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The Cost of Ignoring Pets Infestation

Photo of common pestIndianapolis is just one of many states that have to battle pest infestation proactively. It seems like a never-ending struggle, as some pests may be prolific in summer and seem to disappear in colder months, only to be replaced by those that thrive in the cold. Any home or business can be a breeding ground for pests if not cleaned and maintained properly. 

Here's what you can expect if you don't address pest infestation early on: 

Hefty Fines 

Just recently, a restaurant and grocery store was discovered to be guilty of several violations. There were concerns about dead mice and live roaches seen in the area, which were later on confirmed by a health inspection. The establishment was asked to pay a fine of $1,250 and required to address all health concerns.

They did eventually call exterminators like and paid for the fine. You're looking at even more expensive fines if you own a business that repeatedly violates health codes. 

Health Risks 

You're not safe from serious health and financial problems even if you don't own a business. You may be sharing your home with critters that could be carrying serious diseases. Rodents may also harm children and seriously damage property. Roaches may also contaminate food and other products that could compromise your family's health. 

Long-term Damage 

Even gardens fall victim to pests, as you will see in tomato plants and other garden vegetables that have black-spotted or yellowing leaves. Pests may cause serious damage to crops and produce, which impacts the quality of harvest you get from your garden. If this is a source of food or income for your family, you will lose big in the long run. You may even have to replant everything if the damage is extensive. 

Wherever you are, pests have no business being around you. Address the problem as soon as possible and save yourself from potentially costly expenses.