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After Braces: Tips for Caring for Your Retainers

Colorful orthodontic appliancesAfter wearing braces, you likely need to wear retainers, such as a bonded wire retainer, too for a few months or years, depending on the extent of correction done to your teeth. To make sure that you maximize your retainers, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Always keep them clean

Regular cleaning will keep your retainers in top shape. Just like any other orthodontic material, retainers can be exposed to germs. Clean them regularly upon waking up and after every meal. Soak them in baking soda when not in use, and use toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to clean it out and avoid buildup of any plaques or tartar.

Keep them moist

Wearing your retainers is possibly the best way to keep them safe. But more than just lowering the chances of misplacing them, this also keeps them moist, something that is a must for retainers. Dried out retainers will have higher chances of tartar and biofilm damage as they will start bonding to the retainers. Keep your retainers in distilled water whenever you remove them.

Find a safe place to store them

Most patients will not have to use retainers every waking hour, so the best way to ensure that they do not get lost is to find a safe place to keep them. It is a common misconception that losing a retainer is close to impossible, since it is something most likely worn at all times. But the truth is it is easy enough to lose them. It can also be easily damaged if not kept properly – when left in a place that receives too much sunlight, they can change shape over time.

Caring for your retainers is just as important in making sure that you get that great smile after the removal of your braces.

Simple Ways to Achieve a Captivating Smile

BracesThose who smile or laugh a lot have magnetic personalities. They attract people because they seem worry-free and easy-going. However, a smile can become even more attractive when you have a perfect set of teeth.

How to get that perfect set of teeth

Some people are born with it; unfortunately, some people are not. A number of people may naturally possess a straight set of beautifully white teeth, but many others covet these and want to have them as well.

Some have crooked or weak teeth and many factors play a part in it, including an abnormality in jaw development. Below are some ways to correct crooked teeth and induce a pearly white smile:

  • Braces to align teeth. Whether its traditional metal braces, ceramic or lingual, this orthodontic procedure helps teeth to be aligned and positioned correctly. Depending on the gravity of the case, braces are normally worn over a period of time. Regular check-ups and adjusting may be required to attain the desired results.
  • Your orthodontist may suggest retainers. This is advisable to ensure that you retain the new position of your teeth. In addition, you can also wear retainers to protect teeth especially from grinding when a person is asleep.
  • You should visit your dentist for advice. You can get your teeth cleaned at a family dentistry clinic in Sioux Falls such as General Dentistry Limited, as this can help in making your teeth more neat and presentable. However, if you really desire white teeth, you can ask your dentist for which product or procedure he or she recommends.

There are ways you can keep your teeth white. One way is to avoid caffeine or other dark or caffeinated drinks as these can stain your pearly whites. In addition, regular visits to your dentist for dental cleaning will be ideal. This, along with good oral hygiene, will greatly help you retain optimum dental health.

Remember the Basics in Caring for Your Teeth

a man checking his teethWhen it comes to your teeth, prevention is always better than cure. That is why dentists, like those at Glenlake Dental Care, always promote proper oral hygiene through brushing and flossing. But doing those religiously isn’t the only way to prevent common dental problems like cavities. In fact, most oral health problems occur due to lifestyle choices. Here are three prevention care tips to help maintain a healthy smile.

Avoid Acidic and Sugary Foods

Healthy dietary choices are vital to a vibrant smile. What you should never forget, though, is moderation. For example, acidic fruits are high in vitamin C, which is good for the body, but they can also damage your enamel and lead to the development of cavities and tooth decay if you don’t regulate your intake. Don’t forget to add foods rich in phosphorous and calcium to your diet so you can improve the health of your teeth. Some foods to add are leafy greens, eggs, fish and cheese.

Increase Your Intake of Water

Water promotes healthy production of saliva, which plays many roles in keeping your mouth healthy. Aside from helping with digesting and swallowing food, saliva has properties that can help fight germs and even protect tooth enamel. To stay hydrated and prevent dry mouth, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Invest in Fluoride Products

Fluoride is essential in maintaining strong teeth. To ensure your teeth get enough of the nutrient, use toothpaste with fluoride content. With strong teeth, the risk of developing cavities significantly decreases. You can also find drinking water with fluoride content, and water in the community often contains the substance thanks to community water fluoridation services the government maintains.

Another fundamental preventive dentistry tip is to see your dental specialist in Wilmette regularly. Some concerns that affect the gums and teeth are only visible to the trained eye. During a routine visit to your dentist, he can thoroughly scrutinize your teeth and gums, perform regular cleaning and even provide additional tips to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth strong.

Incredibly Easy Tips to Make New Friends

Woman with a friendly smileIf you find making new friends intimidating, you are not alone. Almost half of the population consists of introverts. Given the importance of friendships, however, it is crucial that you make as many meaningful ones as you can.

Here are four proven tips to help you out.

Identify your fear and fight it

Why does meeting new people scare you? For many people, a less than perfect physical appearance is their cause of anxiety. Do not let a few bad teeth keep you from forming rewarding friendships. Get corrective dental implants here in Kingston if you have to.

The point is, do your best to fight any cause of the shyness or apprehension in your head.

Start with the people you know

Socialising with a group of new people may not be easy. Reach out to acquaintances that you have known for some time and start with them. If there is a friend you have lost touch with over time, consider renewing the friendship by making a friendly call or sending an SMS.

Go out more

After establishing a small group of friends, start going out more to extend your circle. Look for interest groups and join them. For instance, you could participate in a group for vegetarians if you are one, or one for aspiring writers.

Attend seminars and workshops where you can meet people with the same interests as you do and form quick friendships.

Keep an open mind

People have a mental notion of the kind of friend they want. Perhaps you want someone kind, supportive, educated and so on. Unfortunately, it seems like the kind of people you meet do not meet your preset notion. Instead of closing yourself off, remain open minded and give these friendships a chance.

Most good friends come from different backgrounds.

Friends form a huge part of your life. By taking a few measures to overcome your fear of meeting new people, you can start to develop productive friendships that will make life much more fulfilling.

How to have a million dollar smile – without upsetting the bank manager

Hollywood smileMost of us dream of a Hollywood smile, but many still believe it to be beyond their means. Whilst it is true that the popularity of cosmetic dentistry began in the world of film stars, television personalities and the ultra-rich, these days it is much more accessible. A combination of advances in techniques and materials and an increase in demand across the UK as more and more people start to realise the true value of an attractive smile means that there are now many dental practices offering aesthetic treatment.

Vogue Dental Care in Luton has been providing high-quality cosmetic dentistry for many years, offering procedures, both large and small to suit every need. It’s important to find a dentist who listens to your needs and allows you to be involved at all stages of treatment – after all, it will be you who will be showing a beautiful new smile off to the world.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a wealth of possibilities – from subtle alternatives to metal braces for straightening your teeth to ways to rebuild and restore chipped, worn, or damaged teeth, from teeth whitening to cosmetic bridges, dentures, and even dental implants to replace lost teeth with realistic and beautiful substitutes.

A lot of people also think that cosmetic dentistry has to be a lengthy process, with numerous visits to the dental practice. This doesn’t have to be the case. Of course, it depends on what treatment you need, but for example the replacement of old metal amalgam fillings with white composite alternatives usually requires just a single appointment.

More extensive restorations – a porcelain crown, for example, to restore the appearance and function of an adult tooth that has been badly weakened through decay our root canal therapy – usually need two appointments. At the first impressions and measurements will be taken, and at the second your crown will be fitted. Your dentist will ensure you are entirely happy before he or she bonds it in place.

Another increasingly popular treatment which can usually be completed in two to three appointments is a smile makeover using porcelain veneers. These individually crafted thin shells of medical-grade porcelain can correct a number of issues, including permanent discolouration, small gaps and spacing irregularities.

Managing Tooth Pain Caused by Spring Allergies

Dental CareSpringtime is as beautiful as ever. Life is exploding in your garden and your neighbours are dancing about in their sundresses and riding bicycles all day long. You, on the other hand, are having a bittersweet time because of your allergies. Apart from your sinuses, eyes and morale, your allergies are also taking their toll on your oral health.

How Allergies Harm your Oral Health

Apparently, spring allergies do affect your teeth and mouth, says harleystreetdentalclinic.co.uk. Other than tooth pain, your allergies may also cause a sore throat and oral dryness, which can intensify the pain and discomfort.

Your auxiliary sinuses are located at the root tips of your upper molars, which explain why you also experience sinus pain in your upper teeth. And if you notice that your mouth is drying and feels swollen, it means that your congestion is draining itself down the throat.

A sore throat and oral dryness caused by allergies are not only uncomfortable; they can also lead to future complications such as halitosis, gingivitis, or future cavities. The medications you take to alleviate your allergies may also cause oral complications.

Ways to Manage Spring Allergies

The key to surviving the spring allergy season is to stay hydrated and keep a positive attitude. As much as possible, avoid staying too long outdoors. To stay active, tweak your daily routine with a variety of indoor exercises. Start your allergy medication early, even before spring starts to blossom, to help ease the symptoms all spring.

Mix your allergy drugs with home remedies and alternative treatment, such as acupuncture, nasal irrigation and herbal remedies. Bear in mind that finding the best medication involves a trial and error process, and works best with preventative measures.

Before spring comes by, set up an appointment with your dentist right away and discuss an oral care regimen for your allergies. In addition to asthma, sinus pressure and inflammation in the nasal cavity, sinus tooth pain can be quite tormenting, and can damage your self-esteem. If you learn to live with your allergies and take extra measures to address the pain and discomfort, spring won’t have to be something you should get over with.