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I Can’t Feel My Face: On Anesthesia Malpractice

Anesthetized Woman Medical malpractice is the failure of a healthcare professional or provider in treating, medicating, and caring for a patient. Failure to address the needs of the patient can result in harm, injury, or death. This involves committing errors in diagnosis, dosage, health management, treatment, and aftercare. The patient/s or their families can hold the erring healthcare providers, doctors, and nurses liable for incompetence.

Bern Ripka LLP discusses one of the more common medical mishaps—anesthesia malpractice. This occurs when the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist administers the wrong dosage of anesthesia, rendering the patient for surgery in writhing pain. They may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), brain damage, severe internal or external injuries, and even worse, death.

Anesthesia Awareness

Thousands of patients experience anesthesia awareness on an annual basis. This is the condition wherein a patient is conscious, but cannot move or talk, unable to express pain.

Every year, there is an estimate of 20,000 to 40,000 people experiencing anesthesia awareness, with varying effects from full-on awareness during surgery while in pain. PTSD, as another effect of anesthesia malpractice, causes patients a slew of problems such as nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, paranoia, and the inception of traumatic experiences.


Anesthesia awareness is indeed avoidable. Practicing the proper standards of medical care can reduce anesthesia awareness from occurring. For this to happen, the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist have to exercise caution during surgery and be wary of the following:

  • Inadequate drug dosage
  • Hapless monitoring
  • Refilling the anesthetic machine vaporizers
  • Lack of training or unfamiliarity with the procedure
  • Technical malfunction or machine mishandling

Based on a 2009 research in a medical journal, there were more than 2,200 anesthesia-caused deaths in the years between 1999 and 2005. An estimate of 46% of the deaths is due to an anesthesia overdose, while the other deaths are due to a variety of anesthesia complications.

Medical practitioners and healthcare personnel can prevent these deaths from happening. It is through being more cautious – as if it’s their faces they can’t feel themselves – that they can save lives as well.

All’s Fair in Love, Support, and Child Care

Family Attorney in ColoradoIn the case of the breakdown of a couple’s relationship, it’s always the child who loses. This could be true in general; there are many cases when parents are unable to resolve their issues amicably and their child or children are caught in the crossfire.

(Did You) Put a Ring on It?

In Colorado, the law assumes that if the parents are married, the husband is the child’s father. For unmarried couples, paternity will need to be proven for the mother to get child support. This does not, however, automatically mean the mother will gain custody of the child. Depending on the relationship of the child’s parents, the parent being denied his or her rights may have to sue for equal time with the child.

Equal Opportunity

The court will always act in the child’s best interest. Equal time may be given to both parents so that they may both continue to foster a relationship with their child. Plans and arrangements are based on the age of the child and the proximity of the parents to each other. Updating these schedules can be done at any point in time as necessary.

Parenting Arrangements

Should the separation be amicable, there's usually no trouble with the arrangements between parents regarding the child’s upbringing. If the parents have problems coming up with a suitable arrangement, the court will, again, decide what must be done with the child’s welfare in mind. Online research and consultations with a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO will give parents a good idea how to create the best arrangements for their situation.

Extra Support

Whether it’s legal help or just general support, a quick search online can give you access to the many groups, community or church, that can cater to your needs. The Children’s Rights Council, for example, has a chapter in Colorado Springs while Parents without Partners has chapters and connections all over the country.

The Coverage and Benefits of EEOICPA

Financial AssistanceIt is a well-known fact that health is wealth. All people from all walks of life have been reminded time and again to put health first. There should be no argument about this: health should be a top priority. All life functions are rooted to healthy living after all. If you’re weak, you cannot think wisely and work efficiently and effectively. If your health is an issue, even the simplest life activities would be impossible to accomplish.

Despite the constant reminders from our parents, partners, or health specialists, there’s a list of things where, no matter what we do, one would be exposed to harmful chemicals and situations. Pollution, vices, and job description to name a few. These are the reasons why comprehensive health insurance and exclusive financial assistance are among the benefits employees of a specific career are entitled to.


EEOICPA is an acronym for Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act. As the title of the program suggests, it is enacted to provide financial aid to all, past and present, full-time, contractors or sub-contractor workers of the department of energy facilities. But it is available only to those employees who were diagnosed serious illnesses caused by exposure to radiation, beryllium, or silica. Some of the identified conditions include radiogenic cancer, chronic beryllium disease, beryllium sensitivity, or chronic silicosis.


Under the EEOICPA benefits program, former and present employees, and qualified survivors of work-related illnesses are eligible to avail themselves of the best medical care available in town. They will be entitled to receive a certain amount of money to compensate for all their medical expenses.

This is all done to ascertain that individuals’ right to healthy and functional living is taken into account. There’s now no reason to worry as you are protected and taken for while doing the thing you love to do.

Regrowing Hair After Hair Loss

Hair LossHair loss is a devastating experience for men and women alike, though it is markedly more common among men. Hair loss greatly affects your self-confidence and may lead to body image issues or shame. There are many reasons behind hair loss and some are a bit rarer than others. There are ways to grow it back, however, though they may vary in effectiveness depending on your individual situation.

Male Pattern Baldness

Perhaps the most common cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness is usually genetic, and may manifest in men as young as 20. Though usually associated with middle aged men and the elderly, young men can experience it early on.

Since it is a genetic trait, there is little that you can do to regrow your hair short of visiting FUE Clinics. FUE or follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant method that takes healthy hair follicles from the thick hair on your head (usually the hair at the back portion of the head) and moving them to the thinning parts. Though it can be a painstaking procedure, it does allow you to regrow your hair naturally.

 Wearing Hair in Tight Styles

For men with long hair that wear them in tight styles, like dreadlocks and ponytails, traction alopecia can be a problem. This is when hair is pulled back so tightly that it weakens the roots and causes them to fall out.

If you experience hair loss from traction alopecia, avoid wearing your hair in tight styles and allow it to rest and grow naturally. Eat nutritious food to encourage healthy regrowth, and massage the scalp to increase blood flow to the area.

Hormone Related Hair Loss

An imbalance in hormones can also cause hair loss. For example, hypothyroidism may cause alopecia areata, which is caused by an underproduction of hormones. Usually, curing the disease and undergoing hormone therapy can help encourage new hair growth.

Regrowing your hair is usually a case of treating the underlying causes behind it. Though you sometimes have little control over the hair loss, it is possible to work around it.

Use Press Releases to Improve Your Site’s SEO Value

SEOOne of the most important types of content you can publish to promote your business is press release. You can fit in as much information as possible in one news release to promote your business in San Diego, an event, a new product or service, or a seasonal promotion. No matter what you’re trying to send across through a press release, you need to realize that you can still incorporate SEO into it.

Here’s how you can do that organically:

Use Quotes

Quotes from prominent people are important in any press release. These will get the attention of people especially if the quote is from someone popular in the industry you’re in. When choosing a quote, you need to make sure it is precise, to the point, tweetable, newsworthy, and adds perspective to the entire article. All these elements will help your piece get noticed and rank higher on search results.

Take Time with the Headline

The headline is one of the most vital parts of any content because it is the most prominent. To make sure you get the attention of your reader, the headline should be short, sweet, and concise. Use AdWords to find the best keyword to use for the press release. You must only input one keyword so it must be the most relevant and effective one. The headline should entice the person to read the entire article, but it should be misleading or else the reader will end up disappointed.

Mind the Flow

The headline is your bait, but the body is the meat. You need to make sure the actual press release is just as strong as the headline. It must be well-written, clean, digestible, informative, engaging, and easy to read. Keep sentences short, break down paragraphs neatly, and include the most important parts near the start.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely impress search engines and readers alike, making your SEO value go up.

3 Reasons Your Jaw is Painful (and How You Can Treat Them)

Jaw PainJaw pain can make yawning, chewing and even speaking difficult. It may last for a short period of time or for months depending on the underlying cause. If pain continues for a week or is too severe, then it is best to seek medical attention immediately. You may later find out that any one of these things causes your painful jaw.


Activities like grinding and clenching do not simply damage the enamel, but put too much pressure to your jaw that causes it to hurt. In most cases, people who have developed these habits are not aware that they are doing it as a result of stress. These habits often happen while asleep.

Treatment: The VRDC recommends visiting a dentist for custom-fit mouthguards, which you must use when you sleep at night. Try stress-relieving exercises for the mouth to help alleviate discomfort, as well.

TM Disorder

Damage to the temporomandibular joint, cartilage or disc can cause TMD or temporomandibular disorder. Other than pain, you can identify this disorder by clicking sounds each you time you open or close your mouth. Severe TMD can leave your mouth stuck in an open or closed mouth position.

Treatment: Pain medications may relieve discomfort. If it continues, you must seek medical attention and examination. Other conservative forms of treatment include acupuncture and bite adjustment. For severe cases, surgery or TMJ implant may be necessary.

Dental Problems

Dental problems, such as periodontal diseases and an abscessed or impacted tooth, can cause jaw pain if you leave them untreated. Although they do not directly affect your jaw, the pain spreads around the jaw area and results in severe discomfort.

Treatment: If a dental condition is the cause, then see your dentist immediately for proper treatment. Only a dentist can assess dental conditions and provide the right treatment.

A painful jaw tells something is not right. It can be simply due to unwanted grinding habits or an even more serious condition such as a damaged jaw cartilage. Even though there are many potential causes of jaw pain, you would not know the right treatment unless you get professional advice.

The 3 Elements of a Good Home Movie Theater

Mini Theater Room At HomeLong lines, sweaty bodies, and sticky chairs are only some of the things that might turn you off when going to a movie theater. Why not enjoy watching movies in the comfort of your own home instead? Now is the time for you to upgrade and invest in your own state-of-the-art home movie theater.

An ideal way to enjoy movies is to create the right ambience. Here’s a guide on how you can make your own mini movie theater at home:

1. What you see is what you get

Two of the most important elements of a great movie experience are the screen and theater projector. For screens, the bigger the screen the better. For projectors, a high lumens count will give you a clear, high quality and vibrant picture. Combine these together and it will make you feel that you are actually inside the movie.

2. Sit like a boss

One of the best feelings when watching a movie is sitting down lazily. Preferred Seating noted that theater chairs are vital for that remarkable movie experience. They should be plush, soft, and comfortable. Some theater seats have added luxuries, like snack trays and cup holders that are usually built-in.

3. Sound test, sound check

The music and sound effects are also crucial elements in enjoying a movie. A digital surround sound system goes best with your large screen and high-quality projector, as it gives a realistic and clear audio to enhance your movie experience.

High picture quality, amazing sounds, and comfortable seats are only some of the major elements to enjoy a movie. Having your own home theater gives the luxury of controlling the movie. No need to hold your pee to avoid missing crucial movie events, no more long lines, no noisy and rude moviegoers and the best part, all seats are the best seats.

The Big Ortho Question: What Makes an Ideal Bite?

Orthodontic TreatmentsWhat does an ideal bite really look like? How do you know for yourself? Many people seek cosmetic dental treatments to correct the appearance of their teeth. But not all cosmetic issues are evident at a glance in the mirror.

In addition to the unsightly appearance caused by misaligned or crowded teeth, bad bites are another cause for concern that braces aim to correct. Bad bites, or malocclusions, occur when the jaw is misaligned. Poor bites may manifest in so many ways.

What Makes an Ideal Bite?

An ideal bite is when all your front teeth come into contact at the same time. Your front and bottom teeth should also be aligned when you bite. Other than time and contact, there are other factors that make a poor bite that only your orthodontist will be able to point out. The best way to know if your bite is off is by looking at your teeth in three different views; from the front, the top of the bottom set, and the sides.

From the front view, the edges of your upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip. Longer front teeth will show too much gum tissue when the person smiles, and shorter front teeth won’t show too much enamel. From the top view, the teeth should align in a flowing curve and not overlap each other.

The third view, one that most patients can’t detect, is the side view. Ideally, the cusps of the top teeth should fit between two teeth in the bottom while the backs of the upper front teeth should come in contact with the front of the lower ones.

The Importance of an Ideal Bite explains that a poor bite may manifest in your body in numerous ways. Excessive pressure to the tooth may be one, as well as persistent headaches, popping jaw, chewing difficulty and tooth and joint pain. Prolonged pressure may lead to sore muscles, loss of supporting bone, chipped or cracked teeth, and eventually, loose or lost teeth.

The point of braces and other orthodontic treatments, for that matter, is not just to make teeth look desirable, but to correct malocclusions and oral issues that can potentially lead to severe, irreparable damage.

Things You Should Not Think About Personal Trainers

Personal TrainerAre you a fitness buff? Would you like to embark on a fitness training career? To start with, perhaps you can take a part-time personal trainer course. shares that there are various professionals in town that can assist you.

Meanwhile, it pays to learn some misconceptions about personal trainers. Below are some of them:

  • A personal trainer can’t help you when you’re pregnant.

Some personal trainers specialise in pre and post natal training. They design a plan of exercise for pregnant women. Also, they advise you on what you can and cannot do to make sure that you’ll have a safe and easy delivery.

  • A personal trainer’s concern is only your fitness needs.

Personal training is not all about physical fitness. It also deals with health issues and lifestyles. Trainers underwent in-depth studies about specific health concerns. With their knowledge of naturopathy, they can provide you with solutions to your health issues. In addition, they can also help you recover from injury or surgery.

  • They can help achieve everybody’s dream body.

Personal trainers may have vast knowledge about health and fitness but there is more to that. That’s why they specialise in specific fields. For that, a client should look for a trainer that will match his or her fitness needs to make sure that they can work together to achieve their target goals.

  • Training with a personal trainer consumes a lot of time.

A personal trainer carefully designs a workout plan for the clients. Sessions can range from 30 to 40 minutes. But positive results can be visible even in a 20-minute workout depending on the client’s performance and endurance.

  • Personal trainers are stern disciplinarians.

There are old habits that have to be changed to achieve better results. Likewise, clients should understand why personal trainers insist on adopting certain behaviours. These are just strategies to make sure that the change is long-term and not just a short one.

A personal trainer doesn’t only provide clients with exercise plans; they also commit to their well-being. If you have what it takes to be one, don’t hesitate to pursue your dream and bring a difference to people’s lives.



Independent Living and Homecare: Are They As Unmixable As Oil and Water?

Home Care for EldersDeciding whether or not your elderly loved ones should go to a retirement home may be a struggle. Other than the thought of moving away from their home and abandoning their possessions, they fear the loss of independence. They might even be reluctant about senior home care, but does it really cut off their freedom?

Living Independently

Seniors — or anyone, for that matter — can’t help but feel offended when you tell them they can’t do something on their own. After all, they’ve had so many years behind them and they’re still here, so why should they submit to a caregiver? It needs lots of patience and understanding both from your side and your elderly loved ones if they are stubborn about home care.

They want to stay at home, where they built their life, and you have to respect that. However, they must also understand that accepting assistance or essential services does not diminish their dignity nor weaken their sense of purpose. Not at all.

Accepting Home Care

Home care does not necessarily make your elderly loved ones incapable of doing anything. In fact, a patient and compassionate caregiver helps them realize the life they still have and how they can work together to improve it. Additionally, seniors are extremely prone to feelings of helplessness and loneliness, which is why home care should feel like companionship more than anything.

Independent living does not necessarily imply that an individual must do all the work. After all, people of all ages and circumstances need a little help now and then. This is why it’s important for your elderly loved ones to that they still are very much capable despite the care and assistance they may need. Therefore, with proper support and understanding of home care workers, your elderly loved ones may maintain their independence without risks.