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Situations Where Towing Companies Become Truly Valuable


towHaving the name and number of your doctor, plumber or cleaner comes in handy during emergency situations. Similarly, it would also be a good idea to carry with you the contact details or calling card of your towing company. You never know when you will need their services.

The agents from 131Tow.com.au say that towing isn’t just about pulling services anymore. It may also be of great help when you require roadside assistance.

Here are some situations that will make you glad you have your towing company’s number:

Out of Fuel

It’s a big problem when your fuel gauge is damaged or you simply ended up running out of fuel. If there are no gasoline stations nearby, you can seek assistance from a towing company. They may bring enough fuel for you to go to the nearest station.

Flat Tyre

If you have a flat tyre and cannot change it yourself, you can rely on your towing company to fix the problem for you. They will also extend assistance if you don’t have a spare tyre or if it is unserviceable.

Got Stuck 

There will be incidents when your vehicle gets stuck in mud or a hole and you can’t get it out. Unless you can lift your car out, it may be better to call your towing company for assistance.

Dead Battery

When you find yourself with a dead battery, your towing company can assist you by jumpstarting your vehicle. If you’re lucky, they might bring a spare battery that you may use temporarily or permanently.

Vehicle Breakdown

A vehicle breakdown may occur for many reasons. If it is minor, the personnel from your towing company can repair the car on site. If it is serious enough, then they may have to pull your car out of the road.

Without a doubt, a towing company can be of valuable help to you when you need it. So, keep those calling cards nearby.

Why Buy from Auto Wreckers?


partsChoosing a safer approach in disposing of vehicles would be the best move in helping you create a clean, healthy, and balanced atmosphere. This is also rewarding if you get more than what you expect for your old car.

To get the best value out this decision, choose a reputable wrecking centre to ensure quality services. Keep in mind that only certified and experienced auto wreckers provide you with top-rate pre-owned parts and environment-friendly ways of getting rid of your old vehicle.

Advantages of Auto Wrecking

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an auto wrecker when you buy car parts is the lower price. JTW Autoparts cites that recycled parts are usually less or even about half the cost of new parts. Auto wreckers recycle around 85% of the scrap or junk vehicle for customers to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Also re-using parts is the best form of recycling. Rather than disposing cars in landfills, the metal recycling centre will utilize it in an eco-friendly way.

Find Classic Car Parts

Spending time and money on repairs is a daunting task that most people want to avoid. Sending your car to a repair shop will leave you without a car for at least a few days and finding good parts for a reasonable price is difficult, particularly if you have an imported or classic car.

One of the best options you have is buying parts from an auto wrecker. If you are looking for classic parts, it is a great idea to get in touch with the car wreckers in your area. Since they dismantle all makes and models of vehicles, they might have parts and accessories of cars manufactured in a certain year.

Wrecking facilities with the proper equipment and methods dismantle damaged vehicles to promote full environmental safety and conservation practices. As an alternative to disposing your old vehicle in a landfill, it is a better option to bring it to an auto wrecker.