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Chemicals and Warning Bells: Why You Need to be Careful

ChemicalsWarning bells go off in your head when you hear the word “chemical” or see it on a product label. You think it’s dangerous, and you may be right. But just how dangerous is it? That’s what detailed labels are all about.

Some Chemicals Explode when Disposed of Improperly

Chemical labels exist for a variety of reasons. One is for disposal information, so you do not throw away chemicals accidentally with others that could cause an explosive reaction. All those hours you spent learning about chemical reaction are just a preview of how dangerous chemicals in laboratories and hospitals can be. When using a certain chemical for the first time, you need to read the label to know how to dispose of the container properly to avoid such consequences.

Some Chemicals May Cause Birth Defects

Most, if not all, of the products you use contain chemicals. Some of them are preservatives and are generally harmless in small doses. There are others that, while harmless in the product you purchased, may still be related to birth defects and other health conditions. For instance, a customer from California discovered this upon checking the label on the sunglasses she bought. Rather than using the sunglasses, the customer says she will be using them as a teaching tool.

Some Chemicals Are Poisonous

There are chemicals that should not touch your skin since they are that dangerous. Some may cause a burn, while others can be straight up poisonous. Those poisonous plants and animals are no match for these chemicals, and the label should warn you of their poisonous properties so you may be equipped to handle them properly. Like how scientists cannot handle chemicals without protective clothing, you should not use an unfamiliar product without reading its label first.

Chemicals exist everywhere and are used for plenty of products. To avoid accidents, you should know how to handle them properly.

4 Silent Hazards Lurking in Your Home

Men wearing protective suits

Men wearing protective suitsHomeowners do their best to make sure that their houses are as safe as possible for the whole family. What many people don’t realize, however, is that sometimes, the most dangerous threats to their wellbeing aren’t visible. Here are four silent killers that may be lurking in your home without your knowledge.

1. Radon exposure

Barring tobacco, radon is the most feared causes of lung cancer. In fact, this colorless and odorless gas is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. It’s the reason you should conduct radon testing in your Salt Lake City home.

2. Carbon monoxide inhalation

Like radon, carbon monoxide has no odor. Therefore, none of your loved ones gets a warning before they become very sick. It’s a silent killer that takes away hundreds of lives in the country. A quick solution to the problem is making sure that your home is well ventilated. Additionally, get a specialist to service your furnace and any other appliances that use fuel.

3. Lead contamination

Lead is a highly toxic metal that leads to serious health problems if you’re exposed to it. Victims exhibit problems with mental development, nerve disorders, and other serious health issues. Be wary of using lead-based paints at home. Replace lead pipes too, and test your drinking water for this material before consuming it.

4. Wrongful storage of pesticides

While pesticides are incredibly effective in keeping insects, fleas, ticks, weeds, roaches and other little nuisances at bay, they can also pose unprecedented dangers to your family. Pesticides are a leading cause of all child poisonings reported every year. Be sure to store them out of reach of your kids.

While it’s hardly possible to make your house free of all hazards, it pays to be as vigilant as possible in case you miss something. Make sure that you do not just focus on the dangers that are easily visible, but the unseen ones as well.

4 Reasons to Send Your Little Ones to Preschool

Little girl in preschoolAre you considering the idea of enrolling your child in an early childhood program, but is still quite unsure whether you should do it or not? To guide you accordingly and help you with the decision-making, listed below are some of the benefits your kids could get upon entering a preschool:

1. It’s a Place for Growth & Development

Preschool nurtures the fundamentals of learning socially and academically. It offers a detailed and a more organized setting, which teaches children the importance of following rules, getting along with others, as well as learning in general. Once they fully establish these skills, it’s easier for them to adjust as they enter primary and elementary school.

2. It Promotes Communication & Cognitive Skills

As your child grows, they tend to be curious about many things. Aside from their parents, there’s no better individual to enlighten and answer their questions than teachers themselves. They’re trained to guide your kids as they develop their learning process. Through this teacher-student relationship, your child could gradually develop their speech, which allows them to express themselves better.

3. It Develops Physical & Mental Faculties

In Phoenix, most preschool centers create activities that boost the physical and emotional state of your child. Most of these help kids nurture their physical and mental coordination. It also sustains a child’s excitement to learn and discover new things, which would prepare them as they start kindergarten. They would need this motivation to explore and learn further as they grow.

4. It Stimulates Social Development

Sending your little ones to a preschool provides an opportunity for them to build a relationship with children their age and people outside their family. At preschool, kids could explore their emotions as well as create awareness to the people around them. It expands their horizon, which nurtures their own social realms. As they grow, this would reflect on how well they build connections and on their overall attitude to other people.

Enrolling your kids in a preschool would greatly benefit them as they grow. However, to ensure that they’re getting the best education, you need to find a high-quality program to prepare them as they officially start their years in an actual academe.

Eating Well: 4 Healthy Ways to Cook and Serve Potatoes

Bowl of creamy potato soupEverybody loves potatoes. It’s one of the few vegetables that are enjoyed by many, which is the reason it’s considered a staple food in most households. Because of its unique blend of slightly sweet flavor and earthy taste, preparing it in different ways is much easier.

Although potatoes are known to have high starch content, which makes people gain weight, you can try many healthy and delicious potato recipes. Bless This Mess shares some of them.

Classic potato salad

Nothing beats the classic potato salad. It’s perfect to be eaten as a side dish or snack. It can fire up your appetite, and it’s a good source of fiber, protein and good cholesterol. To make it even healthier, replace mayo with yogurt and add more herbs and other veggies like onions, parsley, celery, and carrots.

Perfectly baked potato

Baked potato, also known as jacket potato, is the ultimate comfort food. It’s fluffy, warm and brings out the natural taste of the potato. To make it more nutritious, you just need to be a little creative on the toppings you’ll use. Instead of cheese and bacon, you may try adding tomato, avocado and creamy chive.

Creamy potato soup

Battle the chilly days with a warm and comforting potato soup. For a more nourishing version, use olive oil, cauliflower, chicken stock and rock salt to taste. Forego the bacon and add scallions, corn, and carrots instead. This recipe is certainly an upgrade to your usual creamy potato soup.

Baked French fries

French fries are undeniably one of the well-loved potato recipes, but did you know that there’s a healthier way of cooking it? Deep-frying it would increase its calorie content, so instead of doing that, try baking it. All you have to do is to sprinkle a tablespoon of vegetable oil, season it with salt and pepper, then bake it in a preheated oven for 40 to 45 minutes.

Enjoy a potato-filled meal with these recipe suggestions. There’s a bunch of ways to cook and prepare them; all you have to do is to pick the healthier method to do it.

3 Common Mistakes That Homeowners Do with Their Dryers

Man reaching for clothes inside dryerDryers nowadays have a lot of sophisticated features that make homeowners’ lives a lot easier. However, several consumers are making basic mistakes that affect how they function. Although there are a lot of dryer repair services in Millcreek, it’s always important to know how you can properly maintain your dryer to ensure that it’ll last for years. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people do with their dryers.

Neglecting to prepare clothes for drying

You have to check the pockets thoroughly for any coins or pens. Most of these things may leak on your clothes and can destroy their color. You should also be extra careful with sharp objects such as paper clips because this might damage the inside of the dryer.

Not sorting the clothes

Don’t just push everything in the dryer. You have to sort your clothes the same way that you do when you wash them. Don’t dry sweaters with rough fabric such as jeans, as this could cause some pilling. Also, a black cotton shirt may shrink if you choose high heat, so it’s better to dry it in cooler temperature.

Neglecting to take care of the vent pipe

You always have to check your dryer vent pipe if there is an accumulation of lint. Any lint build-up can affect the airflow and your dryer’s efficiency and may even cause dryer fires. Experts recommend cleaning the dryer vent pipes every 6 to 12 months or depending on how often you use it.

These are just some of the most common mistakes that you have to avoid to maintain your dryer. Keep in mind that properly maintaining your appliances is important if you want to make them last longer.

What’s Your Plan After Achieving Business Success?

a business franchiseYou’ve done well than most businesses. After several years, perhaps decades, of developing your company, its products or services, your startup has blossomed and is now part of an elite group of successful businesses in Australia. While most entrepreneurs might think of selling the entire company and relocating to a retirement destination, you’re not quite ready to pack up and go.

The Perks of a Franchise

Instead of retiring from your business, you could consider developing a franchise model. It’s the ideal set up because you enable the continuity of your company without giving it up entirely. In addition, you open up a new stream of revenue as you give aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to become part of your business. The right franchise model allows you to expand your company without resorting to loans.

Aside from expansion, the franchise model allows you to find the right people to run the business. You replace a manager with the franchisee, who should have more motivation than an employee. A franchisee would have more investment in improving your business; he or she can’t afford not to care.

Access to Expertise

Although developing your business into a franchise may seem daunting, you’ll have access to experts, from finance business brokers to franchise brokers. You will need the guidance and experience of franchise professionals to ensure a smooth transition of your business. Whether it’s in the area of franchise finance or franchise law, the right people can make the experience better—profitable for all parties.

A professional broker can also screen the franchise candidates. It’s critical that you choose the right franchisees to represent your company and your brand. Remember, you’ve built your business over several years and worked hard to achieve the reputation it has earned.

You want to make sure that the franchisee will not only represent your company well, but also take your business to new markets. With the right plan and sufficient access to expertise, you could successfully franchise your business, and someday, you may decide to exit and retire comfortably.

Property Acquisition? Here’s How You Can Cut Costs

Real estate agent handing house key

Real estate agent handing house keyBuying a home is surely not the kind of purchase that you can get on an impulse. It requires careful planning and thorough consideration to avoid costly mistakes in the long run. Having such a purchase will require you to save up until you have something for a down payment (or even full payment).

There are, however, some ways to cut costs when buying a home. When getting the best deal, you need to exert extra effort. And everything will be worth it.

Below are some of the most important pointers that you must keep in mind when buying a home.

Assess your needs

Perhaps the easiest way to save in the long run is by making sure that the house you are buying will provide your family’s needs. If you plan to have a small family, it will not be practical to get a big house. Likewise, it will be unreasonable to buy a studio-type apartment if you are planning to have three or more kids. Always think long-term when coming up with a decision.

Get the best mortgage

The mortgage company is your best friend when it comes to home acquisition. They will help you manage costs and get the home of your dreams. But choosing the wrong plan can also cause you some costs. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, you may want to start a remortgage comparison through Conveyancing Supermarket so you can choose the one that works for you.

Find the right contractor

You may want to make some modifications to your home, but it is going to be expensive. If this is part of your plan, make sure that you will work with the right contractor. Find the one that understands your needs and offers their services at a reasonable price. It will be wise if you find a contractor within your community.

Buying a home is sure expensive, but that does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. Keep the things above in mind for a more fruitful home acquisition.

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Woman checking out teeth on a mirrorEveryone wants a nice and healthy set of teeth. People go through procedures such as braces, Invisalign, and veneers to achieve that perfect smile. These days, more people are trying teeth whitening procedures in South Bend from dental offices such as Mahoney Family Dentistry.

If you live here and are interested in having a teeth makeover, this article is for you.

What you should know before booking for a whitening procedure

The yellowing of the teeth is a result of the stains from drinking wine, coffee, and tea, as well as eating certain food such as dark berries. You can also get this from smoking and poor dental hygiene. This is because teeth are like sponges. It also has pores and easily absorbs whatever color you put in your mouth.

But with proper oral care and the help of a teeth whitening procedure, you can achieve those pearly whites. This procedure is not for everyone, though. Especially those who are wearing veneers, tooth-colored crowns, and dentures.

What to expect during the procedure

This procedure is absolutely safe. The process uses active ingredients which causes the pores of the enamel to open temporarily and then remove the stains. It is also normal to feel sensitive during the procedure. This is because the teeth become dehydrated.

Its ability to insulate the nerves from temperature changes is lessened. Expect the sensitivity to disappear after 12 hours to a few days. The teeth will naturally re-mineralize and rehydrate after each session. Though dentists usually recommend a post-whitening fluoride treatment to help rehydrate and nourish the teeth. It is important to maintain it by doing a follow-up procedure every six months to one year to see visible results. It would also help to stay away from what causes the staining.

Some people may find it unnecessary to have whiter teeth, but if you want it and have the means, then go for it. There is nothing wrong with wanting it, especially if you think that it will help you gain more confidence when you talk and smile!

3 Factors Affecting a Child Custody Ruling: What Parents Need to Know

Little girl hugging fatherAs a couple with children who plans to separate, an option to consider is appealing for child custody. Each parent may want to have the full custody of their children, but it’s the court that decides what the better choice is for the children involved.

Couples seek legal assistance to be granted of child custody, and they trust lawyers with a proven track record. The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. explains that family law and its provisions could be confusing, so a child custody lawyer makes it easier for any parent to understand what a custody entails.

The court goes through every detail to determine what would be in the child’s best interests. Here are some factors affecting child custody:

The main caretaker

An important factor in granting child custody is recognizing the main caretaker of the child. This should be the parent who does most of the childcare duties, such as feeding, bathing, preparing meals, taking the child to school, etc. Aside from childcare duties, this parent may be the closest one to the child because of their emotional connection.

In evaluating a child custody case, the court considers who the main caretaker is. This is to help the child adjust easier after the parents are separated.

The health aspects

The court analyzes the health of both parents before giving the ruling. This is crucial because any health-related problem can lessen a parent’s chances of being granted child custody. Serious health conditions can negatively affect parenting capabilities, so the court carefully considers this factor.

The court checks the physical and mental health aspects of both parents. If one parent struggles with one or both aspects, chances are the court will put a greater trust in the other parent for custody.

Parent-child relationship

Another factor in the court ruling is the relationship of the child to their parents. The child may have a stronger emotional bond with one of them. Also, the child may be comfortable in the presence of one parent, but uneasy with the other. The parent-child relationship is another critical factor that the court considers when making a custody ruling.

If the child is old enough to express their choice, the court asks for that opinion. The willingness of the child to be with one of the parents will also affect the child custody ruling.

Both parents need to prove their capability and commitment to providing a loving and good environment for the child. This involves different factors, which the court assesses thoroughly. In the end, the court will decide on the child custody ruling that will be the most beneficial to help the child grow up in a positive setting.

3 Ways to Avoid Fire Hazards in Your Oil Business

Oil pump in an oil fieldWorkers in an oil business must be extra careful because of the increased risks of fires. The good news is that by implementing a few tactics, you can keep every member of your team safe all year round.

Here are three easy ways to do so:

Invest in quality fuel tanks

Whilst buying your aboveground, underground or mobile diesel tanks, you’ll be surprised by the wide variety that is available in the market. One thing you need to keep in mind is that not all fuel tanks are created equal. That’s why you must know the safety standards that a fuel tank must meet before you buy one. Poor quality tanks deteriorate quickly, causing spills that are fire hazards.

Assess your fire safety preparedness

Many people do not know that they are not well-prepared for fire incidents until it is too late. Take the time to assess the entire workplace and check for any vulnerabilities. Focus on areas that are at higher risk of explosions and make sure there are fire protection equipment in these areas. The most useful pieces of equipment include alarm systems, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems.

Teach your team how to respond to emergencies

Installing fire safety equipment is one thing; making sure everyone knows how to operate them is another. Your fire preparedness plan must include a short drill on how to evacuate the workplace and use fire extinguishers in case a fire breaks out.

Your ability to control and eliminate fire hazards is important in keeping your employees and business safe. It does require a bit of investment, but given the destruction that a fire can cause, the safe of your employees and assets is worth the cost.