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Shopping for the Perfect Ski Wear: Making the Right Choice

A couple helping their son find skiing shoesSkiing and other snow-related activities are indeed some of the best reasons to enjoy winter. To make sure that you’re making the most of the experience, you’ll need to choose your ski gear and apparel properly. Otherwise, the whole adventure might become a total disaster.

As you look for the right equipment and outfit, these things might help you find the best choice:

Head Gear or Helmet

Experienced or not, skiers need to wear a helmet. This will protect the head from possible injuries when the unexpected happens. Find a dome that’s not too tight or loose when worn. Whether you choose to buy or rent, be sure to wear one when you’re out in the cold. If it gets too cold, you may want to wear a beanie to protect your ears along with earmuffs.


Ultraviolet rays are more damaging at high altitude terrains. You probably didn’t expect the sun to be that intense during winter, but you got it wrong. The sun’s reflection off the snow is more dangerous because it doubles the effect of UV, as it bounces off. This is why you need to put on a decent pair of goggles. Something that can protect your eyes from irritation and can keep off the wind as you glide your way down.


Pants is an essential ski outwear, as it can affect your performance. Although you’ll see people wearing normal jeans or sweatpants, it’s not advisable to follow them. It’s because those two can constrict your movements and gets wet easily. Instead, look for a pair of pants that is comfy, breathable, waterproof, and fully insulated.

If you don’t want to buy one, you may borrow from a friend or family. In Vail, there are ski clothing shops that allow you to rent not only a pair of pants, but a complete ski apparel and equipment at an affordable price.


The jacket is the most basic apparel you need to own if you want to stay comfortable and warm during the activity. Find a jacket that’s breathable, comfortable, and waterproof. Although there are traditional ski jackets, it’s always practical to use a shell jacket. It provides the insulation your body needs when it gets warm as you make your way through the snowy slopes. Along with that, they are highly adjustable so you wouldn’t have any trouble wearing in layers.

Whatever snow activity you choose, wearing the right set of clothes and apparel will make the adventure more fun and exciting. Enjoy a one great snow escapade by keeping these things in mind. If you think buying is too much, you may always borrow it from someone close to you or even better rent them out.

When You Want to Look As Young As You Feel

Plastic surgeon examines patient
If the reflection you look at in the mirror catches you by surprise and you’d like to look as young as you feel, you can do something about it with the latest in cosmetic enhancements.

The mid-life years can be tough. People in their 40’s and 50’s usually feel as young and energetic as they did when they were 20, but the effects of the natural process of aging, repeated exposure to hot weather, cigarette smoking and too many take-outs are all factors that can damage the skin and make a person look older.

Genes and stress can also have an adverse effect on the skin, and for some, this can begin to occur prematurely, giving them a ‘tired’ look. This can be a significant source of distress to the individual. Negative perceptions about appearance can damage confidence and affect relationships.

Boost Your Self-Confidence with Cosmetic Enhancement

If you are unhappy about facial lines and wrinkles and you’re fed up with buying anti-aging creams that don’t work, you don’t have to put up with it. You could reduce or remove your wrinkles and turn the clock back 10 years or more with a facelift.

About Facelifts

A facelift, medically known as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical operation carried out to help reverse the signs of aging. It doesn’t aim to alter your features like a breast enlargement would but minimizes lines to bring back the natural and youthful features that were already yours. A facelift can:

  •          Tighten up loose skin
  •          Eliminate a double chin and jowls
  •          Reduce or eliminate ‘smile lines.’
  •          Reduce or eliminate creases under the lower eyelids.

The positive benefits of rhytidectomy last for years, unlike Botox and filler injections, that may only smooth out lines for a matter of months, with lesser results, making surgery the superior choice.

To discuss a facelift, you can arrange a consultation with a team of qualified cosmetic surgeons in Chicago like Dermatologic Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery who can help you achieve the younger look you want and regain your confidence.



Bad Hair Habits You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

Salons in Austin The things you know and don’t know about your tresses could be the reason your hair is not beautiful as you want it to be. It could be the result of washing or shampooing your locks or applying heat styling tools to wet hair. It is time to stop making these and other mistakes if you want healthy and shiny tresses.

Drying Your Hair Using a Towel

While you may have seen the habit in movies or TV shows, this is not the proper way to dry your hair. Rough towel drying damages the hair strands by creating a tough friction against the hair cuticle. It is best to use a paper towel or an old microfiber t-shirt.

Cutting Your Own Bangs

If you decide to cut your bangs without consulting any step-by-step guide, you are likely to end up with undesirable results (either too short or too wide). This is because many women cut their bangs vertically instead of horizontally, making them look like a young schoolgirl.

Skipping a Trim or a Haircut

Salons and haircut experts in Austin note that many women fail to get a trim they desperately needed because of their desire to grow long hair. This, however, can result in bad split ends. It is best to consult your hairdresser to know how often you need a trim or a cut.

Using Rubber Bands for a Ponytail

Tying your hair using rubber bands instead in an elastic ponytail holder caused damage like split ends and breakage. The same is also true if you wear a ponytail in the same position or too tight frequently. Don’t make this your go-to hairstyle every single day.

Placing the Dryer Too Close to Hair

In an effort to dry your hair fast, you may be guilty of doing this most of the time. This is major don’t, as heat coming from the dryer can fry your hair. It is best to use the nozzle that comes with the dryer to give you ample space. Moreover, maintain half an inch between the hair and the nozzle.

If you’re guilty of these bad habits, it is time to break them. You should also consult a hair stylist for other tips on taking care of your tresses.

3 Fun Family Getaways You Should Try

ski holiday in Australia
It’s important to build a bond with your entire family no matter how busy everyone gets because of work or school. Close family ties is one of the best things you can give your children so they could grow old strong and with positive core values. That’s why you should schedule a family getaway at least once a year (more will be better). Here are some of the best family getaways you can plan for the enjoyment of everyone.

Ski Holiday

Ski holidays in Australia are among the most popular family bonding activities because of the wide array of activities every member of the family can try, says an expert from SnowScene. Kids can try dog sledding, teenagers and parents can learn how to ski, and grandparents can have a relaxing time by the fireplace. At night, you can all enjoy a scrumptious dinner while catching up on what’s been going on in each other’s life. It can’t get any better than that.

Relatives from Another Town

Visiting your relatives from another town, preferably only a few hours drive away, is also a great family getaway you can have. Everyone will definitely enjoy the road trip going there. Once you’re there, stay for a couple of days, so you can bond with your relatives and maybe visit some tourist attractions in the city. This way, the whole family can see new sights and experience new things all the while catching up with relatives you haven’t seen in a while.

Go Overseas

Going overseas takes more planning and preparation, especially when speaking about finances. However, exploring a new country will definitely be a wonderful experience for your entire family. If you have about a week where all of you are free, going overseas and experiencing another culture is a great idea for a getaway.

These are just some of the most awesome getaways for the whole family. Ask everyone what they want to do and plan that trip as soon as possible.

Kid Safety Guide: Tips and Safety Measures When Having a Backyard Trampoline

Backyard Trampoline Setting a new trampoline in the backyard is a great way to make your kids exercise while having fun. However, their safety should be a top priority here. How do you keep your children safe as they rebound and play on the trampoline?

Check out the following tips and safety measures before buying or setting up your trampoline in the backyard.

Get a good one

Safety starts with choosing a high-quality trampoline. Not all trampolines are designed and built equally. Choose one that is highly durable and comes with safety features, advised. Look for one with thick and heavy-duty mat and padded metal frames and springs. One with a surrounding net is also a nice option, particularly if you have small children. You can seek the advice of a licensed dealer to know your options.

Set it on an open clear area

Choose a clear space in your backyard for your trampoline. Place it away from walls, fences, trees, or anything that could be a safety risk. The last thing you would want see is your child hitting a nearby structure after bouncing high in the air. If you have a round trampoline, make sure it has at least three meters of vacant space around it.

Create a safe ground

Make sure the ground around it is safe as well. Place a nice amount of sand, wood chips, or pine bark to serve as a cushion or impact absorber. This way, getting in and out of the trampoline is safer for the children. In case of landing due to a high leap, there will be less impact.

Give your kids a safety briefing

It is important to brief the children before using the equipment. Tell them the proper way to mount and dismount using the ladder. Also, make sure they have good control of their jumping to avoid injuries. Make it a rule that no back flips and somersaults must be done.

Best of all, make sure there is adult supervision when they use the trampoline. That’s the basic of trampoline safety.

Follow these tips and safety measures so your kids get to fully enjoy trampolining while keeping them out of danger.

A Daily Set of Self-Improvement Suggestions for a Better You

Smiling makes you youngerModern society today gives so much attention on beauty and looks. However, sometimes being beautiful involves simple changes in your habits, perception or point of view. Here are a few suggested changes that can bring about a whole new you.

Smile More Often – Smiling produces endorphins, our body’s natural happy chemical. Stretching your face muscles to smile triggers the brain to create endorphins, which results in a happier and more relaxed state. Smiling also makes one look younger and more beautiful. If you suffer from crooked teeth, visit a Salt Lake City dentist for solutions such as wisdom teeth removal or braces.

Find Your Style – One of the best ways to wear an outfit confidently is to be aware of colors, designs, and combinations that work for you. Go online to research for possible fashion items that would fit your personality and looks. Ask advice from fashionable family and friends. Search mall sales and online discount stores for accessories and clothes that would look good on you and wear them proudly.

Be Aware of Others – Though many focus on beautifying their face and body, true beauty will always lie within. Take the time to help a friend out. Find a charitable cause that you can volunteer for. Find time to spend with your siblings and listen to their stories. It’s easy to find someone to assist and show compassion for if you are willing to make the effort and time to look around.

Spend Quiet Time – In the hustle and bustle of modern living, you can easily lose sight of your own passions and opinions. Look for a secret or quiet place where you can renew your mind, energize your soul, find your Zen, etc. Find the time to connect with your creative or philosophical side by painting, composing a song, reading a book or doing your favorite hobby.

These simple self-renewal suggestions are easy enough to follow. That said, take the time and effort to practice these pointers. You have much to gain by making these simple healthy habits into a daily ritual.

The Importance of Balance to Elite Basketball Players

Basketball PlayersWhat do Ray Allen’s jump shot, Vince Carter’s smooth and powerful dunks, and Jordan’s fadeaway have in common? They all have great balance, even if their bodies are going in a different direction or straight up after a jump. Balance is important to basketball players, as it allows them to score with a high percentage and decrease their turnover ratio.

The Importance of Balance

Many coaches in renowned high school basketball camps say that balance is important to many movements in the game. Ball handling, passing, shooting, driving, and dunking or lay-ups require proper balance from the toes to the upper body. Imbalances reduce the accuracy of your shot and control of the ball, which results in poor passing angles. This affects your game in a negative way, and you might end up on the bench.

Players need balance to create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. Proper balance also allows you to jump straight up and shoot a high percentage shot. Other than improving your offensive skills, balance is as important on the defensive end of the court. Defenders need to find the right balance to follow a player and prevent them from breaking away or finding a passing or shooting angle. This also allows them to move quicker on their feet and react appropriately to any motions done by the player they are guarding.

Different Kinds of Balance

The two types of balance are static and dynamic. The former is the ability of your body to maintain its center of mass within your support base, while the latter is the ability to move outside of that base while controlling your posture. These two along with center of gravity play a crucial role in maintaining balance, especially for dynamic athletes such as basketball players.

With the help of coaches, you get to find your balance and develop the appropriate muscle movements to become a better basketball player.

The Big Ortho Question: What Makes an Ideal Bite?

Orthodontic TreatmentsWhat does an ideal bite really look like? How do you know for yourself? Many people seek cosmetic dental treatments to correct the appearance of their teeth. But not all cosmetic issues are evident at a glance in the mirror.

In addition to the unsightly appearance caused by misaligned or crowded teeth, bad bites are another cause for concern that braces aim to correct. Bad bites, or malocclusions, occur when the jaw is misaligned. Poor bites may manifest in so many ways.

What Makes an Ideal Bite?

An ideal bite is when all your front teeth come into contact at the same time. Your front and bottom teeth should also be aligned when you bite. Other than time and contact, there are other factors that make a poor bite that only your orthodontist will be able to point out. The best way to know if your bite is off is by looking at your teeth in three different views; from the front, the top of the bottom set, and the sides.

From the front view, the edges of your upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip. Longer front teeth will show too much gum tissue when the person smiles, and shorter front teeth won’t show too much enamel. From the top view, the teeth should align in a flowing curve and not overlap each other.

The third view, one that most patients can’t detect, is the side view. Ideally, the cusps of the top teeth should fit between two teeth in the bottom while the backs of the upper front teeth should come in contact with the front of the lower ones.

The Importance of an Ideal Bite explains that a poor bite may manifest in your body in numerous ways. Excessive pressure to the tooth may be one, as well as persistent headaches, popping jaw, chewing difficulty and tooth and joint pain. Prolonged pressure may lead to sore muscles, loss of supporting bone, chipped or cracked teeth, and eventually, loose or lost teeth.

The point of braces and other orthodontic treatments, for that matter, is not just to make teeth look desirable, but to correct malocclusions and oral issues that can potentially lead to severe, irreparable damage.

Independent Living and Homecare: Are They As Unmixable As Oil and Water?

Home Care for EldersDeciding whether or not your elderly loved ones should go to a retirement home may be a struggle. Other than the thought of moving away from their home and abandoning their possessions, they fear the loss of independence. They might even be reluctant about senior home care, but does it really cut off their freedom?

Living Independently

Seniors — or anyone, for that matter — can’t help but feel offended when you tell them they can’t do something on their own. After all, they’ve had so many years behind them and they’re still here, so why should they submit to a caregiver? It needs lots of patience and understanding both from your side and your elderly loved ones if they are stubborn about home care.

They want to stay at home, where they built their life, and you have to respect that. However, they must also understand that accepting assistance or essential services does not diminish their dignity nor weaken their sense of purpose. Not at all.

Accepting Home Care

Home care does not necessarily make your elderly loved ones incapable of doing anything. In fact, a patient and compassionate caregiver helps them realize the life they still have and how they can work together to improve it. Additionally, seniors are extremely prone to feelings of helplessness and loneliness, which is why home care should feel like companionship more than anything.

Independent living does not necessarily imply that an individual must do all the work. After all, people of all ages and circumstances need a little help now and then. This is why it’s important for your elderly loved ones to that they still are very much capable despite the care and assistance they may need. Therefore, with proper support and understanding of home care workers, your elderly loved ones may maintain their independence without risks.

The Ageless Glamour that is Jennifer Aniston

Skin Care in BrisbaneBeauty is ageless and Jennifer Aniston is living proof of it.

At 47 years old, Jennifer Aniston smiles sweetly as People Magazine recently named her the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2016. Don’t believe it? Check out the magazine’s latest cover.

The world has always been fascinated with the Friends star’s ageless beauty. It seems like Rachel Greene doesn’t age at all; she looks as beautiful as she did when she made her very first appearance on American television. Now that she is in her forties, Aniston still looks stunning as ever.

What is her secret?

Fountain of Youth?

When it comes to skincare, everyone wonders what Jen does. To copy her flawless skin, fans in Brisbane get facials, skin peels and microdermabrasion as part of their beauty regimen. The same is true for fans across the globe, and Jen agrees wholeheartedly.

Aniston believes that skincare isn’t complicated: all you need is plenty of hydration and the want to experiment. The 47-year old credits her good skin to good hygiene and a little SPF 40 for some sun protection. She also combines her beauty regimen with regular exercise and multiple glasses of water daily.

Beauty is Skin Deep

There’s more to Jen than just her physical beauty. When asked to define beauty, she tells Entertainment Tonight that it is about having “…inner confidence, peace, kindness, honestly [and] a life well-lived.”

Jen is the very epitome of confidence. After her highly publicized breakup with Brad Pitt, followed by other issues, you’d think the stress would have caused her to age a bit. Surprisingly, she faced all problems with a smile and overflowing positivity.

“Taking on challenges and not feeling shame for things that haven’t gone the way you felt they should have,” she says. “And not feeling like a failure or allowing people to critique your life and make you feel like you’ve failed at something. That’s just toxic noise.”

Don’t let life’s challenges get you down. Frowning constantly will result in wrinkles and worry lines. Copy Jen’s style by maintaining a positive outlook in life. Smiling can be hard sometimes, but it’s the secret to real beauty.

Jennifer Aniston is the definition of ageless beauty. She is an icon that proves glamour is timeless and with the right beauty regimen, everyone can be like her in their own way.