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Why You Should Keep Wearing Your Retainers

A woman smiling with retainers

A woman smiling with retainersAfter orthodontic treatments, many patients are surprised to hear that they will have to wear retainers after their braces come off. Retainers are a type of appliance that is custom moulded to fit your teeth. It keeps your teeth in place after the braces come off.

When it comes to retainers, there are several types available. The most common type is the removable wire retainer, but there are also clear braces available that strongly resemble Invisalign braces. Some practices, such as sardiniadental.com, offers multiple types of retainers based on their patient’s preferences.

But why do you have to wear retainers? What happens if you don’t?

The Last Step of Your Treatment

Retainers serve as the last step of your orthodontic treatment. Whether you chose to wear hidden braces, Invisalign or standard braces, you will likely have to wear retainers after. Most people will have to wear retainers for at least one or two years, though some people may have to wear them for the rest of their lives. Depending on your situation, you may have to wear the retainers all day, or only at night while you are sleeping.

Preventing Relapse

The primary use of retainers is to prevent relapse. This is when the teeth shift back to their original position.

Relapse can happen for many reasons— one is the recoil of the periodontal fibres, which is a supportive structure found around the teeth. When the pressure from the braces come off, they may try to snap back into position. Pressure from the surrounding soft tissues may also be a factor in relapse.

Retainers keep the teeth in place until the teeth are stable.

Preventing Tongue Thrust

Retainers also help prevent tongue thrust. Tongue thrust is a condition where the tongue is pushed forward against the upper teeth while you swallow or talk.  The retainers will stop your tongue from pushing against your teeth.

Your retainers are a crucial dental appliance. If you want straight teeth and keep them that way, you will have to continue wearing your retainers. 

Setting Up a Mobile Veterinary Clinic? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dog with a vetIn Australia, more and more households are taking in dogs and cats, increasing the demand for veterinarians. So, if you’re a graduate of veterinary medicine, there’s no better time to practice your profession and earn money than now. 

Setting up a vet clinic, though, is a huge challenge. Not only do you have to follow the strict guidelines established by the government and the industry, but you also have to shell out a lot of money. As a start, you can run a mobile clinic. Later on, you can use this as a supplement to your wider range of services.

Designing the Van

First, you want to think about the size of the patients or the animals. If you need to transport them, then there should be enough space for kennels. You should also be able to secure these enclosures and the animals while in transit. You’ll likely need a customised van to accommodate the unique needs of your patients. So, consider converting a ute with a body size that fits your requirements.

Installing Equipment

One thing that sets mobile vet clinics apart is their ability to perform certain tests on-site, saving the patients and their owners a trip to a local clinic. So, think about the specialised medical and surgical equipment you need to install in your mobile clinic. Plus, you may also need to put up shelves where you can place your medical supplies. If the clinic will function as a lab, as well, you have to make sure the van has the right temperature control settings—hence, the need for a built-in AC, too.

If you’re planning to convert a utility vehicle, look for experts in customising ute bodies into medical vans. These people already have both the vision and understanding of what you need. They also have enough personnel to complete the work quickly so you can start your business right away. 

Incredibly Easy Tips to Make New Friends

Woman with a friendly smileIf you find making new friends intimidating, you are not alone. Almost half of the population consists of introverts. Given the importance of friendships, however, it is crucial that you make as many meaningful ones as you can.

Here are four proven tips to help you out.

Identify your fear and fight it

Why does meeting new people scare you? For many people, a less than perfect physical appearance is their cause of anxiety. Do not let a few bad teeth keep you from forming rewarding friendships. Get corrective dental implants here in Kingston if you have to.

The point is, do your best to fight any cause of the shyness or apprehension in your head.

Start with the people you know

Socialising with a group of new people may not be easy. Reach out to acquaintances that you have known for some time and start with them. If there is a friend you have lost touch with over time, consider renewing the friendship by making a friendly call or sending an SMS.

Go out more

After establishing a small group of friends, start going out more to extend your circle. Look for interest groups and join them. For instance, you could participate in a group for vegetarians if you are one, or one for aspiring writers.

Attend seminars and workshops where you can meet people with the same interests as you do and form quick friendships.

Keep an open mind

People have a mental notion of the kind of friend they want. Perhaps you want someone kind, supportive, educated and so on. Unfortunately, it seems like the kind of people you meet do not meet your preset notion. Instead of closing yourself off, remain open minded and give these friendships a chance.

Most good friends come from different backgrounds.

Friends form a huge part of your life. By taking a few measures to overcome your fear of meeting new people, you can start to develop productive friendships that will make life much more fulfilling.

A National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and Composite Straps

Big tented truckThe Australian government has set the deadline for the logistics industry to submit their feedback on the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy on July 28.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester, said that the inquiry will help in meeting consumer demands, as well as addressing concerns of businesses and unlock any growth opportunities for the production of local goods.

A Look at the Growing Freight

The national government announced the plan for the inquiry in November 2016. By May this year, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development released the draft documents and began to soliciti public input.

The plan will determine the best way to cope with an expected uptick in demand. By knowing how to take advantage of a predicted increase in freight distribution activity, the logistics sector can help improve Australia’s economy, according to Darren.

Cargo movement would increase by 50 per cent in the next 20 years, amidst a growing population. This requires significant investments as demand for additional transport solutions become necessary. Darren said that the national supply chain covers several entities, whether one is involved in manufacturing composite strap products, a freight operator or even a consumer.

Investment in the Future of Freight

Australia has recognised the importance of logistics investments through more than A$75 billion of spending, which funded several major infrastructure projects. Some of these include the A$8.4 billion Inland Rail project between Melbourne and Brisbane and the A$10 billion National Rail programme, as well as development plans for the Bruce and Pacific Highways, Darren noted.

Following the acceptance of submissions, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will publish the information on its website.

A Competitive Supply Chain Market: Poly Composite Straps as a Need

Composite straps, for instance, will remain to be an indispensable item for all sorts of applications – whether in Australia or overseas. As an example, poly composite strapping is a product with a range of load-securing advantages. This allows it to be a near-necessity for all transport services.

The National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy will help Australia maintain its competitiveness in the global supply chain market. For this reason, the country’s public and private sector should do its part and submit feedback on the best ways to improve the logistics industry.

FAQs about EEOICPA Claims to Help Clarify Some Misconceptions

Chemist in protective suit the disposal of radio active wasteThe EEOICPA was passed into law in 2000. It took effect the following year. The law covers workers in facilities administered by the Atomic Energy Commission and Department of Energy.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about EEOICPA claims that Nuclear Care Partners says you should know.

Is the program real or a scam?

EEOICPA is not a scam. It has processed more than 288,000 claims as of March 2017 and paid at least $13.5 B in medical benefits and compensation.

Do I need a lawyer to file an EEOICPA claim?

A lawyer is not necessary for filing a claim. In fact, very few lawyers can be considered as experts in EEOICPA procedures and policies. Hiring a lawyer will only add to your expenses.

Can I file my claim?

Yes, but you need to have enough patience and time to make a successful claim. According to the DOL website, around 50% of all filed claims are declined due to various reasons. 

Is the compensation taxable?

In general, compensation received from an EEOICPA claim is not taxable. But, to be sure, you can consult your tax accountant on the proper treatment of the benefit. If you are currently receiving housing or financial help from your state, it is best to seek advice from a professional before you file an EEOICPA claim.

What’s a Special Exposure Cohort? Is it important?

The EEOICPA set up a Special Exposure Cohort or SEC for particular employee classes.  Under the SEC, eligible claimants can get their compensation even without determining the probability of causation. Compensation can also proceed without completing NIOSH testing. To be eligible for compensation, the employee must be diagnosed for any one of the specified health conditions and worked at one of the covered facilities for a particular time.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about EEOICPA. Hopefully, these helped answer the questions you have in mind.

Leave Tree Stump Grinding to the Experts

Tree stumpYou are tired of seeing that eyesore in your compound in the name of a tree stump, and you want it out like yesterday. Well, the bitter truth is removing a tree stump is much easier said than done.

Tree stump grinding here in Tauranga involves a lot of work, unlike cutting down a tree and you dare not attempt to do it by yourself. Why not? See why you should leave this to stump removal experts.


An arborist has enough experience when it comes to removing stumps and is the best candidate for this job. Removing a stump is not just getting rid of it physically, but entails safe removal without posing a threat to your property.

Also, safe removal of tree stumps involves the incision of precise cuts, and handling of the stump grinder and the task is easier when one has experience in the field.


If you choose to DIY the stump removal process, it may be difficult to get the right equipment or even be an expensive venture. Figuring how to use the equipment safely is also a task. A professional arborist has the necessary equipment for the safe removal of a tree stump.


Have you thought about the after-process of stump removal? After removing the tree stump, it is evident there will be debris and stump debris to remove. Many rubbish collectors will not be willing to collect such kind of a mess, and if you do it by yourself, it will be a tedious task.

Arborists offer compound cleaning services after removing your stump, leaving your compound in its initial state.

Even if you are a DIY expert, trying out a stump removal project may not augur well without the proper knowledge and skills to do it right. Hire tree stump grinding specialists and protect your property while getting rid of that eyesore.

Kayak Maintenance: Keeping Your Watercraft Good as New

Open water kayakFinding the right kayak for you can be tricky, but the challenge does not stop once you get a hold of the right one. Rather, it is just the start. Part of your responsibility as an owner is to make sure your kayak is in its top shape. You can do this by maintaining it properly by all means possible.

Transport properly

MFI Service Bodies recommends using a roof rack boat loader to transport your kayak properly to and from the water. Remember the golden rule: Never drag it on the ground. Its thin exterior can cause holes on your kayak.

Store properly

Keep the original form and color of your kayak by storing it up right or hang it on its side. This is the recommended type of storage as those are the points in the craft with least amount of stress. It is also recommended to store it inside and keep it away from elements to keep it looking like new.

Protect from elements

Storing your kayak indoors is the most effective way to protect it from natural elements like the sun’s UV rays. Spray the outside of the kayak with UV protection spray at least three times a year to keep it looking like new and cover it with a tarp or kayak cover when not in use.

Regular cleaning

Always wash your kayak and keep it clean, especially if you kayak in the salt water. Salt water can cause easier corrosion in your kayak. Washing it regularly can help you inspect for holes and damages.

Repair damages

Do not wait until it’s too late before you patch that hole or repair any damages whether big or small. Immediately repairing any kind of damage can preserve your kayak better and let you have a safer kayaking experience.

What are you waiting for? Print this list and hang it in your kayak storage to serve as a guide in keeping your kayak always looking good as new.

Realising the Impact of Undercover Surveillance Work: Discover Cheats like This Disability Benefits Cheat

Security camera installed in a buildingUndercover work usually conjures images of federal agents staking out criminal hideouts or infiltrating drug-dealing gangs to take down their heinous operations. These examples have real-life counterparts, despite being over-dramatised by movies and TV shows. Often, undercover work is as simple as exposing liars and frauds.

A Bad Leg and A Bad Lie

A Derbyshire resident named Rhona Vessey, 50, pocketed more than £6,000 in disability benefits, claiming her bad leg made her “virtually unable to walk”. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) received a tip and conducted an undercover operation where they discovered that Vessey was seen performing with the Derby Midshipmen three times.

While the DWP has no law enforcement agents at its disposal to conduct such investigations, M.S. Webb says that these institutions turn to bailiff services to gain intelligence on suspected frauds. Undercover surveillance experts have the experience and connections to expose activities that hurt social benefits systems for selfish gain.

Caught Marching in the Act

In the case of Rhona Vessey, she made several claims of difficulty walking around outside to shop for her needs. The DWP subsequently received information that Vessey was a member of a marching band and was inclined to participate in complex and lengthy marching routines.

Investigators for the DWP spied on Vessey to substantiate the information and sure enough, she was observed marching along with the band, drum strapped to her shoulder and moving remarkably well for a person with a ‘bad leg’. When confronted with the evidence, Vessey attempted to reiterate that her condition was ‘getting worse’.

The Consequence of Cheating

The DWP was hearing none of it, and Vessey was handed a 10-week community order in addition to repaying the amount she swindled. District Judge Jonathan Taaffe restricted Vessey to a 10-week curfew in her home, as well as £85 costs and a £85 victim surcharge.

A spokesman for the DWP stated that very few people try and cheat the benefits system, but Vessey’s case demonstrates their commitment to rooting out cheats stealing taxpayer money away from those in real need.

Does Playtime Really Have Anything to Do with Child Development?

Children coloring A report dedicated to the Children’s Play Policy Forum discovered that play enhanced the mental, physical and emotional health of kids. It also revealed that playtime, whether on swings or climbing frames from Play'n'Learn in NZ, could improve their attitudes, behaviour, and academic skills.

The Unexpected Benefits

The Play Return study analysed a wide array of studies that tackled the significance of play in developing valuable knowledge and skills while they are growing up. Most parents who lived near playgrounds shared that their entire family experienced higher levels of happiness. This is why they mostly associate playing with family well-being.

The report also stated that youth and play facilities found in public places reduced levels of vandalism and anti-social conducts. It even mentioned that play initiatives usually produced a sense of community spirit and high amounts of volunteering support. Moreover, they found that school playgrounds are an ideal means to increase kids’ level of physical activity.

They even discussed its connections to children experiencing a boost in enhanced social relations and skills, as well as, better adaptation to school life.

Other Supporting Studies

To back up their findings, they included some researches indicating that kids are more active physically when they get involved in free play than PE or sports. Tim Gill, the author of the report, explained that schools who employ physical activity programmes can cause positive encouragements on cognitive performance. He says that these kids will demonstrate positive outcomes in classroom behaviour, concentration, memory and academic attainment.

Essentially, the report wanted to convey that outdoor play does not only have an effect on the lives of young people and kids. Moreover, it can also transform communities in general. For the viewpoints of policy makers and politicians, the study focuses on the fact that funding play will lead to numerous benefits, such as a healthier community. 

How to Identify a Plumbing Emergency

Man checking for leaksIt’s the weekend, or it’s late at night, and you experience a plumbing emergency, such as a blocked drain, a broken toilet, or a water leak. It's important to know what to do during such situations. Delaying repairs can only make things worse. But some problems can wait, you may think.

Learn when it's time to call for emergency plumbing services in Salt Lake City and what to do before the plumber arrives.

Can It Wait?

You have to assess the situation before making a decision. When you experience a plumbing problem, ask yourself if it can wait. When you need the water and you have a leaking pipe, you need to call the plumber immediately. A blocked drain or toilet, however, can wait, but not for too long.

Assess the Damage

When you fail to locate the shutoff valve, or the damage can worsen if you leave the problem unsolved, you have to call a plumber right away. Leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room may cause water damage to the floor and anything that touches it. You can try to mitigate the problem by using rags to plug the leak, but only a plumber can fix your problems with leaks.

Can You Fix It?

Once you have assessed the problem, you should ask yourself if you would be able to fix it on your own. You must leave the serious and complicated plumbing issues to the professionals, but you can probably find solutions for minor problems online. A blocked drain, for example, can be unblocked using drain cleaning products. You can unblock clogged toilets as well using a plunger.

Shop Around

Once you decide to hire a plumber, you can still take the time to shop around. Ask for quotes and inquire as much as you can about fees and costs. You can easily find an emergency plumbing company here in Salt Lake City that can provide quality service at a reasonable price.

You don't have to panic during a plumbing emergency. Stay calm, think, and you can deal with the situation accordingly. Don't forget to call the number of the nearest plumber.