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Optimizing Business Processes with WAWF

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 3:02 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

air-forceWide Area Workflow is common to those who engage in businesses related with the military. Companies that are aiming to expand their market to the military or Department of Defense should consider going through a WAWF training course to understand how it works and how it optimizes all business processes.

WAWF 101

Military packaging is not your usual shipment in a box, as it goes through different processes.These include verification of its contents and logging it on an inventory. The WAWF makes this process more efficient. It is a Web-based system dedicated to creating and recording digital transactions from the contract to the receiving report. Web applications under WAWF provide the technology for paperless transactions in a fast pace.

The Business Process Optimizer

WAWF increases the efficiency of every transaction that the company goes through. For one, the automated invoicing feature of a WAWF system removes the need for paper and lessens the room for human error. Rather than printing out shipment receipts and other documents, all data are stored in a server. At the same time, as a computer program aids the process, the user won’t commit costly mistakes like mislabeling an item. When a dealer mislabels and transports the shipment to a location, chances are the client would call back and ask for an order again. This doubles the effort of companies in providing the necessary goods. Military packaging is intricate and important. Military personnel can’t afford to lack in supplies especially in dire situations.


To make sure that the user knows the ins and outs of WAWF software, training is necessary. There are many options of training in WAWF online and offline in a classroom setting. This helps a lot in optimizing the use of WAWF as it can get complicated for some, especially for those new in the industry.

Soldiers can’t go to war without supplies, and national security can be at risk without a proficient system in handling shipments. Dealing with the DOD and military needs the most efficient service and transaction. For more information on WAWF and training for it, research online.