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Sihanoukville: An Ideal Yoga Destination

Posted: 12/07/2015 at 12:33 PM   /   by   /   comments (0)

SihanoukvilleMany travelers visit Southeast Asia for the authentic yoga experience, as several types of practices originated from the region. With the mindset of experiencing the ‘local culture’, most of them enroll in yoga retreats.

Value for Money

Similar to Thailand and China, Cambodia offers a lot when it comes to yoga retreats. But, Cambodia offers more affordable services compared to other destinations; it’s also less busy. In addition, lower prices mean tourists can maximize their travel budget. This makes the country very inviting for many young explorers, especially students in their gap years.

After being inspired by the beauty of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and seeing the capital Phnom Penh, most of them proceed to Sihanoukville for relaxation. Because of the natural energy the place emits, Vagabond Temple says Sihanoukville is an yoga ideal spot.

Yoga Retreat Durations

Yoga centers in Sihanoukville offer various programs depending on the needs and the length of time the guests can stay.

There are retreat houses offering day passes for daily activities that people can join in. This is for those with not enough time, but wish to experience what these places can offer. Most yoga centers also offer meals that complement the philosophy of yoga practice.

Short-term programs that last for a week or two are also available. People who want to understand and practice yoga in a deeper sense may join. This type of course usually comes with mind-relaxing accommodation and healthy Khmer meals. This length of time is good for those interested in detoxifying and healing.

For those profoundly interested in yoga, they can also join a long-term course that may last for more than two months. This provides in-depth understanding and engagement in yoga, as well as deeper awareness and integration with the Khmer culture. This longer course allows mentors to monitor the development of the client through time.

Practicing and learning yoga may need a long commitment, but familiarization can happen in a day. Sihanoukville, a picturesque, calming and peaceful place, offers an environment ideal for yoga retreats.