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Chemicals and Warning Bells: Why You Need to be Careful

Posted: 03/19/2018 at 8:47 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

ChemicalsWarning bells go off in your head when you hear the word “chemical” or see it on a product label. You think it’s dangerous, and you may be right. But just how dangerous is it? That’s what detailed labels are all about.

Some Chemicals Explode when Disposed of Improperly

Chemical labels exist for a variety of reasons. One is for disposal information, so you do not throw away chemicals accidentally with others that could cause an explosive reaction. All those hours you spent learning about chemical reaction are just a preview of how dangerous chemicals in laboratories and hospitals can be. When using a certain chemical for the first time, you need to read the label to know how to dispose of the container properly to avoid such consequences.

Some Chemicals May Cause Birth Defects

Most, if not all, of the products you use contain chemicals. Some of them are preservatives and are generally harmless in small doses. There are others that, while harmless in the product you purchased, may still be related to birth defects and other health conditions. For instance, a customer from California discovered this upon checking the label on the sunglasses she bought. Rather than using the sunglasses, the customer says she will be using them as a teaching tool.

Some Chemicals Are Poisonous

There are chemicals that should not touch your skin since they are that dangerous. Some may cause a burn, while others can be straight up poisonous. Those poisonous plants and animals are no match for these chemicals, and the label should warn you of their poisonous properties so you may be equipped to handle them properly. Like how scientists cannot handle chemicals without protective clothing, you should not use an unfamiliar product without reading its label first.

Chemicals exist everywhere and are used for plenty of products. To avoid accidents, you should know how to handle them properly.