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Child Abuse Signs You Might Not Know and Ways to Stop It Now

A child seating and curled
Posted: 12/06/2017 at 1:00 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

A child seating and curledAs a parent, you always do your best for your children to keep them away from any harm. But there could be times that your children suddenly act differently, making you wonder what happened to the usual behavior that they use to show. Child abuse is a rampant problem in the US, affecting 7.2 million children. If you think your children are experiencing abuse, you need to act fast to stop it.

Abuse signs that can go undetected notes that emotional abuse and neglect are two kinds of child abuse that could go unnoticed at first because it doesn’t involve physical violence. Such kind of abuses could happen inside your home, and it’s critical that you consult a child custody lawyer in Marysville if you’re in Washington to immediately stop the abuse.

Counselling is another way of helping a child abuse victim. Your children could be suffering from abuse if your spouse always berates them or they are being denied basic needs.

Children who experience these often find themselves depressed, they may skip school, become rebellious, or worse, become suicidal. Remember that such abuse signs could vary, so it’s important that you observe them very well.

Repercussions that could continue as children grow

There could be situations when children don’t forget the abuse they’ve experienced even after undergoing counseling. As such, children are at risk of getting themselves into a lot more trouble as they grow up.

Statistics showed that children who went through abuse are 25 percent are likely to become pregnant at a very young age. Abused children are also likely to abuse their own children when they become parents. A study even noted that abused children could develop a psychological disorder.

Remember that not all signs of child abuse are noticeable. You may need to dig deeper to understand your child’s sudden change of behavior and help them to stop the abuse immediately.