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Are You Thinking about Automating Your Entire Home?

Home AutomationYou might have seen Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg debut the home he turned into a robot and wanted one for yourself. While it is impossible to match a tech billionaire’s passion project, you can have a taste of this technology with the home automation systems available on the market right now. They might not be on the level of a talking house, but they do allow you to lock your doors with a cool smart watch.

Here are some home automation benefits that come with integrating readily available smart features to your house. Advanced home security and solutions providers such as Alarm-One Security Systems are likewise including these options to their standard offerings as well.

Added Security

A robot home that is unsafe isn’t a very smart robot or home. The automatic home knows to automatically lock itself when you walk out the door. In addition, it would activate alarms when necessary.

A More Comfortable Home

Air-conditioning remotes are nothing but a fond memory for the smart home. All controls for heating and lighting come together in a single app. If you forget to turn off the bathroom lights before leaving home, do not worry. A few taps on your smartphone will fix that no matter how far away you already are.

Better Energy and Water Efficiency

While getting a computer-powered home does not sound like a money-saving move, it could be when utilized correctly. Being able to control minute aspects of your home will let you cut costs on electricity and even water. All the kilowatts wasted on appliances left open now fall directly into your savings.

A Home that Transforms

Set moods for your home. Preselect lighting and cooling settings so your home can transform quickly. Synchronize these moods with the hour of day to bring the outdoor lighting cycles inside.

Home automation is really a great thing to get into. As computers become cheaper and the Internet open more doors to creative technological applications, the development and widespread use of automated homes are just around the corner. From just being an amenity for the ultra-rich, this technology has become more accessible than ever.

Home Security Essentials You Might be Missing

Home Security InstallationDid you know that a visible security system deters burglars and home intruders? According to the FBI, the presence of a visible security system makes your home less attractive to burglars. So it makes sense that you might want to get the security measures up now — especially if one of your neighbors has been hit.

To help you get set up, here are the top 4 components you should get your hands on now:


The security cameras Rockport firms provide should be sturdy, visible and have a wide scope. It’s not enough that you know the cameras are there — the burglars should know as well. Don’t go with fake ones. Professional intruders can tell which ones are real and fake quite easily.

Alarm System

Aside from monitoring your home, you need to be notified if anything is amiss. It’s not enough that you put signage that there are cameras and alarms. You need a system that notifies you in real time and even lets you see the premises of your home while you’re away.

Lesser Curb Appeal and Private Photos Online

You should know that the more burglars can see what you have inside your home, the more likely you are to get robbed. Don’t leave bikes, toys and other expensive items outside the home where intruders can see them. Don’t post pictures of the inside of your house on your social media accounts so people don’t see how to get in your home and what you have. You’re basically inviting them in if you do so.

Reinforced and Sturdy Locks

Make sure that the locks on your main door and back door are extra heavy. This way, it will take a lot of noise to break in which can alert neighbors even when you’re away.

In the end, the security system that you install must reinforce your entrances, tell burglars that you’re ready for them and that there’s nothing worth stealing in your home.

Gauge Your Home’s Security Against Burglary

Home Security

Home Security in 	TennesseeHow secure is your home from break-ins? There are different ways to protect your home from being burgled, and they depend on a few factors.

The most important factor is location. The more upscale the neighborhood, the more secure it usually is, but the more attractive it may also be to thieves. Gauge your anti-break-in readiness with these simple ideas.

Fence, Guard Dog, Lighting, Locks

For most houses, this is the first line of defense, as it is less expensive and secures enough unless you live in an area where the crime rate is unusually high. A fence with a locked gate is the first level of protection, reinforced by the presence of at least one guard dog. Proper lighting at night makes this even harder to break into, and of course, good quality locks that you never neglect will keep most ordinary thieves at bay.

Security Alarm

A fence, a guard dog, good illumination, quality locks, and a security alarm. This setup is twice as hard to beat for most criminals. Home security in Tennessee should include at least these components. Most burglars will not choose your home as a “mark” if all these items are present.

High-end Security System

A high-end security system that has both an alarm and a connection to the authorities is a dead end for even the most experienced burglars. This system will alert the neighborhood security or police if a burglary is underway, often leading to catching thieves in the act.

Monitoring and Smart Control

A more high-end security system includes video monitoring and control using your smartphone, tablet, or a laptop connected to the Internet. All the items above reinforced with this capability will prove especially difficult to beat. The type of burglar that can penetrate this setup is not likely to bother with a residence.

These security setups will protect your home from break-ins. If you experience one even if you have the elements of the first option, you might consider upgrading to something more sophisticated.