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3 Reasons to go for Estate Planning

Elderly man talking to attorney
Posted: 01/09/2018 at 7:59 AM   /   by   /   comments (0)

Elderly man talking to attorneyNo one truly wants to face their mortality. However, for transitions to flow more smoothly and for everything to be clear, it’s essential to plan carefully. While many people opt to do this for themselves, it’s better to hire a competent estate planning attorney such as in Denver. Not only can they provide legal guidance and support through the process, but they also ensure that everything is on-point. These are three specific advantages to estate planning.

Peace all around

Money or the promise of it can change people in many ways—not all of it pleasant. That’s a genuine possibility when talking about a loved one’s estate. Nothing is more tragic than seeing a family fighting over property and money—but it happens. With a proper estate plan, you forego these potential squabbles because you can legally assign who will handle your estate and its dispersion. This guarantees a measure of control.

Avoid probate

Ask an excellent estate planning attorney, and they’ll tell you that probate can be very lengthy, costly, and messy. This is the process of settling and distributing your assets based on provisions of your will. A way to avoid probate is to set up a trust or even a joint ownership—this allows for settlements outside of probate court. Setting up that kind of arrangement legally is one of the benefits of doing careful estate planning.

Reduce taxes

Finally, another challenge of estate distribution comes from the often massive estate tax levies against it. You can plan ahead by transferring certain assets to your intended heirs in trust. This way you lower the tax burden on them as much as possible. Without a solid estate plan in place, you might burden your heirs with exorbitantly high estate taxes that they might struggle to pay. Better to plan ahead and prepare them well.

Estate planning is a smart way to prepare for your mortality. It protects you, your heirs, and your assets and ensures smoother transitions in your passing.