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What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Woman checking out teeth on a mirrorEveryone wants a nice and healthy set of teeth. People go through procedures such as braces, Invisalign, and veneers to achieve that perfect smile. These days, more people are trying teeth whitening procedures in South Bend from dental offices such as Mahoney Family Dentistry.

If you live here and are interested in having a teeth makeover, this article is for you.

What you should know before booking for a whitening procedure

The yellowing of the teeth is a result of the stains from drinking wine, coffee, and tea, as well as eating certain food such as dark berries. You can also get this from smoking and poor dental hygiene. This is because teeth are like sponges. It also has pores and easily absorbs whatever color you put in your mouth.

But with proper oral care and the help of a teeth whitening procedure, you can achieve those pearly whites. This procedure is not for everyone, though. Especially those who are wearing veneers, tooth-colored crowns, and dentures.

What to expect during the procedure

This procedure is absolutely safe. The process uses active ingredients which causes the pores of the enamel to open temporarily and then remove the stains. It is also normal to feel sensitive during the procedure. This is because the teeth become dehydrated.

Its ability to insulate the nerves from temperature changes is lessened. Expect the sensitivity to disappear after 12 hours to a few days. The teeth will naturally re-mineralize and rehydrate after each session. Though dentists usually recommend a post-whitening fluoride treatment to help rehydrate and nourish the teeth. It is important to maintain it by doing a follow-up procedure every six months to one year to see visible results. It would also help to stay away from what causes the staining.

Some people may find it unnecessary to have whiter teeth, but if you want it and have the means, then go for it. There is nothing wrong with wanting it, especially if you think that it will help you gain more confidence when you talk and smile!

Here are 3 Reasons You Must Take Care of Your Kids’ Teeth

Little girl brushing teethDentists recommend taking care of a child’s oral health right after birth. Although you should not use a brush for the first year, you can use a cloth to wipe the mouth, gum and any emerging teeth. By the age of three, a child should have 20 teeth, which start falling off from the 6th birthday.

By age 17, 78% of kids will have developed a cavity.

This is an alarmingly high number. To avoid this, proper dental care should start early. When the first tooth appears, the child is ready for a dental check-up. If this is not possible, it should be scheduled before the first birthday. A pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights can give you more tips on how to take care of your child’s teeth.

51 million school hours are lost annually because of teeth problems.

Teeth problems are not only painful but cause discomforts when eating and can also result in other complications such as fever in children. To avoid this, ensure your child takes a balanced diet, limit sugars and brushes for at least two minutes twice a day. A can of soda is proportional to 12 sugar spoons. People who take three or more cans of soda every day have a 62% higher chance of tooth decay.

Thumb sucking can alter teeth alignment.

Thumb sucking seems like a harmless habit kids pick, but it can affect the development of the jaw, the upper part of the mouth and the teeth’s shape.

To avoid teeth problems, implement the 2-2-2 rule. The child should brush and floss two times in a day, visit the dentist twice a year and spend at least two minutes flossing and brushing. Healthy teeth in early years translate to better oral health later on in life.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent? What You Should Know

teeth whitening conceptWhite teeth are something of a status symbol. While they’re not really expensive, they speak a lot about someone. People with white teeth look healthy, well-off, and more attractive. This is why people regularly flock to the likes of a Bloomington, MN dentist such as Dental Health Care Center.

If you’re planning to have your teeth whitened, here’s what you should know.

Is it permanent?

People tend to ask if tooth whitening is permanent, and the short answer is no, it isn’t. Teeth regularly get bombarded with staining agents from food and drink. This makes tooth whitening last from a few months to as long as three years.

Given that, one would avoid eating staining food and beverages such as coffee. Vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol also speed up discoloration. When describing teeth stains, dentists say there are two kinds, and they are intrinsic and extrinsic. Both are self-explanatory.

Extrinsic stains appear on surfaces of the enamel, which is the hard, whitish outer covering of the teeth. Enamel might be harder than bone, but dark-colored food and drink can easily stain it. And if there is acid, tooth enamel erodes, making it easier for stains to stick on teeth.

Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, mean discoloration is on the inside. Enamel is porous (has microscopic holes on its surface). Colors can seep into the tooth and could be harder to remove.

On the natural color of teeth

Are teeth naturally white or yellow? It’s likely latter. Many experts agree that darker-colored teeth are more common. Teeth as naturally white as porcelain or a sheet of paper are very rare. Non-white teeth also tend to be stronger.

Overall, the consensus is that teeth are intrinsically light grey or light yellow. Anything darker and it suggests vices such as smoking.

Professional teeth whitening takes care of either extrinsic or intrinsic stains. But one must keep in mind that whitening is all about maintenance. Avoid staining the teeth with dark-colored food and drink, and it can last longer.

Simple Ways to Achieve a Captivating Smile

BracesThose who smile or laugh a lot have magnetic personalities. They attract people because they seem worry-free and easy-going. However, a smile can become even more attractive when you have a perfect set of teeth.

How to get that perfect set of teeth

Some people are born with it; unfortunately, some people are not. A number of people may naturally possess a straight set of beautifully white teeth, but many others covet these and want to have them as well.

Some have crooked or weak teeth and many factors play a part in it, including an abnormality in jaw development. Below are some ways to correct crooked teeth and induce a pearly white smile:

  • Braces to align teeth. Whether its traditional metal braces, ceramic or lingual, this orthodontic procedure helps teeth to be aligned and positioned correctly. Depending on the gravity of the case, braces are normally worn over a period of time. Regular check-ups and adjusting may be required to attain the desired results.
  • Your orthodontist may suggest retainers. This is advisable to ensure that you retain the new position of your teeth. In addition, you can also wear retainers to protect teeth especially from grinding when a person is asleep.
  • You should visit your dentist for advice. You can get your teeth cleaned at a family dentistry clinic in Sioux Falls such as General Dentistry Limited, as this can help in making your teeth more neat and presentable. However, if you really desire white teeth, you can ask your dentist for which product or procedure he or she recommends.

There are ways you can keep your teeth white. One way is to avoid caffeine or other dark or caffeinated drinks as these can stain your pearly whites. In addition, regular visits to your dentist for dental cleaning will be ideal. This, along with good oral hygiene, will greatly help you retain optimum dental health.

Incredibly Easy Tips to Make New Friends

Woman with a friendly smileIf you find making new friends intimidating, you are not alone. Almost half of the population consists of introverts. Given the importance of friendships, however, it is crucial that you make as many meaningful ones as you can.

Here are four proven tips to help you out.

Identify your fear and fight it

Why does meeting new people scare you? For many people, a less than perfect physical appearance is their cause of anxiety. Do not let a few bad teeth keep you from forming rewarding friendships. Get corrective dental implants here in Kingston if you have to.

The point is, do your best to fight any cause of the shyness or apprehension in your head.

Start with the people you know

Socialising with a group of new people may not be easy. Reach out to acquaintances that you have known for some time and start with them. If there is a friend you have lost touch with over time, consider renewing the friendship by making a friendly call or sending an SMS.

Go out more

After establishing a small group of friends, start going out more to extend your circle. Look for interest groups and join them. For instance, you could participate in a group for vegetarians if you are one, or one for aspiring writers.

Attend seminars and workshops where you can meet people with the same interests as you do and form quick friendships.

Keep an open mind

People have a mental notion of the kind of friend they want. Perhaps you want someone kind, supportive, educated and so on. Unfortunately, it seems like the kind of people you meet do not meet your preset notion. Instead of closing yourself off, remain open minded and give these friendships a chance.

Most good friends come from different backgrounds.

Friends form a huge part of your life. By taking a few measures to overcome your fear of meeting new people, you can start to develop productive friendships that will make life much more fulfilling.

Getting to know invisible braces

invisible braces
Invisible braces can mean clear aligners like Invisalign or using brackets and wires that are clear or tooth-coloured like Six Month Smiles or cFast. Sometimes it may mean lingual braces which are fitted to the backs of the teeth.

A dentist like Vogue Dental Care in Luton can talk you through all of your choices when you have an initial consultation. Some options may not be available for more serious issues like a misaligned bite or jaw problems. Similarly, if you have a twisted tooth that needs revolving or a high tooth that needs pulling down into place, you might need to consider more traditional orthodontics.

The beauty of invisible braces

Invisible braces often mean that you can start looking great straight away. Even for minor issues, the treatment time for teeth straightening is often many months. If, during that time, you want to be able to smile without self-consciousness about dental equipment on your teeth, then invisible braces may be the option for you.

The practicalities of invisible braces

Braces are designed to shift the teeth gradually. Your body reacts to the pressure applied by braces. Whether this is achieved using brackets and wires or aligners, the force must be consistent to achieve the right effects. After about 72 hours of wearing your braces, the body will slowly break down the bone in the way of each tooth’s movement. At the same time, bone builds up behind the tooth. In this way, movement occurs without your tooth ever becoming loose.

The benefits of invisible braces

Brands like Invisalign, cFast and Six Month Smiles generally work faster than other methods. While the process described above takes the same amount of time, the overall focus of the treatment is different. These treatments focus on the cosmetic appearance of the teeth rather than anything else. This usually involves moving the front six teeth that are visible while smiling. Moving just these ones is relatively simple and, therefore, faster than realignment plans which involve other teeth.

There are also often health benefits to teeth straightening as well. Well-aligned teeth are, generally speaking, easier to keep clean and less prone to the build-up of plaque.

How Dental Implants Can Effectively Treat Tooth Loss

Dental Implants When most people think of how to deal with tooth loss, dentures are the first treatment that comes to mind. While dentures are a long standing solution, they are by no means the only one available today.

Dental implants are a modern solution to treating missing teeth. They are clinically proven to be effective and reliable. Blue Sky Dentistry in Belfast offer high quality dental implants to treat a range of patients suffering with tooth loss.

The importance of acting now

Tooth loss is an uncomfortable experience, whether it is the result of an accident or from an underlying dental health issue. Unfortunately the consequences of tooth loss do not end once your teeth have fallen out. Over time the bone and gums around the site of tooth loss begin to suffer: bone degenerates and gums recede. This can make neighbouring teeth become unstable and vulnerable to falling out and can have knock on effects on your overall facial structure. A sunken-cheeked appearance is often the end result. This can even occur with long-term denture use. Dental implants however provide a means to prevent these detrimental effects.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots made of lightweight titanium. When placed within the jawbone, they encourage local bone growth. As new bone weaves in and around the implant, they become firmly secured in place. Dentures simply can’t match this level of stability. Your replacement teeth are then attached on top of the dental implants to complete the restoration.

Dental implants can be used to treat the loss of a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth. For those who are more comfortable wearing removable dentures, dental implants can be used alongside dentures to stabilise them.

What does the procedure involve?

Fitting dental implants is considered a minor surgical procedure. This is carried out under local anaesthetic, although sedation is also available to help ease the anxiety that many experience at the thought of dental treatment. After a period of healing, replacement teeth can be attached. The final finish both looks and feels natural.