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Gauge Your Home’s Security Against Burglary

Home Security

Home Security in 	TennesseeHow secure is your home from break-ins? There are different ways to protect your home from being burgled, and they depend on a few factors.

The most important factor is location. The more upscale the neighborhood, the more secure it usually is, but the more attractive it may also be to thieves. Gauge your anti-break-in readiness with these simple ideas.

Fence, Guard Dog, Lighting, Locks

For most houses, this is the first line of defense, as it is less expensive and secures enough unless you live in an area where the crime rate is unusually high. A fence with a locked gate is the first level of protection, reinforced by the presence of at least one guard dog. Proper lighting at night makes this even harder to break into, and of course, good quality locks that you never neglect will keep most ordinary thieves at bay.

Security Alarm

A fence, a guard dog, good illumination, quality locks, and a security alarm. This setup is twice as hard to beat for most criminals. Home security in Tennessee should include at least these components. Most burglars will not choose your home as a “mark” if all these items are present.

High-end Security System

A high-end security system that has both an alarm and a connection to the authorities is a dead end for even the most experienced burglars. This system will alert the neighborhood security or police if a burglary is underway, often leading to catching thieves in the act.

Monitoring and Smart Control

A more high-end security system includes video monitoring and control using your smartphone, tablet, or a laptop connected to the Internet. All the items above reinforced with this capability will prove especially difficult to beat. The type of burglar that can penetrate this setup is not likely to bother with a residence.

These security setups will protect your home from break-ins. If you experience one even if you have the elements of the first option, you might consider upgrading to something more sophisticated.

Home Loan 101: Education is Key to Getting the Right Loan

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage LoanMuch thanks to home loans or mortgages, people from all over the country, including Salt Lake City residents, have the chance to become homeowners. With so many lenders competing in the housing market, interest rates have gone down, making home purchase an even more attractive venture to consumers.

Remember, though, that a mortgage is one of the largest debts you’ll ever have. Because of that, Citycreekmortgage.com recommends getting a trusted partner and understanding how the process works.

Defining Home Loans or Mortgage

At its core, a mortgage is a type of loan used to finance the purchase of a home. The home buyer is the borrower, while the loan provider (banks, credit unions, third party loan lenders) is the lender. These loans typically have three working parts: the collateral (the property), the principal (the loan money), and the interest payments (principal + interest rate).

The Constraining Elements

There are three constraining elements that determine the best mortgage type (fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, jumbo loans, etc.) and term (length of time you need to pay off the debt).  These are the following:

  • The type of home you want to purchase
  • The loan amount you qualify for
  • How much you can really afford without being financially distraught
Getting the Best Deal

As a borrower, one of your priorities is to find the best deal offered by Salt Lake City lenders, as this will help you secure lower interest rates and make repayment easier. There are plenty of strategies to achieve this, with one of the most important being rate comparison.

Through comparing several mortgage rates and products, you can determine which lender has the most reasonable offer. Doing this will also assist you in finding a lender that will extend the necessary help you need during the transition to home ownership.

Because Your Garden Deserves a Cleaning, Too


gardenerThe garden is your refuge when life throws a lot at you. But with untrimmed bushes and scattered animal litter, the oasis can sometimes look like a wildlife enclosure instead.

The next time you go out, do not pretend that you don’t walk by the garden. It’s still part of your home, and it deserves regular cleaning every now and then, so make time for it. If you think that the clutter can’t be tamed and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Start with the Weeds

Weeds may be a sign of a healthy soil, but they are also a sign of an ugly garden. Not only are they unsightly, but they also compete with more beautiful plants for nutrients and sunlight. Other than pulling them, you can also hire a lawn mowing service instead. Screen the perimeter for seed heads, which are the sources of weeds.

Shape the Shrubs

If your bushes and shrubs are literally out of shape, it is time to cut the excessive foliage. You may prune them, but shaping them is a practical solution that has long-term results. Shaping the bushes guides their growth and induces health foliage. You may use restraints such as wires to ensure guided growth.

Transfer Plants

Spring-cleaning your garden is the right time to divide and regroup your plants. You can do this after pruning, so that you will not have to transfer big plants. You may divide your plants based on color coordination.

Do not Forget the Water Features

Drain your pond or fountain and clean them. Scrub the algae away to make the water clear. You may choose to transfer your fountain under a shade or put up a covering over it. This is because algae grow faster when exposed to natural light.

Other than these things, you may choose to create a compost pit so that you won’t have to spend for fertilizers. You may also work with a landscape artist to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden.