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4 Headache Causes You May Be Ignoring

Posted: 12/08/2016 at 9:08 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

Causes of Headaches in West Jordan Not all headaches are the same. Some can be bearable while others are intense and may require an ER visit. There are also headaches that come and go and those that are chronic, lasting for days or even weeks. But what causes them?

Here are four causes you may be ignoring:


About 75 percent water makes up the brain. If it doesn’t have enough of it, the brain can shrink and pull itself away from the skull, which can then activate the pain receptors. Voila! Headaches happen. Brain dehydration can also lead to the shrinking of the gray matter, which reduces the brain’s efficiency. It makes you less focused, more fatigued, and less effective in making decisions.

Wisdom Teeth

Frequent throbbing headaches can be another reason to schedule a visit to your wisdom teeth clinic in West Jordan ASAP. Wisdom teeth, which are but a mere product of evolution and you don’t really need, can cause bad bites. With bad bites, the position of the jaw can be compromised, forcing it to push toward the muscles of the ears. This can be painful, so it tries to adjust again to reduce the pressure. In the process, the jaw develops spasms, which can then result in headaches.

Congenital Issue

Your headaches can also be part of your congenital “abnormality” – that is, your brain cells may be more sensitive to stimuli than the others. When you’re bombarded with a lot of sensation, blood vessels can dilate, which may lead to migraines and severe headaches.


The female hormone estrogen plays many different functions including controlling the pain-related brain chemicals. If the estrogen levels fall down, which can happen before and during menstruation, as well as menopause, the pain receptors are more active, leading to frequent headaches.

By knowing more possible headache triggers, you become better equipped to deal with it comes back.