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Women’s Reproductive Health Wellness: Diagnosis and Treatment

Women’s Reproductive Health in Chicago

Women’s Reproductive Health in ChicagoOften, most women are embarrassed and reluctant about discussing their sexual and reproductive health concerns to a health professional. However, if you are a sexually active woman, your reproductive health is very important.

Women’s Aid Center shares that gynecologists are the best healthcare professionals you can talk to when it comes to reproductive health issues. Gynecologists keep your reproductive health in check and also offer treatment for reproductive health issues.


The uterus contains three special linings of muscle and tissue: serosa, myometrium and endometrium. Sometimes, the endometrium which is the innermost layer of the uterus grows in locations outside the uterus, causing a condition known as endometriosis. Endometriosis causes bonds of the uterus with the bowels, ovaries or fallopian tube.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms vary from one individual to another, and depend on the location of the endometrial implants. The growth extent of the implants on the affected structures also determines the severity of the pain. Common symptoms include pain during menstruation, pain when passing urine, bowel disturbances and abnormal bleeding.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Professionals use colonoscopy, ultrasound and laparoscopy tests to diagnose endometriosis. Laparoscopy uses a medical instrument to examine your uterus while colonoscopy examines your bowels. Ultrasound creates a video image using sound waves. After treatment, the recurrence of the condition is not predictable; however, follow-up surgery and regular hormonal medication can control the condition.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a medical condition whose cause is unknown. It is associated with problems such as excessive hair growth, infertility, obesity, and irregular menstrual cycles.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of PCOS is on the basis of a woman’s examination and history. Early diagnosis prevents related long term health problems. PCOS treatment depends on the cause of the condition. The treatment options are hormonal pills for hormonal imbalance and ovarian drilling for infertility.

Reproductive health issues vary in their causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Regardless of the differences, certified gynecologists in Chicago offer a full range of routine care, technological and procedural care to empower women with reproductive health wellness.

Functional Medicine — A Contemporary Approach to Health Care?

Functional Medicine

Functional MedicineFunctional medicine uses treatments backed by science. It strives to see the root cause of any type of function loss. This helps find the reason why an individual experiences certain symptoms of a particular disease.

Traditional Medicine Works Perfectly — To a Point

Normally, the practice of traditional medicine involves using drugs or hormones as primary tools for therapy when dealing with a disease or dysfunction. For a range of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and thyroid problems, the standard approach is the same whether you go to a general practitioner or a specialist.

They will offer you medication because their standard training focused on diagnosing a condition and then matching that with a particular drug. While this works for infections, acute diseases, emergencies, and trauma, it doesn’t work well with chronic diseases that affect more than 100 million Americans.

Due to this, more individuals suffering from chronic diseases, including allergies and neurological, hormonal, digestive, and metabolic issues, turn to functional medicine.

The Basic Principles of Functional Medicine

Red Tail Wellness Center and other functional medicine practitioners believe the body is intelligent and capable of regulating and expressing itself. It also believes that the body can heal itself and prevent most diseases related to aging. In this context, good health is a state of remarkable vitality and not merely the lack of disease.

When you consult a functional medicine practitioner, they will discuss personalized health care approaches that focus on your biochemical and genetic traits, not just your disease. The treatment plan  will support your body’s natural healing abilities instead of directly fighting the disease.

Functional medicine has a different approach to treating diseases and dysfunctions. Ask your doctor if this can work for your health condition.