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Stress Buster Vacation Ideas for Successful Executives

airplane taking off at sunsetHard work and dedication are essential characteristics to be successful. In most cases, entrepreneurs and executives work endlessly and to the bone to reach their goals and objectives. However, the human body will eventually demand rest and recreation to reduce one’s stress levels.

If you can afford it, go out and enjoy these vacation stress buster ideas.

Sporty Weekend

If you’re the kind of vacationer who needs a little athletic action to reduce stress, then find yourself a ski resort, a hiking site or a seaside hotel where you can ski, hike or swim respectively. Search for discounted skiing packages near Chicago if you don’t want to go too far out into the wilderness.

Just make sure that you get yourself a cozy room so you can rest adequately in between activities. Better yet, make sure there’s a nearby spa for massages and treatments.

Scenic Tour

You can do this with friends, family or solo. Rent a trailer and stock it full of provisions and roll out. Bring a first aid kit, fuel, and your emergency numbers list and keep them handy.

Aim for a destination goal but don’t be too strict with your route. Find a scenic one where you can stop to enjoy the view now and then.

Fly Out

There are some very beautiful and stress-free vacation destinations within and outside the country. Choose places that feature your favorite sport, hobby or interests. Schedule your trip during the offseason to avoid the stressful tourist peak.

Most importantly, reserve your rooms and tickets ahead of time. That way you can take advantage of discounts, freebies, and bonuses that come with early reservations.

Rest can never be put aside if you intend to achieve your dreams. Stress and pressure can affect your work quality and can endanger your health. So along with your short and long-term goals, plan your vacations as well.

Things to Do in Historic Bath

A aerial view of Bath CityThe city of Bath, UK, is a very historic place. Named because of the natural hot springs in the area that has served both Romans and Gaels in history, the City of Bath has the best of both worlds—Georgian brick buildings and lush greenery.

When in Bath

Taking a short vacation break in Bath? Here’s a list of the things you should do:

The Romans built public baths in the City, and you can still see it in the Great Bath. The ruins are still impressive and provide historians with an idea how the Roman Empire flourished in the UK. There are also pre-Roman sites near the area, but you need to plan for a day trip to see these enigmatic sites, especially Stonehenge.

The city has many other highlights, which you can take in when you go for a walking tour of the city. Visit the Holbourne Museum or the Victoria Art Gallery, or spend your day at Prior Park or the Circus. You could also take in the Georgian architecture of the Royal Crescent and marvel at the majestic structure.

Of course, a stay in Bath won’t be complete if you don’t enjoy its invigorating hot springs. The waters of Bath have been known for their rejuvenating and healing properties, so take a dip in many of the city’s spas and enjoy a dip in the waters.

Where to Stay?

Of course, when you’re having your short break in Bath, you can choose to stay in the many available accommodations in Bath: hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast. Choose one that will suit your needs and provides you with the amenities no matter how long you intend to stay.

All the Reasons You Need to Include Batam in Your Itinerary

Visiting Batam, IndonesiaWhen talk comes to Indonesia, most travellers will say that they have already visited Bali, arguably the most popular tourist destination in the country, what with it boasting of great waves surf-lovers always look for. It also offers many other sites to see, things to do and attractions to visit, further making it the most likely choice for many tourists. Located just across the Singapore Strait, this large city in the Sumatra region also delivers so much that you should include it in your itinerary.

So when you plan to have an adventure soon, here are the best places to visit in Batam, according to WOW Getaways:

For water-sports lovers

For all the water-sports lovers out there, know that the Waterfront City boasts of almost every activity that you want – even those on land. From banana boat riding to kayaking, and jet skiing to windsurfing, you definitely will have a blast here. You should also consider heading to Batam Island for some snorkelling or diving. You can also opt for Galang Island’s Melur Beach to avoid the throng of tourists usually staying at the Waterfront City.

South Asia’s Biggest Temple

A must-not-miss in Batam is the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple, and for many reasons. First off, it is the biggest of all temples you will find in the entirety of South Asia. Comprising of 4.5 hectares, this Chinese-built monastery opened its gates to the public back in the year 1991. Here you will find the warm-feeling-giving statues of Buddha Maitreya, as well as those of Buddha Gautama, Kwan Im (the Goddess of Beauty), and Satya Kalama among many others.

These are just some of the best spots for you to visit when you head to Batam, but remember that there are plenty of other great sites and attractions here that will really make you want to head over as soon as possible.

3 Incredible Ways to Completely Enjoy End of the Year Holidays

Hot Springs in JapanThe holiday is around the corner and now is a good time to think and plan what you can do during your free days. Do not say you are going to spend them working or lazing around your bed because you deserve a break. If you are still not convinced, maybe these holiday ideas might change your mind:

A Blend of Warm and Cold

If you like seeing a brilliant blanket of snow and the beautiful icicles forming on tree branches, then maybe it is time for you to go on an adventure in the land of the rising sun. Japan is known for its surprisingly refreshing outdoor hot springs. You can soak and sit submerged in warm water while looking at snow-covered trees and mountains. It is truly relaxing and therapeutic. The only drawback is most of them will require you to take a dip completely naked. If you have a tattoo, it might be more difficult for you because they frown upon people who have tattoos — no matter how small.

Frosty Adventures

If hot springs are not your thing, you might as well head off to France and try your skill at ice climbing or dog sledding. According to Awe365, you can have the best ice climbing adventure in the Southern French Alps.

Scale those frozen waterfalls in the French Alps and enjoy the majestic view from the top. If this sounds too dangerous for you, Ski Line Limited suggests enjoying good old ski holidays where slopes slide gently downward. Best of all, you get to enjoy all the hot chocolate you can drink to your heart’s content.

Fancy a Cold Trout?

Going to a faraway land may not be your thing, but it could be worthwhile especially if you try your hand at a different type of fishing adventure. According to The Daily Mail, over 200,000 people visit Hwacheon, South Korea to experience the annual Ice Festival where the main activity is attempting to catch trout in an ice-covered river. Even if fishing is not your favourite, the people lying flat on their stomach trying to catch trout are in itself a sight to see. Besides, there is a wonderful ski resort nearby and you can eat native Korean food.

You have been working hard for the past year and exploring new adventures during the holiday season may be a good way to unwind and recharge yourself. Instead of lying in bed and watching TV, take a break and go on an adventure. After all, a vacation can give you the best relaxation ever.

3 Things to Do to Enjoy Your Ski Resort Vacation

Ski VacationGoing on a ski trip with your whole family or closest friends is one of the most exciting vacation ideas you can ever have. A ski resort is a great venue to just chill with your loved ones and maybe try to learn how to ski. If you want to make this happen, you need to plan your trip in advance so you can get the best deals and make sure you’re ready to learn how to ski. Here are some things you can do to make the most out of your ski trip.

Pack Wisely

It’s going to be cold, so you better pack all the essential stuff to keep yourself comfortable. This includes jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, bonnets, and other clothing items to keep you warm. Don’t forget to pack all the electronics and chargers you’ll need for the trip. To maintain good hygiene, you need to pack antibacterial wipes, lotion, facial cleanser, deodorant, lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen, and other items you think you’ll need.

Buy the Necessary Gear

If you’re planning to learn how to ski, then you must know which ski gear you need to buy and which you need to rent. Buying the major ski gear is not a good idea because you don’t know yet if it’s something you really like to pursue. You can just rent the ski shoes at the ski resort for the meantime. Snowscene advises, however, that you do need to visit some ski shops in Brisbane to buy your personal ski gear and apparel.

Prepare Your Body

Skiing is not as easy as it looks. A little exercise and cardio a few weeks before your planned trip will help you improve your endurance. This way, you can enjoy the activities lined up for your vacation. If you don’t prepare your body through exercise, you may experience leg cramps and muscle pains.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your ski trip. This way, you’ll leave feeling happy and satisfied about every moment you’ve spent there.

Enjoying Australia: What’s in Uluru That Every Traveller Raves About?

 Trip to AustraliaUluru is one of the most famous natural landmarks in Australia. It is a sandstone formation that stands in the middle of the famous Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. There are many things to do inside and outside the park for individuals, friends, and families to enjoy. If you want to spend your vacation, why not try Uluru?

Finding Accommodation

For interested parties, it is best to plan ahead. Look for an accommodation like a caravan park in Uluru if you would like to bring your own vehicles. Caravan parks offer lodgings and places to restock your food and drinks. This way, you can enjoy more than just a day in Uluru. You can stay and see sights that are therapeutic and calming, giving you time for reflection and leisure, away from the troubles and stress that you might be feeling on regular days.

What You Can Do

Inside the park, you can enjoy many activities and see sights. One of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see is the sunset. You will be able to see the slowly changing colours of the sky. Without anything blocking the skyline, you will be immersed in the natural wonder of Uluru and the scenery beyond it.

Another great activity is to walk around the park itself. There are places, like the cultural centre for you to learn about the Anangu culture. You can likewise walk around the base of the Uluru, as well as find a guided walk around Kantju Gorge to learn about the Mala and their first site of habitation upon arrival at Uluru. One more place that you should not miss is the Valley of the Winds. It is a breathtaking sight from afar, and much worth staring at for a long time during dusk and dawn.

The next time you plan to visit the Northern Territory in Australia, you shouldn’t miss this place out. Go with your friends or family and have the time of your life.

Tireless Crawling: Spending a Night in Bath

Spending a Night in Bath CityBath City in Somerset, England, a World Heritage Site and cultural capital, is a visual treat for any tourist. During the day, travellers can walk around the city teeming with its archaic charm and revel in its selection of museums. Tourists can indulge in the Georgian architecture, take photos and dine in local eateries and restaurants offering a selection of gastronomic delights. And in its Roman-built spas and beautiful hotels, roaming comes to a halt as tourists discover rest and relaxation. Daytime offers the best high Bath can provide a travel junkie.

Relaxing after a Day of Touring suggests taking spa breaks in the city. Popular for being one of the favourite relaxation and spa destinations, Thermae Bath Spa offers guests water from the geothermal springs — the only naturally warm and mineral-rich waters located in the UK. Facilities are a combination of both traditional and modern; elements of history and advances of a progressive city. The city’s guests can soak up in the spa, find solace during the day, and feel recharged for a tireless crawl in the evening.

Discovering the City at Night

Enjoying a night of music at Bath caters to several genres of choice. Fill your ears with smooth jazz in the spacious red interior of an old 1870s railway station booking hall at Green Park Brasserie, be entertained by live comedy, or jam with musicians and bands at Komedia, a cafe-diner and gallery.

The Chapel Arts Centre, on the other hand, is an alternative bar, cafe and arts venue featuring theatre, dance and burlesque shows — an engaging venue for visitors looking for a place with live music. The Theatre Royal, described as ‘one of the most important surviving examples of Georgian theatre architecture’, offers a programme with a variety of performances, giving guests great value for money.

The city doesn’t sleep early with its diverse selection of bars and clubs for locals and guests looking to enjoy a bottle or work up a sweat dancing. There’s Revolution, PO Na Na, OPiUM and Second Bridge, just to name a few. At Bath, discover how the night breathes life into the city.

Going on a White Water Rafting Trip: Follow the Rules to Enjoy More

White Water RaftingIf you are a high adrenaline sports enthusiast then you must try white water rafting. Not only is water rafting a high action sport, but also one that can be enjoyed by all members of a family. Some of the best white water rafting adventures in Colorado are done during spring and summer. Ensure that you are well-prepared for your white water rafting adventure.

Guide to Enjoy White Water Rafting

To enjoy white water rafting in Colorado, check out the following tips:

  • Familiarity with the region: It is important to understand the terrain before you do white water rafting. Do not go for white water rafting on the first day of the vacation. Check into a white water rafting resort and familiarize yourself with your surroundings as well as the river.
  • Follow the guide: If you are an amateur rafter, it is essential that you follow your guide. You can sign up for some basic rafting lessons before you do white water rafting.
  • Choice of clothing: It is important to wear lightweight and waterproof clothing when you go for white water rafting. This will ensure freedom of movement and wet clothes will not weigh you down.
  • Wear proper protective equipment: Do not go for a white water rafting trip without proper protective gear like helmet or life jacket. Even if you are a professional white water rafter, protective gear is absolutely essential
  • Proper footwear: Wear simple and waterproof footwear so that your ability to move is not hindered.

White water rafting is one of the favourites of adventure sports enthusiasts. Nevertheless, in order to prevent any mishap take proper precautions and enjoy this thrilling sport.


Awesome Gifts for Ski Enthusiasts

Ski Gifts

Ski GiftsDon’t you just love it when your gifts turn out to be really useful and relevant? What better way to win skiing enthusiasts than giving them gifts that indulge their passion for winter sports? There’s so much to wade through beginning from helmets to foot warmers to ski holidays. This article has narrowed down some cool gift ideas to keep your skier friend happy and motivated.

Ski Getaways

Action-packed winter sports getaway packages make for awesome gifts for skiers. Victoria has some of Australia’s premier ski resorts such as Mt Buller and Mt. Hotham, which offers a host of world-class skiing amenities. Thredbo, juxtaposed between Sydney and Melbourne, is another popular Aussie skinning resort catering to multi-skill levels. Book all inclusive ski packages to help your skier have the time of his/her life.

Merino Wool Socks

Few things feel as cosy as a comfortable pair of ski socks when you’re navigating the slopes. Merino wool ski socks make for great foot-warming gifts for skiers of all ages. They allow the skin to breathe and keep away moisture. Wool socks also naturally keep away bacteria and unflattering odour. These socks feel light, yet for seamlessly and look good. Industry expert Snowscene suggests buying high-quality wool socks from reputable snow shops in Brisbane.


Well, a good quality helmet is a must if you don’t want to end up hell-met. Pick a one that suits the personality of the skier and that offers top class functionality. The best ones are those that come with several adjustable vents that can be changed according to the temperature. Ensure the helmet is well-fitted and provides head injury protection. They come in a range of colours and upgraded technological features.

It’s not too difficult to impress your skier. All you need is to gift him/her a skiing vacation getaway or a comfortable pair of merino wool socks or a sturdy, well fitted and technologically slick helmet for protection. Understand the personality and needs of your skier before going ski gift shopping.

Sihanoukville: An Ideal Yoga Destination


SihanoukvilleMany travelers visit Southeast Asia for the authentic yoga experience, as several types of practices originated from the region. With the mindset of experiencing the ‘local culture’, most of them enroll in yoga retreats.

Value for Money

Similar to Thailand and China, Cambodia offers a lot when it comes to yoga retreats. But, Cambodia offers more affordable services compared to other destinations; it’s also less busy. In addition, lower prices mean tourists can maximize their travel budget. This makes the country very inviting for many young explorers, especially students in their gap years.

After being inspired by the beauty of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap and seeing the capital Phnom Penh, most of them proceed to Sihanoukville for relaxation. Because of the natural energy the place emits, Vagabond Temple says Sihanoukville is an yoga ideal spot.

Yoga Retreat Durations

Yoga centers in Sihanoukville offer various programs depending on the needs and the length of time the guests can stay.

There are retreat houses offering day passes for daily activities that people can join in. This is for those with not enough time, but wish to experience what these places can offer. Most yoga centers also offer meals that complement the philosophy of yoga practice.

Short-term programs that last for a week or two are also available. People who want to understand and practice yoga in a deeper sense may join. This type of course usually comes with mind-relaxing accommodation and healthy Khmer meals. This length of time is good for those interested in detoxifying and healing.

For those profoundly interested in yoga, they can also join a long-term course that may last for more than two months. This provides in-depth understanding and engagement in yoga, as well as deeper awareness and integration with the Khmer culture. This longer course allows mentors to monitor the development of the client through time.

Practicing and learning yoga may need a long commitment, but familiarization can happen in a day. Sihanoukville, a picturesque, calming and peaceful place, offers an environment ideal for yoga retreats.