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Little Furniture Upgrades That Will Change Your Life

Home Improvement People love instant: coffee, noodles, money – anything. It could be because of stress, lack of time, influence or economy. Regardless, we want things fast and easy.

In reality, you can’t have everything you want with a snap of a finger. Some require lots of patience, hard work, experience, and training. However, some like your furniture, may need only small upgrades to make your life happier at home:

1. Caster wheels on carts

Here’s the problem with fixed carts: they’re heavy to drag and they can leave scuff marks on the floor. Although you can remove them, they are still a hassle. Save yourself the trouble by adding caster wheels on the cart’s legs – easy handling and moving.

2. Steel frames on shelves

Armoires are cute until you have to squeeze them into a condominium. They just take up a lot of space! Whether you have a big or small home, you can benefit from wall shelves and maximize your floor area. An expert from Wasatch Steel recommends to buy steel plate and place them underneath, and let your shelves float!

3. Lazy Susans on kitchen cabinets

There are two ways to have more space in your kitchen cabinets: build more or get rid of some items. If you don’t want to do both, upgrade them by adding Lazy Susans. Once a fixture on dining tables, their small equivalents make an excellent spice rack – no need to reach farther inside cupboards. You can also utilize the space underneath for more kitchen items.

4. Glass on dining table

Milk and food spills can ruin your table quickly. While a smart option is to repaint the table, sanding takes too much time. For an easy-breezy dining table cleaning, cover the surface with glass.

Small changes, big impact – get positive instant results with these small upgrades.

Save The Environment: Purchase Second Hand Commercial Furniture

Pre-Used Office Furniture in Salt Lake CityIf you are concerned about the environment, then you must consider recycling items. One of the best methods of recycling is purchasing used office furniture for your workplace. When you purchase used conference tables in Salt Lake City, you would have contributed to protecting the environment, no matter how small. Most used conference tables retailers have observed that there is an increased demand of pre-used furniture, especially in the commercial sector.

If you purchase pre-used office furniture, qualityusedoffice.com says you stand to gain the following:

  • Protecting environment: Most furniture is made of wood. Hence, recycling wooden furniture means less number of trees would be cut to make new furniture. Moreover, this furniture is usually used in landfills, which subsequently cause pollution due to decomposition.
  • Easy maintenance: Wooden furniture can be easily polished or varnished and your workplace furniture will be as good as new. Thus, you can completely renovate your office or workplace with used office furniture, bought at a price much lower than new ones!
  • Recycling metal furniture: If you recycle metal furniture, then it would reduce pollution due to wastage. This subsequently will help protect the environment as metals take a long time to decompose, which is one of the primary causes of pollution.
  • Re-utilizing workstations: Workstations or the computer tables usually are made of durable wood. So even if a company decides to change the workstations, you can consider purchasing them as they last for a long time.
  • Magazine stands: All companies have magazine or newspaper stands in their workplace. Usually, these stands suffer the least amount of wear and tear. Hence, they can be easily recycled, leading to reduction of wastage.

Choosing recycled furniture not only is more practical, but it’s meant to care for the environment as well. Two birds with one stone, as the invest in pre-used office furniture and make active contribution towards saving the environment.