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Common Forms of Abuse Among the Elderly in Nursing Homes

Nurse helping an elderly ladyAging individuals in most instances need round-the-clock care. When families are no longer able to provide sufficient support, their best option is often a nursing home. Nursing homes are, however, not all perfect.

Nursing home abuse is one of the frequent cases handled by specialized lawyers in Macon, GA such as paulbennettlaw.com. Nursing home financial abuse, in particular, is one of the most common yet subtle forms of abuse. It costs the elderly approximately $3 billion annually.

Here are some of the forms of financial abuse in these facilities.

Abuse of Power Of Attorney

This abuse is mostly committed by people close to the patient. In most instances, caregivers can gain the confidence of your loved one and convince him or her to transfer their power of attorney to them. This way, they control the assets, properties, and accounts of the patients.

In some unfortunate instances, however, this abuse is committed by the patient’s family members.

Investment Broker Scams

Investment brokers in this scam convince the elderly to transfer control of the assets to them in return for high yield returns on investments. Most brokers, however, make excessive transactions and transfers to charge high commissions to their elderly clients.

Most of these investments are not in the best interest of their clients as they take advantage of their limited financial knowledge.


The nursing home mostly commits this kind of financial abuse itself. It takes many forms but overbilling is the most common one. This includes charging for medications and services not provided to your loved one.

Some facilities also subject their patients to unnecessary medical procedures in an attempt to increase their bills.

Most victims and family members do not even notice financial abuse until it is too late. The best way to protect your relatives from financial abuse when in a nursing home is to be alert and always be involved. Isolation is one of the most significant risk factors for financial abuse in these settings.

The Best Modern Investments for the Family

Saving, male hand putting a coin into piggy bankWe learn not only from our mistakes. Sometimes we also learn from our very own parents’ financial and investment mistakes too. At the same time, most parents don’t want to live on just a paycheck-to-paycheck basis. Financial security is always on the mind of the family’s breadwinners.

One of the obstacles that stop the head of the family to invest is security. With careful planning, you can sleep peacefully with the thought that your earnings are safe and growing. Here are some options to save more and invest for the future of your family. These investments provide more security than others.

Real Estate

This is a common source of income even for investors. As a family, you can increase its high value by building its equity. Such as new townhomes in Utah, they present an opportunity to increase your savings. Find markets with low prices and the inclination to increase over time, and you and your family will be more than happy with your investment.


Investing in stocks may be ill-advised at the moment because the market has experienced its ups and downs. But the benefits of investing in a stock market haven’t changed. Wealthy investors will tell you one thing — hard work and understanding the stock market fundamentals are the ways to successful investing in stocks.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can also protect your properties and businesses as well as your loved ones. Whole life insurances create cash value over time as well. If the structures are stable, the death of the person insured can leave his beneficiaries with the accumulated money over time.

But before passing away, they can also loan or take out cash from their policy’s cash value.

Deciding where best to invest for you and your family is not really that hard as you think it is. Get the best solutions using cautious research, studying, planning, or consultations with a financial adviser.

Prenuptial Agreements: What’s the Need for Them?

Parents with LawyerSome couples create and sign prenuptial agreements before marriage. The document primarily lists the assets of each party and clearly notes who owns what should the marriage fall apart and the couple divorce. Many think that these contracts are only for the rich to be concerned about, but this isn’t the case.

Denver family law attorneys make a solid case by saying that anyone with assets to protect can benefit from such an agreement. Below are some reasons to consider getting a prenup.

Distributing Property from Previous Marriages

A prenup is particularly useful for those who had a previous marriage, as they may intend to support the children of the prior marriage. In this case, drafting a prenuptial agreement can guarantee that the children will not suffer should either parent file for a divorce or annulment.

Financial Rights

A prenup can also define the financial rights and responsibilities of both parties in a marriage. Regardless of their financial status or if they have children or not, clarifying these rights is useful in ensuring that there will be no contentions with who pays for what. It can also protect an individual from having to carry the spouse’s debt.


Should the marriage end in divorce, a prenup speeds up the process by laying out the guidelines of property division from the get-go. It lessens the number of assets and liabilities that the parties have to divide among themselves. It can also determine if any of the spouses should receive alimony, although this is also subject to state laws.

Prenup agreements can define several things in a marriage that could potentially become problematic further down the line. But they can also set rules for the most trivial matters, too. Talk to a family lawyer to find out more about what you can add to your agreement.

Credit Score Concerns: The Things That Hurt Your Credit Standing

Credit Score

Credit ScoreA credit score that’s considerably lower than you thought is not only surprising, but also very concerning. It is easy to put the blame on late bills and unpaid balances, but there are other factors that may hurt your credit standing.

Understanding how your credit score works can be very difficult. But, it is important to know what these factors are, as ignoring them may cause more concerns to your credit standing in the future.

Payment History and Accounts

GoCreditReport.com.uk says the most influential factor that affects your credit score is your payment history. One late payment or two is fine, but consistently paying your credit cards or bills late will drastically hurt your credit score. Ignoring the bills altogether is even worse, and it may be what is stopping you from succeeding in your financial applications and loans.

Apart from your payment history, do some research on any old accounts you may have had. Old accounts are hidden factors that may seriously affect your credit standing, particularly if they are sent to collections, or worse, charged off.

In the latter’s case, the creditor declares that there is little chance that you can pay the money you apparently owe. This may seriously jeopardize your success in pursuing financial applications and loans, as the charge-off status will remain on your credit history for seven years.

Parking Tickets

It may surprise you, but parking tickets actually affect your credit standing considerably. These may initially seem harmless, but it is possible for the car park operator or a private firm to take you to court. Aside from the possibility of you paying an extra charge on top of the one for your parking ticket, their judgement will go onto your credit score if you refuse to pay.

Bear in mind that since parking tickets cases are simple billing disputes, their judgement will only affect your credit score if you actually lose in court. If you have any unpaid parking tickets, be sure to pay them immediately to prevent this from happening.

It pays to know what is hurting your credit score. They may not be as obvious as a late payment or a closed off account, so it is important to do your research thoroughly.