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Need a Reason to Go to Japan? Skiing and Dipping in an Onsen

Skiing Experience in JapanWhen it comes to the most popular ski spots, you would often find lists online discussing the American West, such as The Rocky Mountains, The Cascades, and the Sierra Nevada; Western Europe (The Alps), Alaska, Antarctica and the Himalaya.

And while all of these really boast of some of the best slopes in the world, it does not mean you should limit your ski holidays to just these places. And one such place you should discover is the picturesque ski spots in Japan.

Powder snow from December to March

Powder, to the uninitiated, basically refers to freshly fallen, dry and lightweight snow. Considered by many ski and snowboarding lovers as their sports’ “Holy Grail,” powder snow, in huge amounts, allow for grandiose skiing and snowboarding conditions. Best of all, when you choose to spend your ski holidays in Japan, you can enjoy it from December till March.

Numerous resorts to choose from

With over 600 different ski resorts to choose from, you do not have to worry about missing a chance skiing in Japan. From Hokkaido to Nagano and Tohoku to Gunma, you have plenty of choices to spend your ski holidays in. Experts, by the way, consider Hokkaido as the country’s powder capital, so make sure you put this region on top of your list when creating your itinerary.

Heal up and have an amazing onsen experience

Onsen, the Japanese word for hot spring, is another of the biggest features of the nation that attract millions of visitors worldwide. During your ski holidays in Japan, you definitely should soak up in one, seeing as it truly does have amazing health effects on the body. Basically, the healing powers of these hot springs involve stimulation that allows the body to achieve a stable condition of equilibrium. Once achieved, it effectively makes the body repair itself more quickly.

All these, plus the excellent views, amazing locals, and food for the chilled soul, and you definitely would not regret spending your holidays in this very beautiful and advanced yet traditional country.

6 Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Ski

Winter Activity Skiing is one winter activity that must be considered not only as a “vacay” activity, but one that will bring positive health benefits. Here’s a short list of those benefits you’ll get when you ski.

There’s sledding, snowboarding and even ice skating, all of which can be done during the winter. However, you may find it a bit puzzling why many people prefer skiing over the other activities. Well, aside from being a certified fun activity, skiing offers the body plenty of benefits and you’ll be surprised at what these are.

Bones and Joints are Strengthened

One of the things that you would have to do when you ski is to go into a position where your knees will be receiving the weight and tension from your body. When you move downhill, your bones and joints are being strengthened. So aside from having a great time, you are also helping your body to prevent knee damage and osteoporosis, said Health Fitness Revolution. Now these are something that you can simply get out of just any activity.

Mood Booster

Now don’t you want to boost your mood whenever you travel? It was shown that when you ski, you aren’t just boosting your well-being, but you are also boosting your mood. The good thing about this is that its efficacy to boost your mood is not co-dependent on the number of times that you do the activity. So even if you ski only once a day, or several times a day, you will definitely enjoy its mood-boosting characteristic.

Be More Flexible

Who doesn’t want to be more flexible? For sure, you would love to have the ability to bend and reach for something on the floor without breaking your back, right? If you want to achieve this kind of body, then you can opt for skiing to help you. Remember that when you ski, you are actually working out various core muscle groups in the body and you get to strengthen your hips, abdominals and obliques, thereby making you more flexible with every round on the slopes.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

One thing that many skiers confess to is that they don’t have much problems when it comes to their cardiovascular health. That’s right, their hearts seem to be in the best of shape! Why? Imagine the effort that is required of them whenever they negotiate those slopes. They experience elevated heart rate and an increase in blood circulation, all of which contribute to an absolutely healthy cardiovascular system, says an expert from Shop.snowscene.com.au.

Balance Certainly Improved

This is an obvious benefit. While you’re on your skis, you are working to achieve the perfect balance so that you will not fall, right? So it’s like if you ski for 30 minutes, you actually used the entire 30 minutes to master the art of balancing. This ability will certainly help you even after you’re already done skiing.

Tighter Bonds with Friends and Family

Of course, skiing together with family and friends will help in building those bonds that keep relationships alive. You tend to laugh about the crazy ski experiences you’ve had during the day. You would also have fun choosing the best ski clothing in Brisbane. Shopping is more of a woman’s thing so if you would be skiing with your mum or girlfriend, this would be one great thing to do.

So now you can see why many people love to ski! It’s one activity that does not only give them enjoyment, but it surely gives their bodies tonnes of health benefits. You might just want to enjoy these benefits too! So start skiing now!

A Little Squat Before the Ski:


SkiThe sight of the snowy slopes is enough to send you rushing towards its open arms. You just want to zip into your boots, grab your skis, and race toward the edge with your friends.

But before anything else, a decent warm-up is necessary for this cold sport.

Pre-exercises strengthen your arms, legs, and body in preparation for skiing. These prevent cramps and painful muscles for the morning after, as well as develop your strength. According to the Vailskishop.com, a ski-rental provider, warming up before skiing also improves your coordination and balance, making you look like a pro on the slopes.

Lateral Jumping Exercises

Running, jogging, and walking force you to put one foot in front of the other. When it comes to skiing, the sport encourages lateral movements as you go down the slopes. Strengthen your legs by practicing lateral jumping exercises first.

Start by grabbing some books or boxes, then place one to your right and another one directly to your left. Perform a lateral jump over to the left box while lifting both your legs and keeping them next to each other. Do another jump to the center before leaping over the right box. Keep jumping back and forth.


Squats are one of the basic pre-exercises you shouldn’t ignore. Squatting improves your legs’ range of motion while strengthening your lower torso and quadriceps. Keep your upper body straight and knees slightly bent with your hands on your hips.

From here, extend your arms and bend your knees until your buttocks touch the floor.  Repeat this step until you feel fatigued.

Ankle Flexing

Reduce your risks of injuries on the slopes by strengthening your calf muscles. Flexing your ankles indirectly protects you from further injuries.

Stand in front of the wall and slightly bend your knees with your arms resting by the sides. Next, bend your knees and lower your body by 20 cm. Hold your position and count for 10 seconds before standing up. Repeat the exercise for at least 20 times.

Warm-ups condition your body for the strenuous slopes. Look like a professional skier by doing some pre-exercises before you ski.