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Storage Tanks Spill Prevention Tips

a water storage tankTanks are used to store various types of liquid products that pose certain hazards to the environment. Above ground storage tanks (AST) are one of the most common types of storage tanks that different industries use to store fuel and chemicals used in manufacturing products or another process.

Safety in storage starts with above ground storage tank fabrication and erection, according to Heartland Tank Services. After that, proper storage tank spill prevention methods should be observed. Below are some points to always keep in mind.

Storage tanks spill prevention tips

1. Location

The location of the tank is a very important factor to consider when installing storage tanks. It should have a significant distance to drinking water facilities, as well as natural bodies of water nearby. Considering the location early on can prevent spills in lakes, ponds, and other areas that will affect the environment and public health.

2. Corrosion control

Corrosion naturally happens in all types of tanks. As preventing corrosion is one way to prevent spills from happening, make sure yours is well protected by using paints and sealants. In relation to the first point, land corrosion that might affect the foundation of the AST should also be observed.

3. Regular inspection

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a standard guideline for the inspection, evaluation, and testing of above ground storage tanks. The goal of this guideline is to detect and prevent spills and leaks even before it happens. Generally, the guideline includes the schedule, the role of an EPA inspector, the understanding the guidelines, as well as code requirements.

ASTs are essential in ensuring that various industries are up and running well. But, one’s responsibility towards the safety and welfare of the environment should not be forgotten. If you own or operate facilities that have AST and other types of storage tanks, make sure that safety requirements are always met to prevent not just accidents but also the destruction of nature.

A Daily Set of Self-Improvement Suggestions for a Better You

Smiling makes you youngerModern society today gives so much attention on beauty and looks. However, sometimes being beautiful involves simple changes in your habits, perception or point of view. Here are a few suggested changes that can bring about a whole new you.

Smile More Often – Smiling produces endorphins, our body’s natural happy chemical. Stretching your face muscles to smile triggers the brain to create endorphins, which results in a happier and more relaxed state. Smiling also makes one look younger and more beautiful. If you suffer from crooked teeth, visit a Salt Lake City dentist for solutions such as wisdom teeth removal or braces.

Find Your Style – One of the best ways to wear an outfit confidently is to be aware of colors, designs, and combinations that work for you. Go online to research for possible fashion items that would fit your personality and looks. Ask advice from fashionable family and friends. Search mall sales and online discount stores for accessories and clothes that would look good on you and wear them proudly.

Be Aware of Others – Though many focus on beautifying their face and body, true beauty will always lie within. Take the time to help a friend out. Find a charitable cause that you can volunteer for. Find time to spend with your siblings and listen to their stories. It’s easy to find someone to assist and show compassion for if you are willing to make the effort and time to look around.

Spend Quiet Time – In the hustle and bustle of modern living, you can easily lose sight of your own passions and opinions. Look for a secret or quiet place where you can renew your mind, energize your soul, find your Zen, etc. Find the time to connect with your creative or philosophical side by painting, composing a song, reading a book or doing your favorite hobby.

These simple self-renewal suggestions are easy enough to follow. That said, take the time and effort to practice these pointers. You have much to gain by making these simple healthy habits into a daily ritual.

The 411 on the MCSA 70-410 Exam: Study Tips

StudyingThe 70-410 or Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 examination by Microsoft is only one of the three tests you’ll have to pass to get your MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification. This specific exam will measure your skills regarding the installation and configuration of the Windows Server 2012 essentials. While every student is different and everyone has his or her own way of preparing for the examination, the following are practical tips you’d be wise to consider.

Enroll in a Review Class

Review classes are specifically developed to help students study for the exam and are a great way to get your hands on some real and specialized practice tests. An MCSA practice test will feature the correct format exam and questions from past certification exams so you’ll be more familiar with the topics and questions come the real exam. This is likewise a more accurate of gauging what you already know and determining which topics still need to work on.

Utilize a Revision Guide

A revision guide could aid you in structuring your revision in the most suitable way appropriate for your learning style. It will help you focus on what you need to work on and reinforce what you already know. You could even study on your own time and pace.

Join an Online MCSA Study Forum

When you join an online MCSA study forum, you’re joining a group of people who are also studying like you, as well as people who have been there and done that, who will be more than happy to help you out while you prepare for your exam. You could learn valuable tips and tricks, resources, and experiences from past test-takers.

Consider Downloading a Trial Version of Windows Server 2012

If you don’t already have it, obtain some hands-on experience with the software through Microsoft’s trial version. You will have plenty of days, 180 days specifically, to educate yourself on the inner workings of the software.

Passing the 70-410 is an important requirement because this will prove that you have ample skills and knowledge to correctly install and configure the complex environment of the Windows Server 2012. Once you pass this examination you will be eligible to move up and take the next two exams: Administering Windows Server 2012 or 70-411 and the Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services or 70-412.

Culture and Vision: The Way to Find the Right Ad Agency

Ad AgencyMarketing your product is a crucial part of business. You do not want to hand this responsibility to someone who does not understand what your company represents. Misrepresentation can be damaging for your brand especially when you are starting. You have to work with professionals to provide you with great materials.

Choosing an ad agency in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah can be difficult when all of them have promising portfolios. You should look for more than their ability to deliver. Here are some things you need to check before making a decision.


Do not simply look for the best pitch or the winning idea. Working with ad agencies is like a relationship. You want to make sure you will be able to communicate with them throughout the project. This is why you should also look into the culture of the team. Find out how well they work with one another. This tells a lot about how they plan on achieving specific goals and how they plan on impressing you as their client. It is better to work with a team that is willing to adjust to your needs.


Many times, you might find yourself relying on the agency’s history. They may have been successful in different projects in the past or may have been multi-awarded. This does not mean they are immediately the right choice. You do not have to look at their history of achievements. Look into their vision and the way they see themselves working with your brand.

Look for these two things when choosing from a list of qualified ad agencies to work with. Always remember that it takes more than looking at their skills. It is all about your business and your relationship with the ad agency tasked to achieve your goals.

Be the Best Calf Rearer You Can Be: Advice in Calf-Rearing from Hygiene to Medication

Calf RearerCalf rearing requires attention to detail and excellent management skills. While it can be challenging, when done right, you are assured of a great outcome and series of rewards. Here are some advice you can use to become the best calf rearer you can be.


The calving area needs to be kept clean at all times. A clean and dry environment reduces the risk of infection for your cows and calves. Note to schedule regular cleaning periods to ensure their surrounding is clean and hygienic.

Poor growth could also be a result of bad hygiene. Disinfect the calving pen to prevent the transmission of bad microbes that could hinder growth and development. When the climate turns colder, be generous with the bedding.

Calf feed

A good calf rearer knows the best calf feed in the market that meets their needs. Access to hay, concentrates and pellets are also essential, especially when tracking and supporting the calf’s growth. Feed changes, from hay to baby calf meals to green grass, should be introduced slowly.

Providing your calf with milk until about they are at twelve weeks also help give the calf the best opportunity for growing. Clean water is also as important as milk and the calf should have access to clean water from birth forward.

Controlling sickness

Controlling sickness is crucial in hand-reared calves. While keeping their environment clean and tracking their feeding and nutrition needs are essential, medication is also important.

Isolate sick calves for prompt medication and to avoid contamination. If possible, allow your calves to interact with other animals whose rumen is developed to help them pick up microbes that improve digestion of food in the rumen. These microbes can be passed from one animal to another through grazing common ground.

Rearing calves take a lot of hard work but is also one of the most rewarding endeavours. The key to the most rewarding calf rearing is patience, commitment and proper knowledge.