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Your Mind and Your Heart: The Healthy Connection

Mental HealthMental health is central to the overall health of your body. Whenever you’re feeling stressed, it affects your heart too. Your brain and your heart sway together in a complex dance to maintain your body functions and ensure that your body gets enough blood supply.

So, every time you visit your cardiologist, keep the following thoughts in mind: 

The Valuable Relationship

Your brain and heart maintain a strong relationship to keep your body working properly. Your heart transmits signals to your brain about the current state of the blood flow, and then your brain will notify your heart what it would need in the future. The exchange of signals work both ways and it will cause a hazy connection when every time you’re stressed. Harvard recommends controlling unhealthy habits as a way to de-stress and help your mind, as well as, your heart.

The Unhealthy Connection

The strong connection between the heart and brain will have its drawbacks. Stress ruin the flow of the healthy relationship as it disrupts the signals sent by both parties. It will make your heart work twice as much and it might cause damage to the heart along with its network of blood vessels.

Your blood pressure will then spike up and your heart rate will go up, placing critical lasting stress on your blood vessels. The continuous tension will lead to vessel damage and accumulation of cholesterol plaques that are a part of heart disease. When this happens, your heart will begin to irregularly beat and blood vessels will tighten up while they try to send blood to vital parts of your body. To avoid the harmful effect, the American Heart Association shared some tips on how to prevent heart disease.

Your brain and your heart play critical roles in ensuring that your health is in prime condition. Although eating right and exercising is good for your body, you also have to take care of your mind that takes care of your heart.

Surprising Reasons that Drive People to Aim for a Fit Bod

Fit BodyAlmost every individual desires to have a fit body. For you to truly reach your fitness goals, dig deep into your heart and find out what is it that motivates you to hit the gym.

Have you ever experienced seeing your favorite actress flaunt her tight abs and contoured body on Instagram and you get that jealous feeling why she has such a great body while your love handles are too many to count? This feeling of “jealousy” towards someone with a nicer and fitter body could either be fleeting, or permanent, depending on how deep your desire is to become fit. This means that the feeling of jealousy has a way of motivating you to become fit. Still, no desire to hit the gym?

You’re Not Alone

Don’t worry. There are so many people all over the world who feel the desire to exercise and get fit yet at the same time don’t have the willpower to do it. They are often hounded by so many reasons not to wear their workout clothes and only a few manage to overcome and eventually start hitting the gym. So when you face this quandary, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Just make sure you overcome it and eventually start hitting the gym.

Boost Confidence

Hey, it doesn’t mean that if you are an “exercise freak” your confidence is zero in a scale of one to 10. Nope, getting fit is merely to give it an added boost. Think about this, you are already a confident person. However, don’t you think your level of confidence will multiply sevenfold if you appear at the office looking fit and fab wearing the dress that shows off your curves? It’s an entirely different thing, right?

Improves Memory

You might be saying “Whoa!” How can exercise improve memory considering that you don’t think much whenever you exercise? Well, get a load of this. According to Life Hacker, since exercise gets more oxygen and energy into the brain, it helps the brain to function more properly. This has been backed by numerous studies and you might just want to test this out. Just make sure that you avoid getting into an intense workout before a big exam as this will often lead to extreme tiredness. But weeks or months before, go hit the gym!

Health Reasons

Exercise contributes so much in helping an individual achieve optimum health. Studies have shown that exercise helps in lowering blood pressure, keeps the bones strong, improves posture and reduce body fat. Psychology Today also mentioned that exercise can improve one’s mood. Now if you have already achieved this and would like to share your journey and inspire others, you can enroll in fitness courses so that you may soon help other people who shared the same difficulties that you’ve had when you were still starting with your fitness goals.

These are only among the reasons that drove people to stay focused on their goal towards a fitter body. You may have your own reasons but there’s a possibility that those reasons are still intertwined with the ones mentioned above. Whatever your reasons are, don’t quit and make sure that you reach your fitness goals.


Location: Finding the Right Wedding Reception for Your Wedding

Wedding Reception Planning a wedding reception requires a lot of tasks, but it begins by deciding on the location and the type of reception available. A wedding reception should be fun, exciting, and full of energy. It must be able to cater all the needs of the guests and provide entertainment for everyone attending the wedding. Here are some locations to consider:


Hotels make a good wedding reception. It may seem traditional, but it gives great reasons for all couples to make use of a hotel. One good reason is that guests can easily rest after the wedding reception. They don’t have to drive home, especially in an unfamiliar place after the party. Convenience is not only the reason to choose hotels. Today, hotels have fully air-conditioned reception areas, great scenery, banquet halls, and amenities for all guests to enjoy.

Backyard reception

There are many pros and cons to holding a backyard wedding reception. If you want something casual, however, this is a great option. All you need is to set up everything in an open space, starting with the decorations, food, and cake. Backyard reception can help you save because you won’t spend as much. Space isn’t limited and you can extend reception hours as long as you don’t bother neighboring areas.

Apres Party and Tent Rental recommends hiring tent rental companies to provide everything you need. Some of them even offer tables and chairs, so you don’t have to rent them separately.

Elegant restaurants

Restaurants are ideal wedding reception areas. If you want a formal reception, you can look for a fancy restaurant in your area and make reservations. Restaurants shine by the food they serve. If you want to serve a particular cuisine or dishes to your guests, the restaurant can do it all for you.

The cost of restaurant wedding reception differs, depending on the number of guests and the place you’ll be using. Unlike ordinary reception halls, most restaurants have their own distinctive look that includes unusual art and vivid colors.

There are many places where couples can enjoy a great wedding reception. If you want a lively reception location, pick the right spot where you and your guests can enjoy.

Renting Out Your Home: Expert Tips

Home Renting in Portland Renting out your home may be one of the best decisions you make. You not only get passive income, but you also get deductible items on your taxes.

But if you’re not ready for the responsibility of being a landlord, you may end up spending more money on the home you’re renting out than you’re actually making. What’s more, you may not be aware of the right way to include it on your tax returns. These are just some of the problems you may encounter when you rent a place out on your own.

So how do you avoid these problems? Here are insights on how to rent out your home like a pro:

1. Fix it up

If your rental home looks better than your actual place, then you’re off to a good start. Make sure that all the appliances and utilities are in good working condition. Add a little more decor and put a fresh coat of paint on all the rooms. Everything must be clean and comfortable for your new tenants.

2. Consider a rental manager

If you’re going abroad or are unable to perform landlord duties, get help from one of the rental property management companies in Portland like Rent Property Management. They essentially make sure that the rent gets to you on time. This means they handle everything from screening tenants to handling problems. They even tell you how to include the rents in your tax deductions!

3. Find a good lawyer

You can never tell if something might go wrong with a tenant. If the occupant refuses to leave the place, you need to bring in a lawyer. A good rental property management company may know the best lawyers for the job.

Renting out your place comes with both pros and cons. Make sure you make the right decision when screening tenants and performing landlord duties.

HALT: An Accelerated Reliability Testing

Reliability TestingHighly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is a reliability testing technique used during the engineering development phase of a product for finding predominant design weaknesses and failures before they become expensive field issues. HALT is unique in a sense that it has different procedures, goals, stresses, and results from traditional design verification testing.

How it works

It is important to note that HALT is not a compliance test, rather it is a discovery test. The goal is to find and fix weaknesses, explains an expert from It does not replace any existing reliability and environmental testing; it only complements them. Hence, it is not attempting to mimic the product’s environment. HALT should only be viewed as a supplementary tool.

Higher levels of thermal and mechanical stress, exceeding the expected operating levels the products are expected to experience, are incrementally applied to the product cyclically. These procedures reveal product failures in an accelerated timeframe in just a matter of hours or days against more traditional test methods that could take weeks and even months.

Soft and hard failure points are identified by stimulating and monitoring the product. A soft failure is when a product that crashes under test but works properly again when the stressing factors are removed. A hard failure, on the other hand, is when the product does not work properly even under normal operation.

Weaknesses revealed by HALT

  • Thermal design weakness
  • Mechanical design weakness
  • Operational component limitations
  • Gap between the product’s required operating limits and the actual maximum limits

Benefits of HALT

  • Reduced development time and cost due to early identification of weaknesses.
  • A design that is more robust and rugged with greater reliability.
  • Reduced warranty costs due to a more reliable product and in turn improves customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • An opportunity to improve the design presents itself on every weakness found.
  • Operational and destruct limits are determined by stressing the product beyond its limits. Hence, the results of the test prompt an early resolution on how to address and increase these margins.

The Movement Towards a More Technologically-Focused Precious Metals and Jewellery Industry

Jewellery IndustryJewellery and precious stone cutting, joining and processing is often reserved only for individuals possessing great craftsmanship. But, more than being a specialist job, becoming a manufacturer in this industry also requires the precision of a surgeon as one mistake will literally cost an irrefutable fortune.

For this reason, the arrival of methodical and laser-accurate technologies brings much better news for jewellery manufacturers in the UK. This will not only streamline the industry, it will start a revolution on who can participate in preserving this age-old art.

Brilliantly Accurate Technological Applications

Among the many technologies applied to the jewellery craft today is using CAD software, which is typically used for construction and engineering industries operated by engineers, architects, and designers for drafting extremely precise design structure blueprints.

In particular, the application of CAD to jewellery and other precious stone paves the way for more affordable and more dependable stone weighting, designing, and cutting. Instead of trying to look for people with talents in the jewellery manufacturing, businesses can now focus on having a computer and single operator instead — providing undeniable cost-effectiveness.

Sustaining the Bespoke Jewellery Manufacturing Demand

Other than upgrading traditional jewellery manufacturing processes, the latest technologies in terms of cutting and mapping a particular precious stone also apply to bespoke jewellery demand. According to a specialist in the field, Ed Hole on the advantages of digitalising the jewellery business, “The investment has made production processes not only much quicker but also more precise and repeatable. It has also allowed us to create much more intricate and complex designs which would have been difficult and time-consuming to create by hand, but can now be made quickly and efficiently.”

Better Customer Satisfaction, Market Compliance and Guaranteed Quality

Through the full use of the CAD technology, the guesswork in the manufacturing process is now out of the question. Clients can now view jewellery and precious stone designs based on their preferences for quicker and more confident approval.

Overall, the modern day melding techniques for jewellery and precious metals creates a much more scalable and fool-proof system for both the consumers and manufacturers.

Business Success: Three Tips for Startups in the UK

Startup EssentialsOne of the advantages that come with living in today’s world is the fact that technology has enabled marketing strategies for barely any cost. Take, for example, the large number of online shops and businesses. These internet stores have taken a huge chunk of the traditional market’s sales. Such reasons have emboldened many an entrepreneur to start his or her own business.

With the seamless transition from traditional to modern, businesses are utilising a variety of tools that differ from what we have been used to. Gone are the days when brands would spend thousands on telly commercials because today there is social media and digital marketing. The implementation of these methods is key for a startup today.

A business adviser based in the UK offers eight steps to strategic planning. These eight steps begin with simple questions and end with imperatives.

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to get to?
  3. When do you want to get there?
  4. What are all the possible routes?
  5. What contingencies do you need to build in?
  6. What resources do you need?
  7. Set off!
  8. Prepare to be flexible.

These eight introspective steps can prep a budding entrepreneur and aid him or her in recognising the trajectory of the business. In strategic planning, these eight steps can only prove successful if you, the businessman, actually implement the company’s plans. And, of course, before you get to make your strategy, you must first be aware of a startup’s three essentials.

  • Funding and Technical Skill – This includes having an able and trustworthy accountant and also having the necessary skills in executing your business.
  • A Network of Relationships – It is important for a startup to take care of its relationships to ensure a smooth working process.
  • A Narrative You can be Proud of – This will be the foundation of your startup. This involves all the intricacies of your business, from the logo to the name.

Assuming that you are well-prepared with the three startup essentials, check out the aforementioned steps. When understood and contextualised within the framework of a startup, these business tips can help your startup get off the ground and dominate the UK market.

Home Security Essentials You Might be Missing

Home Security InstallationDid you know that a visible security system deters burglars and home intruders? According to the FBI, the presence of a visible security system makes your home less attractive to burglars. So it makes sense that you might want to get the security measures up now — especially if one of your neighbors has been hit.

To help you get set up, here are the top 4 components you should get your hands on now:


The security cameras Rockport firms provide should be sturdy, visible and have a wide scope. It’s not enough that you know the cameras are there — the burglars should know as well. Don’t go with fake ones. Professional intruders can tell which ones are real and fake quite easily.

Alarm System

Aside from monitoring your home, you need to be notified if anything is amiss. It’s not enough that you put signage that there are cameras and alarms. You need a system that notifies you in real time and even lets you see the premises of your home while you’re away.

Lesser Curb Appeal and Private Photos Online

You should know that the more burglars can see what you have inside your home, the more likely you are to get robbed. Don’t leave bikes, toys and other expensive items outside the home where intruders can see them. Don’t post pictures of the inside of your house on your social media accounts so people don’t see how to get in your home and what you have. You’re basically inviting them in if you do so.

Reinforced and Sturdy Locks

Make sure that the locks on your main door and back door are extra heavy. This way, it will take a lot of noise to break in which can alert neighbors even when you’re away.

In the end, the security system that you install must reinforce your entrances, tell burglars that you’re ready for them and that there’s nothing worth stealing in your home.

How Does a Child Learn a Second Language?

Second Language School in DubaiDecades ago, it was taboo to teach a young child a second language because it may confuse them and lead to delays in development. Fast forward to 2016, there are now several studies that dispute this previously held belief and that multilingual children will have an advantage as they move up in life.

How does a child learn another language?

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai cites that children learn another language in two general ways, which are sequentially or simultaneously.

The simultaneous process of learning includes children below three years old who hear two languages at the same time. They may be in a home or nursery where the parents or teachers speak another language other than their mother tongue. For example, the father speaks to their child in English, while the mother speaks to them in German.

Before an infant reaches six months old, they learn both languages spoken to them at similar rates and have no preference. This is because they create distinct but equally strong systems in their developing brains for each language their parents speak to them in. This allows them to learn different languages without causing confusion.

However, once a child reaches six months old, they begin to notice differences between the languages they hear and may prefer one over the other. This is why parents must expose their children to a second language at a similar rate.

The other way a child learns another language is sequential; this is when children are already familiar with one language (their mother tongue), but then have to learn another one. An example of this would be when your child enters a non-English dominant class in an international school.

Unlike its simultaneous counterpart, sequential learning can occur at any age; this is when a child’s motivation, productive use, daily usage and others play an important role in retaining a language after school ends.

Why study and be fluent in a second language?

When a child learns and becomes fluent in a second language, many opportunities open to them once they enter school and graduate. They also become adept at multitasking, adapting to new experiences and improve their problem-solving skills.

Need a Reason to Go to Japan? Skiing and Dipping in an Onsen

Skiing Experience in JapanWhen it comes to the most popular ski spots, you would often find lists online discussing the American West, such as The Rocky Mountains, The Cascades, and the Sierra Nevada; Western Europe (The Alps), Alaska, Antarctica and the Himalaya.

And while all of these really boast of some of the best slopes in the world, it does not mean you should limit your ski holidays to just these places. And one such place you should discover is the picturesque ski spots in Japan.

Powder snow from December to March

Powder, to the uninitiated, basically refers to freshly fallen, dry and lightweight snow. Considered by many ski and snowboarding lovers as their sports’ “Holy Grail,” powder snow, in huge amounts, allow for grandiose skiing and snowboarding conditions. Best of all, when you choose to spend your ski holidays in Japan, you can enjoy it from December till March.

Numerous resorts to choose from

With over 600 different ski resorts to choose from, you do not have to worry about missing a chance skiing in Japan. From Hokkaido to Nagano and Tohoku to Gunma, you have plenty of choices to spend your ski holidays in. Experts, by the way, consider Hokkaido as the country’s powder capital, so make sure you put this region on top of your list when creating your itinerary.

Heal up and have an amazing onsen experience

Onsen, the Japanese word for hot spring, is another of the biggest features of the nation that attract millions of visitors worldwide. During your ski holidays in Japan, you definitely should soak up in one, seeing as it truly does have amazing health effects on the body. Basically, the healing powers of these hot springs involve stimulation that allows the body to achieve a stable condition of equilibrium. Once achieved, it effectively makes the body repair itself more quickly.

All these, plus the excellent views, amazing locals, and food for the chilled soul, and you definitely would not regret spending your holidays in this very beautiful and advanced yet traditional country.