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Setting Up a Mobile Veterinary Clinic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted: 07/28/2017 at 1:00 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dog with a vetIn Australia, more and more households are taking in dogs and cats, increasing the demand for veterinarians. So, if you’re a graduate of veterinary medicine, there’s no better time to practice your profession and earn money than now. 

Setting up a vet clinic, though, is a huge challenge. Not only do you have to follow the strict guidelines established by the government and the industry, but you also have to shell out a lot of money. As a start, you can run a mobile clinic. Later on, you can use this as a supplement to your wider range of services.

Designing the Van

First, you want to think about the size of the patients or the animals. If you need to transport them, then there should be enough space for kennels. You should also be able to secure these enclosures and the animals while in transit. You’ll likely need a customised van to accommodate the unique needs of your patients. So, consider converting a ute with a body size that fits your requirements.

Installing Equipment

One thing that sets mobile vet clinics apart is their ability to perform certain tests on-site, saving the patients and their owners a trip to a local clinic. So, think about the specialised medical and surgical equipment you need to install in your mobile clinic. Plus, you may also need to put up shelves where you can place your medical supplies. If the clinic will function as a lab, as well, you have to make sure the van has the right temperature control settings—hence, the need for a built-in AC, too.

If you’re planning to convert a utility vehicle, look for experts in customising ute bodies into medical vans. These people already have both the vision and understanding of what you need. They also have enough personnel to complete the work quickly so you can start your business right away.