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3 Effortless Ways to Spot a Fake Online Store

ruling out fake online stores
Online stores are not a new concept among us. The e-commerce giant Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the United States, is continuously changing the retail market itself. In 2016, USA Today reported that American online shoppers spend $125 billion on Amazon yearly. That’s nearly 30% of all the online goods bought in the US each year.

Because of how big Amazon is, online shoppers can be confident that the company protects their personal and security details every time they input their information in the system. Dealing with smaller, independent online sellers, however, it can be a different story.

Here are the top telling signs you are dealing with a fake online store:

Prices Are Too Cheap

Whether it’s a new phone or a pair of running shoes, you usually have an idea how much an item you’re looking for costs. If you encounter a website that offers a very low price, steer clear of it right away. According to Price Manager, legitimate online businesses enforce what is called a Minimum Advertised Pricing policy to protect brand equity and establish a threshold for their product pricing. It also helps small businesses to compete with bigger companies.

Sketchy Domain and Web Design

Any serious online businessman knows that to turn casual visitors into paying customers, they should invest in web design. If the website has a bad design and possesses a weird domain name, scammers are likely running it. Instead of taking your chances, find a more professional-looking online seller to buy your items from.

Bad Grammar

Legitimate online sellers put a lot of effort in inputting the description and specifications of each of their products. Scammers do not. They often simply write general descriptions for fake products, which they don’t also bother to check for grammatical errors.

Online shopping is a great comfort many Americans enjoy. With a simple click of a mouse, they can pretty much buy anything from online stores. Since cybercriminals try to take advantage of this convenience, it’s important to be an informed and smart buyer to avoid falling victim to them.

Establish an Authoritative and Profitable Online Presence in 3 Simple Yet Effective Steps

online presence
Your success in marketing your business online hinges on having an excellent visibility on the internet. You must make it easy for your current and potential customers to find your services. A business website is a necessity for anyone wishing to establish an online presence. However, with recent technological advancements, it is not enough to have just a website. You need to take proactive measures to make yourself discoverable on the vast internet.

Ensure it is easily discoverable

With smart devices taking over the scene, gone are the days when you needed a computer to access the internet. Many people use their mobile devices like phones and tablets to shop online while on the move. As such, you need to allow them to access your services from anywhere, using the device of their choice. Otherwise, you stand to lock out some customers and lower your sales. A responsive website adapts to any size of the screen without compromising on quality.

Ensure your content is enticing

Despite having a web presence, you need to lure people to visit your pages. Superior content remains the best way of attracting and driving eyeballs to your business pages. You need to demonstrate some degree of authority to your readers to hold and capture their interest. As such, you need to define and understand your target market. That way you can understand their interests, fears, frustrations and pain points and then offer credible solutions to their pressing problems. Only then will you get them to trust you and try your services.

Ensure seamless user experience

Imagine yourself waiting for a slow and sluggish elevator with broken and jamming doors. You would rather take the stairs rather than use it again. Such is the same reaction you draw from visitors when your site is slow and clunky. Luckily, with the help of credible experts like Back 2 Black, you can ensure excellent website optimization for your business in Provo. A rich user experience translates into more visitors, conversion rates and eventually, sales.

More than establishing a web presence, you need to create value for the people visiting your site. With these pointers, you can build a credible and authoritative digital footprint.

5 Ingredients of an Effective SEO Landing Page

SEO Expert SEO is an important process because you can reach more audiences because of it. However, just because you’ve already successfully climbed your way to the top of search results doesn’t mean the battle is over. You have to make sure your landing page can retain these new visitors and eventually turn them into actual clients. Here are some of the ingredients of a great SEO landing page.


The headline should tell the visitor what your site is all about. You could either have only one headline or write a secondary headline. Work with your trusted SEO company in MN to come up with a value proposition and a unique selling point that clearly states why you are better than your competitors.

Copy and Context

Your landing page should have a great copy that is concise, to the point, engaging, and interesting. Context is also important in the sense that your target users should be able to connect with and understand your copy. This will result in a higher conversion rate.


The landing page must clearly state where your business is located. Apart from your office address, there should be an attached map with details on how they can get there. Provide clear driving directions to make it easier for people who actually want to visit your location to get there.


You need a clear and strong call-to-action to turn those visitors into actual customers. Know how to encourage your visitors to try your products and services out. Make it clear what they need to do to reach out to you. Do they call a number, finish a form, or visit another page? The more choices, the better.

Social Proof

Of course, your landing page will be social proof that your business is legit and reliable. This can be in forms of testimonials, reviews, certifications, awards, or case studies.

Follow these tips to make your landing page more effective into turning casual visitors into loyal customers.

Use Press Releases to Improve Your Site’s SEO Value

SEOOne of the most important types of content you can publish to promote your business is press release. You can fit in as much information as possible in one news release to promote your business in San Diego, an event, a new product or service, or a seasonal promotion. No matter what you’re trying to send across through a press release, you need to realize that you can still incorporate SEO into it.

Here’s how you can do that organically:

Use Quotes

Quotes from prominent people are important in any press release. These will get the attention of people especially if the quote is from someone popular in the industry you’re in. When choosing a quote, you need to make sure it is precise, to the point, tweetable, newsworthy, and adds perspective to the entire article. All these elements will help your piece get noticed and rank higher on search results.

Take Time with the Headline

The headline is one of the most vital parts of any content because it is the most prominent. To make sure you get the attention of your reader, the headline should be short, sweet, and concise. Use AdWords to find the best keyword to use for the press release. You must only input one keyword so it must be the most relevant and effective one. The headline should entice the person to read the entire article, but it should be misleading or else the reader will end up disappointed.

Mind the Flow

The headline is your bait, but the body is the meat. You need to make sure the actual press release is just as strong as the headline. It must be well-written, clean, digestible, informative, engaging, and easy to read. Keep sentences short, break down paragraphs neatly, and include the most important parts near the start.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely impress search engines and readers alike, making your SEO value go up.

Why Great Copywriting and SEO Go Hand in Hand


SEO in Australia The importance of good copywriting is a no brainer for online businesses. It helps you sell more products, build the brand’s image, and communicate with your customers. Did you know that it also has an immense impact on your search rankings?

SEO is a complex and ever-changing industry, yet one of its fundamental characteristics is that user experience always comes first. Businesses want search users to find what they need quickly. All else being equal, search engines will give higher rankings to websites with well-written, unique, and engaging content that closely answers the query.

This is why you will get farther with a “user first” content marketing approach. Unfortunately, many websites still carelessly stuff their copy with SEO keywords, making it almost unreadable. As a result, they not only lose customers, they also inadvertently hurt their own rankings.

What is the Right Way to Approach SEO Copywriting?

Experienced Canberra SEO consultants advise writing for a human audience, but subtly optimising the copy for search engines. You should not worry too much about keyword density, or trying to squeeze in exact matches of your keywords in every paragraph; synonyms and grammatical variations are perfectly fine.

The length of your copy is also important. Studies have shown that longer copy has an effect on rankings — only if it is well written and unique. Do not start droning on and being redundant for the sake of filling the page with text. If it is not helpful to the user, do not bother including it in your copy.

Your copy should also be less about selling, but more about answering the customer’s needs. What questions would a potential buyer type in Google about your product? See things from their perspective and answer them.

Finally, do not forget about the title tags and Meta descriptions. Getting them right is essential; they greatly affect your click-through rates and provide a strong SEO signal. Include your keywords, but try to make it as natural as possible.

Four On-Page Elements you should absolutely Optimise

On-Page Elements

On-Page ElementsBy owning a business website and you haven’t applied SEO, you’re missing a lot of opportunities online. Optimising your website gives it greater chances to have high rankings on SERPs, thereby increasing your online presence and traffic.

On-page optimisation strategies help to boost websites and effectively position them on the first pages of major search engines like Google. Here are some of the on-page elements you need to optimise so you can boost your rankings.

Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most important on-page factors in the application of SEO. Effective titles are one that is unique for every single page of your site. It also has to include the targeted keywords. When titles are well written and optimised, it will be easier for both users and search engines to know what a certain page is about.

Meta Descriptions

Meta description is another on-page element that needs to be keyword-infused and relevant to the content of a page, improvemysearchranking.com recommends. It appears on the SERPs along with the page titles, which is why it has to be descriptive of the page content and highly relevant to the user’s queries. The key to creating highly effective meta data is to make it click-worthy.


Images don’t just make your site more interesting and visually appealing. They are also an area you can optimise to better the overall efficiency of your website. Images should be original and have descriptive filenames. Other than using a descriptive filenames to help human users, you also have to use Alt tag to describe it. This way, you’re telling search engines what the image is about.

Internal Linking

Your site’s internal linking also matters in SEO. A good practice here is to use links only when it is useful for your reader. Use them to guide search engines and redirect visitors to other pages in your site that contains relevant information. Also, limit the number of links in one page.

If these things sound technical, it’s best to consult with an SEO expert. Know the importance of these on-page elements so you can successfully boost your site’s overall SEO.