a lot when it comes to yoga retreats. But, Cambodia offers more affordable services compared to other destinations; it’s also less busy. In addition, lower prices mean tourists can maximize their travel budget. This makes the country very inviting for many young explorers, especially students in their gap years.

After being inspired by the beauty of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and seeing the capital Phnom Penh, most of them proceed to Sihanoukville for relaxation. Because of the natural energy the place emits, Vagabond Temple says Sihanoukville is an yoga ideal spot.

Yoga Retreat Durations

Yoga centers in Sihanoukville offer various programs depending on the needs and the length of time the guests can stay.

There are retreat houses offering day passes for daily activities that people can join in. This is for those with not enough time, but wish to experience what these places can offer. Most yoga centers also offer meals that complement the philosophy of yoga practice.

Short-term programs that last for a week or two are also available. People who want to understand and practice yoga in a deeper sense may join. This type of course usually comes with mind-relaxing accommodation and healthy Khmer meals. This length of time is good for those interested in detoxifying and healing.

For those profoundly interested in yoga, they can also join a long-term course that may last for more than two months. This provides in-depth understanding and engagement in yoga, as well as deeper awareness and integration with the Khmer culture. This longer course allows mentors to monitor the development of the client through time.

Practicing and learning yoga may need a long commitment, but familiarization can happen in a day. Sihanoukville, a picturesque, calming and peaceful place, offers an environment ideal for yoga retreats.

Group Vacation Guide

Group Vacation

Group VacationTravelling is a fun thing to do, whether you do it regularly or on an occasional basis. While solo travel is uplifting and fulfilling, nothing beats the fun group travel can bring.

Going on a trip with a big group of people, however, can be nerve-racking at times. Choices can differ and mutual decisions should always be met. Worse, if things get out of hand, you can end up in a big fight. That’s something that you don’t want to happen, especially if you’re already in the middle of the trip. Here are ways to help you and your friends deal with travelling — to avoid conflict:

Plan ahead

Preparation is very important in major trips. You would want to sit down and talk with your companions before doing something such as booking your flight. Hear out everyone’s opinions and come to a decision that’s acceptable for everyone. Make a timetable and hand out copies for the group. It really helps that everyone’s input is taken into consideration, so as not to create arguments later on. Also, being open to one another helps in avoiding surprises.

Designate team members

Since you’re travelling in a big group, it’s better to delegate the tasks. For instance, you can assign the scouring for the best flight for the group to Person A, while Person B will take care of accommodations. Those designated with such tasks should be keen on details. Think about what you will need. Are you going on an outback trip at night? You might want to double check on the car parts like 4×4 light bars, if they’re fully functional.

Know your directions

It’s amazing getting lost in a foreign land, as you will be amazed at what you may stumble upon. However, time is precious — and you don’t want to waste it by missing must-see destinations on your itinerary. This is especially important if you’re travelling in a big group, as your time is not the only one that is at stake. Getting lost while you’re with other people can be a source of conflict, so it’s best to avoid that by being prepared on how to get to your destination.

Going on a trip with your family or friends can be stressful, but you should keep in mind that you’re going away together to have fun. Set aside differences, make room for mistakes, and just go with the flow of your trip. Most of all, enjoy your time together!

Riding the High Seas Without Stress: LDS Cruise Preparations


cruiseA cruise is definitely one of the things that most people have in their bucket list. Since “The Love Boat” popularized the notion, it has become a favorite option for couples going on their honeymoons. A cruise takes a lot more planning than your typical trip to the beach, though. If you are preparing for a cruise for your next LDS trip, you should be ready for whatever may come.

Here are some things you ought to know about when going on a cruise:

Ticket prices are for one

Advertised cruise prices are usually for one person on double occupancy terms. If you are on a honeymoon, you will have to double the price to get the overall costs. A typical cruise may cost $100 to $200 a day. For a three-day honeymoon cruise, expect to shell out between $600 and $1,200.

If you happen to be going on a singles cruise, you need to find a friend to go with you. Otherwise, you will pay for two tickets if you do not want to share with a stranger.

“All-in” does not really mean all-in

As the LDS trip providers of CruiseLady.com explain, a typical cruise may last three to seven days. When you pay for your tickets, it includes your room, meals, ship amenities, and applicable taxes. Some cruise liners exclude the payment for spa treatments, yoga sessions, mini-golf, and other services. You also have to prepare a tip for the staff — this can run to about $100 for a typical 7-day cruise.

If you have to travel far to get to the boarding station, airfare and other travel expenses are not included in your ticket. Shore trips and other transport from the cruise will have to come from your own pocket.

The fine print is important

It is always important to read the fine print in any contract, and a cruise ticket is no different. For example, if you paid a premium to get a room with an ocean view, make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

Read the fine print and ask questions if something is not clear before the day of the cruise, so you can avoid nasty surprises. This will help you iron out the details of your cruise and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

A bit of planning always goes a long way when it comes to travel. When you know what to expect, you can avoid the stress and make the most of your cruise.

Where to Stay in Utah: Get Travel Advice from Friends and Locals


UtahThe world’s becoming smaller because of information being passed from one place to the next in mere seconds. You know about the festivals and events in St. George without going there. Nothing beats traveling and finding out how locals celebrate holidays, though. Before you pack your bags, find information about the best places to stay.

The Internet

One of the easiest ways to get information about the best hotel anywhere is through an online search. Most popular aggregate websites for hotels and other accommodations have a dedicated following of people who won’t shy away from giving honest reviews. Easily filter the search to include only hotels in St. George or other Utah locations you want to visit.

The main advantage of using the Internet is you see the amenities, and you can even make reservations without a phone call. Before deciding, however, check if the website you’re visiting is reputable and dependable.

Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

You get personal and detailed information from people you know. Go ahead and ask family members or friends about their experiences to save you from being disappointed  with your own choice. Alternatively, ask your inner circle for suggestions, but remember that their idea of a good hotel may not always meet your expectations.

The Locals

When the Internet or your friends can’t satisfy your curiosity about St. George, Utah, look for choices as soon as you’ve touched down. Denizens may be willing to provide you with information about local sites, tourist attractions, and hotels.

Get the best unbiased recommendations right at the heart of your destination to enjoy your stay. As Clarion Suites Saint George says, a good hotel can make an ordinary trip extraordinary.

The disadvantage? Well, considering you’re already there, you have no choice but to stay in the only available room if you didn’t make any prior reservations.

So there you have it, three important sources of travel information for your trip to St. George. Here’s to hoping that, on your next journey, you’ll find worthwhile stories to tell. After all, you’re going to a place known for its parks, golf courses, and theater venues. Bon voyage!

Visiting St. George: Five Things to Include in Your Itinerary

Church of St. George

Church of St. GeorgeDubbed as Utah’s Dixie, the St. George area is popular to tourists—thanks to its astonishing views and vibrant local culture. The temperate climate makes it ideal for year-round golf, which you can add to the diverse activities that you can enjoy in the area.

To complete your lodging experience in St. George, UT, StGeorgeClarionSuites.com recommends the following vacation ideas:

1. Hike at the Zion National Park

Zion is Utah’s oldest national park. It is open year-round, allowing you to enjoy the incredible canyons and amazing views of the surrounding landscapes in St George. The park offers hiking activities for everyone; you can visit The Narrows, Subway and Angel’s Landing.

2. Watch Broadway Shows at the Tuacahn Theater

This 1500-foot theater built at the foot of red rock cliffs offers astounding spectacles of Utah’s finest actors. You can also catch some of Broadway’s popular productions in this theater.

3. Camp at Snow Canyon State Park

This place is great for hiking and other outdoor recreational activities. The park boasts of unique views of volcanic cones, sand dunes, deep red cliffs, and layers of rock. It is open all year round, providing access to 35 campsites for adventure-seekers.

4. Have a Picnic at Quail Creek State Park

If you want to have a feel of what it is to be in a 600-acre reservoir, Quail Creek State Park makes the best choice. You can go camping, boating, fishing, and swimming in this nature park.

5. Golf All You Want

St. George is the golf capital of Utah; it’s every golfer’s heaven. The mild weather makes golfing available all year-round.

With these attractions, you’ll never run out of things to do when in St. George. Plan your itinerary, so you can enjoy your stay in this Utah destination.