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Marketers, Go, Go, Go for Pokémon Go

Pokemon GOBusinesses clueless of the Pokémon Go craze are sadly missing out — not just on rare Pokémons, but also on advertising opportunities.

The game’s popularity skyrocketed just days after its launch. It even made dating app Tinder bow to its supremacy as it generated more downloads and revenue. Recently, the Guardian reported that the number of active Pokémon Go users surpassed Twitter users too.

An incredible amount of interest surrounds the augmented reality fame. While some critics question the game’s staying power, marketers should ignore naysayers. Pokémon Go is a goldmine of marketing opportunities and will continue to revolutionize advertising.

Stronger Fan Base

According to Concept Marketing, an advertising expert, Pokémon has a strong base of engaged users. Since its beginnings, it marked a popular culture through an anime series, card games, video games, and other forms of media. The game grows on the long-standing demand from Pokémon fans and gamers.

The numerous downloads only tell part of the story. Studies show that 60% of users who downloaded the application play it every day. For this reason, brands continue to knock on the developers’ doors.

21st Century Revenue Generator

Pokémon Go’s popularity raised billions in favor of Nintendo’s market capitalization. Despite the astounding potential, the game can generate more revenue through advertising, which is also a goldmine for brands.

By striking a strategic partnership, Niantic earns through multiple ways. For example, businesses who wish to be branded PokéStops or Gyms owe the company for this form of advertising. As long as all experiences aren’t obtrusive, its advertising potential remains strong.

Both marketers and brands should watch the evolution of Pokémon Go. Once they understand the basics, it pays to get involved. Failure to jump aboard the bandwagon will result in missed opportunities. Instead of ignoring the trend, it’s time to play and learn.

Use Press Releases to Improve Your Site’s SEO Value

SEOOne of the most important types of content you can publish to promote your business is press release. You can fit in as much information as possible in one news release to promote your business in San Diego, an event, a new product or service, or a seasonal promotion. No matter what you’re trying to send across through a press release, you need to realize that you can still incorporate SEO into it.

Here’s how you can do that organically:

Use Quotes

Quotes from prominent people are important in any press release. These will get the attention of people especially if the quote is from someone popular in the industry you’re in. When choosing a quote, you need to make sure it is precise, to the point, tweetable, newsworthy, and adds perspective to the entire article. All these elements will help your piece get noticed and rank higher on search results.

Take Time with the Headline

The headline is one of the most vital parts of any content because it is the most prominent. To make sure you get the attention of your reader, the headline should be short, sweet, and concise. Use AdWords to find the best keyword to use for the press release. You must only input one keyword so it must be the most relevant and effective one. The headline should entice the person to read the entire article, but it should be misleading or else the reader will end up disappointed.

Mind the Flow

The headline is your bait, but the body is the meat. You need to make sure the actual press release is just as strong as the headline. It must be well-written, clean, digestible, informative, engaging, and easy to read. Keep sentences short, break down paragraphs neatly, and include the most important parts near the start.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely impress search engines and readers alike, making your SEO value go up.

Making the Most of a PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

As a business owner, you’re likely to have heard of the term pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, especially as digital marketing becomes even more prominent. PPC has been proven effective time and again, specifically for businesses with small budgets.

It works for such a niche because of it being highly targeted in nature. What this means is that PPC is flexible enough to target visitors at all stages of the so-called ‘buying funnel,’ which details the process involved when people are deciding to buy something. This flexibility allows for more opportunities for business growth in the long run.

But, not all businesses are doing things the right way, and they’re losing money in the process. So, how can a PPC budget be maximized in terms of performance per dollar?

Get Rid of Negative Keywords

Selecting irrelevant keywords for digital marketing is a mortal sin. As such, negative keywords come into play. These are search terms no company would want to associate themselves with. For instance, anyone who owns a women’s dress shop with different styles in stock, but no wedding dresses at all, would not want to rank for the term wedding dress. Disassociating oneself with the negative keyword will work wonders, since the company wouldn’t show up as a suggestion when someone searches for wedding dresses.

DO NOT Send People to the Homepage

PPC is noted for being targeted, not for being general. An ad that sells a particular product or service must end up on that offering’s specified landing page, and not the company homepage. It doesn’t matter if the website itself is very easy to navigate — the extra effort to find that one product or service on the homepage may mean lost time for the visitor, and lost revenue potential for the business. People need to find what they’re looking for fast.

Always Include a Call to Action

This goes back to an age-old advertising concept that everyone in the business should know. Including a call to action is critical since it’ll directly influence clickthrough rates. But, mere calls-to-action aren’t the be-all-end-all; everything has to be relevant and delivered with appropriate terms. For instance, of these three phrases — view more, browse now, buy now — the latter (buy now) is the most effective. Why? Buyers are enticed to directly purchase that one product, and they expect to not have further troubles browsing a large queue, where they might be made to think again.

The Wrong Ways of Handling Bad Publicity

Marketing Agencies

Marketing AgenciesThey say all publicity is good publicity – well, that’s not exactly true. Never underestimate bad publicity, as it may get worse if handled improperly. There have been many cases – both within Australia and abroad – of brands failing to redeem themselves just because of the way they handled past controversies.

So if your brand stumbles upon the same scenario, you have to know what NOT to do. Here are some examples of bad ways of handling bad PR from some of the finest marketing agencies in Brisbane:

Feeding Trolls

Made4media.tv and other marketing agencies in Brisbane agree, the Internet is full of trolls that enjoy controversies, so the first thing you should avoid is feeding them with more information. Yes, commenting on the issue may – to a certain extent – help restore things back in order.

But if you do it the wrong way, you might just end up stirring the issue again instead of waiting for it to be forgotten. When you plan on commenting on the issue online, stick to the facts and don’t argue with the audience.

Lying Horribly

Some companies choose to shift the blame to other parties or factors, usually with a cover story. Now, if the cover story is well-crafted, it could actually work. Conversely, a half-baked and untrue cover story could backfire.

Rather than come up with a lie, it’s better to own up to the mistakes your brand has made. Stop making excuses and be accountable. It’s much easier to restore your reputation through this approach.

Staying Silent

Silence in time of a crisis is good, but too much of it does more harm. It’s one thing to refuse to comment on an issue right after it’s brought to the public’s attention, but it’s another to say nothing at all and pretend like nothing happened.

At one point, you have to speak up about the issue – and you have to do that before the rumours blow up. Know when to stay silent and when to speak up.

These techniques are all terrible when it comes to handling bad PR. Steer clear of these tactics and make sure you have a good publicist to assist you on how to handle the issue. With the right moves, you can come back stronger controversy after controversy – keep that in mind.


Boost Your SEO through Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media

Social mediaSocial media is an indispensable tool in boosting a website’s SEO efforts. Those likes and shares on Facebook and other sites can go a long way in increasing your site’s ranking while building your brand and driving traffic to your website.

With the proper social media marketing, your SEO expert in Perth will help your business reach greater heights.

Strengthens Your Brand

With their huge following, social media can do a lot in increasing brand awareness. It gets you noticed by a multitude of potential customers. And because social media uses a more relaxed and friendly communication style, you get to present your brand in a less formal and approachable manner that makes viewers more receptive.

Offers a Cost-Efficient Way of Sending Message

Enjoy a cost-efficient method of reaching an audience. Your message reaches a wide market at a smaller cost compared to the thousands of dollars you may have to spend for print advertising or special promotions. And you can use social media as a vehicle to get those desired sales.

Gives an Opportunity for Effective Communication

You don’t just share content. You also encourage interaction with your audience. Your followers help in pushing your brand, multiplying viewership. And you get feedback from a diverse group of audience. These go a long way in improving your products or services to better serve your target market.

Encourages Trust and Loyalty

Just as DMB.com.au mentions SEO experts aiming to build client trust, businesses also make an effort to increase customer loyalty. The more you become visible online because of your positive actions, the more loyalty you get from the users. Any updates or developments will mean a lot, influencing viewers to be loyal. In the process, you also enjoy their trust.

With the many benefits you enjoy from it, social media’s relevance cannot be taken for granted. More companies will enjoy success with the proper marketing, so leverage your online accounts and improve your brand.

The Commandments for a Shareable Social Media Image

Social media

Social mediaWhen one talks about the Internet, you probably immediately think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Indeed, social media sites have become a powerhouse. Companies and brands are utilizing their social media presence in every way possible, and even companies that provide SEO services or agencies that provide white label SEO like SEOResellerProgram.com admit to the large role social media plays in bigger returns.

Although it’s true content is king, shareable social media images are equally important, too. In fact, online users are more likely to share content if accompanied by visuals. But what is it that makes an image compelling and shareable?

Image Should Look Visually Good

For an image to go viral, it has to look great. While visual appeal and interest is relative, there are a number of attributes that experienced digital artists know to be universal: clean is good, crisp is even better, and two colors and one font is pretty much standard. It also goes without saying it should be original.

Gone are the days of graphics that bombard the eyes with varying colors and elements. The trend now is simple and minimalist. And for a good reason: simple design cuts through all the noise, making your image easier on the eyes and your message easier to digest. In fact, up and coming designers believe empty space is not wasted, but is a good boost in driving your message home.

Image Should Make Users Feel

When a reader sees an image and feels it, tendency is they will share it. Once an image is shared, liked, or tweeted about, companies and agencies have the chance to turn what was previously a mere Facebook user into a customer.

Image Should Be Relevant

As such, when an image is fueled by emotion, it becomes relevant. Think about your audience, do some research, and put yourself in their shoes. Ask, ‘what is relevant to my readers?’ Does the image fit your brand? Does the image fit the current events? Will your target audience share it?

Content can go viral in a matter of hours — sometimes even minutes. 21st century consumers are more discerning, so make every image count by keeping in mind what your target audience likes, relates to, and finds relevant.

The Secrets Behind a Good Ad

Creating an Ad That Works

Creating an Ad That WorksA good marketing plan ultimately rests on how good your ad is. A good ad should be able to catch people’s attention and make them remember the brand behind it. Think of it as a sales person for your brand. You can’t simply leave them with a name and number and hope for the best! A good “sales pitch” that would highlight your business’s strengths is the key to having a compelling ad.

If you think you don’t have a big budget to hire an ad agency and have them create a compelling ad for you, think again. A good and catchy ad does not necessarily equate to being expensive. Here are some key pointers that you need to remember from an ad agency Utah businesses trust.

  • Who are you talking to?

Identify your target market. Is it for women in their late 20s to 30s? Football enthusiasts? Construct your ad in a way that would directly address your target market.

  • Create an interesting character.

This can be a figurative or literal character for your brand. Make your brand stand out by highlighting — yes, even exaggerating a little — your product or service’s strengths. If you choose to create a brand character, say a cartoon image of some sort, make them interesting! Let your character be quirky and weird so people will easily remember your brand.

  • Use your words!

Words are the power behind a good ad. Use strong and descriptive words that would leave an impact. Words laden with emotions outlining a need or concern are good hooks for a potentially effective ad. For example, you could say, “Are you tired of using whitening detergents that don’t work?”

  • Offer a solution.

After you’ve addressed their concern, offer a solution. Explain how your product or service will solve their worry. A best formula is to state your offered solution in a concise manner. Use a simple sentence in your first line of the ad. Elaborate later via other means; for example, ask them to visit your Web site or call a number. This is hitting two birds with one stone — you piqued their interest and have used a call-to-action on your ad.

Creating an ad is an art form. But there are ways to make that art work for everyone.