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Should You Get Your Birthmark Removed?

hiding a birthmark
Birthmarks are, at times, called beauty marks, but sometimes they can be life-threatening too. A three-year-old girl in Ohio recently received an operation for her hemangioma, a benign tumor of blood vessels often forming a red spot, since it caused a drop in her blood pressure and her heart to slow.

The question is, should you get a birthmark removal if it’s not a grave medical condition? There are factors one should consider before deciding to get the operation: cost, recovery period, and the possible scarring it can cause.

Here are a few things you should mull over before going under the knife:

Is It Getting Worse?

You have heard of moles getting larger. Although they could actually change over time, such as grow a hair or rise, you should be cautious when it starts to become itchy and emits blood. It can be the usual side effects of eczema or dermatitis, but it could also be your nerve endings getting irritated by cancer cells. It’s important to get your birthmark checked by a dermatologist as soon as you notice any abnormal growth or symptoms.

Is It Drastically Affecting Your Social Interaction?

A woman who had a birthmark that resembled a black eye had an operation to remove it since she felt like she was at the receiving end of subtle discrimination at job interviews and professional events because of it. She was concerned that if people kept assuming she was in an abusive relationship, it will greatly impact her life and future.

If your birthmark is resulting in more serious social problems, such as discrimination or harassment, getting an operation is an ideal option. As Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills believes that patient education, personalized treatment plans, and precise technique facilitate the highest outcomes possible, consulting a dermatologist will be helpful.

Do You Simply Don’t Want It?

If you simply want to get rid of your birthmark, try to list down the reasons and consider if you still feel the same way in five years. Are the reasons you wrote down really caused by your birthmark? Talk to your family and friends to get their opinions, as well.

Birthmarks are a part of a person’s uniqueness. Some people flaunt it as a celebration of their individuality, but birthmarks can also pose some serious social stigma and medical complications.

Chop or Remove? A Brief Overview Of Palm Tree Pruning and Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree PruningMature and elderly trees can pose a danger to family members and property. The risk worsens during storms and rain periods. Before you decide on removing it, Beaver Tree Services advises to consider pruning. In some cases, total removal should be a last resort. Either way, it helps to know about each process.

The Basics of Pruning

Palm trees are pruned when the leaves become yellowish or brownish in colour. This intervention is also advisable when the tree is already too big and encroaches on the available space. Palm trees are monocots and grow one leaf at a time.

Since growth takes time, haphazard pruning may cause irreversible damage to the tree. Without adequate knowledge and expertise, you can be putting it at risk.

Pruning must be done at the right season. If you hack the palm tree’s parts during winter or fall, it is likely to experience serious damage. Accidental removal of the fronds, premature cutting and over pruning also lead to disastrous results.

Don’t use your pruning shears just because you think cutting a few fronds here and there would make your tree look more attractive.

The Basics of Removal

Most people come up with the idea to remove a palm tree because it stands too close to the power lines. If this is your case, don’t even think of removing it yourself.

Only qualified contractors are authorised to deal with trees and vegetation growing near electrical networks. Palm tree removal is a task reserved to skilled and experienced arborists working under the support of city regulations.

Moreover, you must also assign the task to professionals if you want to remove the whole tree for transplantation elsewhere. The tree can die if mishandled. Inadequate excavation of the root system can lead to secondary growth.

Consult the appropriate authorities before taking action on the trees in your property. Let professionals handle any pruning or removal job if you’re not sure of the correct procedure.