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How Small Businesses Could Organise Better Events


cateringEvents are a powerful way for businesses to cement their brand’s position on the market. But as we all know, good events don’t simply happen. A memorable occasion is the product of hard work and rigorous planning – it’s something you have to prepare for. Here are some tips for small businesses on how you can improve the events you organise:

Establish Goals

Ask yourself: what’s the purpose of your event? In most cases, you’d answer something along the lines of furthering brand awareness or promoting a new product that hit the market. Whatever the case may be, knowing why you’re organising an event gives you direction.

This direction is something you can use to set goals. Do you plan on racking up sales during the event or do you want your audience to hype about it? Give your event something to accomplish to improve it.

Get the Word Going

Attendees are the lifeblood of any event, so make sure that you spread the word about what you’re cooking up. Generate a buzz and get RSVPs from key people in the industry. Put effort in making your event known to as many people as possible.

Know Your Limitations

Set a budget and stay well within it. Know how much you can spend and where you should skimp in organising the event. Choose a function venue, a caterer, and a keynote speaker apt for the occasion and the budget. Limit the expenditures within the business’s means to ensure you get the most returns, but make sure that the quality of the event doesn’t suffer one bit.

Prompt the Team

An event is always a team effort, so take the time to brief your staff on what they have to do. Create a game plan and assign who does what before, during, and after the event. Make sure that the people under your employ have a clear idea of their responsibilities throughout the occasion.

The next time you plan an event, keep these tips in mind. After all, these will help you reach maximal reach and returns from just a one-off occasion.

Home Design Trends for 2015

Vertical Garden

Vertical GardenInterior designers in Perth are going loco over the red-carpet worthy home design trends for this year. Marsala is the Pantone colour for 2015, so expect magazines and fashion houses to use the deep, rich shade in their works.

For the home, this colour is on trend for pillows, curtains, tiles and wall paint. Designers and home owners are raving about this earthy colour as it looks classy and goes well with neutrals.

Return of Metallics

Metallics are also making a comeback in interior design, notes the design team at The Renovation Company. Brass lamps, mixed-metal surfaces and decorations add a different feel to your home. The marsala-metal combination also gives your home an edgier look.

Paper Comeback

If you’re thinking solidly painted walls are still hot, that trend ends right now as 2015 is all about patterns. Yes, wallpaper is in.

You can choose paisleys or florals, but geometric shapes seem to be the dominant trend for this year. The look is futuristic and streamlined. You can vary the texture so you don’t overwhelm your guests with squares and triangles all over your house. Geometric shapes also feature heavily on newer curtains, tiles and furniture.

Growing Up

Nature lovers will definitely appreciate this next trend: vertical gardens. Bring your well-loved plants indoors and let them cover your walls. Not only does a vertical wall look good, it may also make it cooler.

Function Over Form

As for bathrooms, this year’s trend centres on utilitarianism. What’s practical and low-maintenance is beautiful. This captures the spirit of today’s urbanite–a quick, no-fuss, and no-nonsense individual. Classic looking baths are also the talk of the town.

The home’s look should be one that shows its owner’s personal style. Whether going for metallic or marsala, what’s important is that the home is in sync with the lifestyle of the person who lives in it.

Is It Safe for Drinking? Five Reasons You Should Have a Water Filter

cup of water

cup of waterWe all want to have clean drinking water. But, only four out of ten Americans use a type of home water treatment unit to ensure their tap supply is safe.

If you’re one of the six who have no water filtration unit, these facts will make you change your mind.

1. What you don’t know hurts you

According to reports, there are more than 2,100 contaminants present in simple tap water. This also includes several types of bacteria. One way to ensure your supply is safe from these contaminants is through water filtration. Salt Lake City water service providers emphasize the use of these filters to keep a steady supply of potable tap.

2. Taking matters into your own hand

Some water treatment facilities cannot completely control bacterial outbreaks or the spread of other contaminants in tap supply. This means that you cannot always rely on them for safety. While boiling water can kill the bacteria, this is far from being a convenient solution all the time.

3. Battling cancer
  • Several types of cancer – bladder, colon, rectal, and more – have been attributed to the water contamination by toxic materials, especially lead.
4. A contributing factor to learning disorders

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lead in unfiltered drinking water contributes to learning disorders among children. The United States alone has 480,000 cases of disorders associated with unfiltered water.

5. Stopping the spread of epidemics

Drinking contaminated water is the leading cause of epidemic outbreaks. Showering with
contaminated water can also lead to rashes and other allergic reaction. Even the air you breathe can become contaminated when it makes contact with unclean water.

Health is one of the greatest investments you will make; this includes ensuring the water that goes into your body is safe. As bottled water is not always a practical alternative, setting up a water filtration system in your home can be the best solution.

Oral Health Issues that Might Arise from Diabetes


DiabetesDiabetes is a disease that can affect your whole body—the nerves, the heart, the kidneys, and other important systems in the body. What many people do not know is that it can also take a toll on oral health.

Research shows that there is an increased prevalence of gum disease among the 2.9 million people in the UK with diabetes. They face a higher risk of oral health problems compared to non-diabetics, mainly because of their poorly controlled sugar levels. In fact, the less well controlled the blood sugar, the more likely oral health problems will arise.

Listed below are some of the oral health issues you may encounter because of diabetes.

Gum Disease

Patients with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease than non-diabetics, because they are more susceptible to contracting infections. In fact, professionals consider gum disease as a complication of diabetes.

According to research, the relationship between diabetes and gum disease is also a two-way relationship—gum disease can make it more difficult to control blood sugar and can lead to complications.

The solution, overall, is to keep your mouth healthy and discuss treatment options with dentists, such as those from Edinburgh Dental Specialists.

Dry Mouth

People need saliva to digest food, as well as to moisten and cleanse mouths. It also helps prevent infections by controlling fungi and bacteria in the mouth. If you do not make enough saliva because of a condition called dry mouth, you are at particular risk for oral health problems, such as infections, cavities, and ulcers.

Dry mouth in diabetics occurs primarily because of the medications. The solution is to drink more water and chew gum (sugar-free, of course, and with xylitol) to keep the saliva flowing.

Oral Infections

Viruses and bacteria usually cause oral infections. They can affect the teeth, gums, tongue, palate, lips, and the inside of the cheeks.

Swelling, pain in the mouth or sinus area, pus, red or white patches in the mouth—these are signs of an infection. Controlling your sugar may be more difficult with an infection, so make sure to talk to your dentist about the treatment options.

The good news? Prevention is in your hands. Learn what you are up against and take charge of your dental health today.

The Importance of Safety: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Workers Wear PPE

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective EquipmentThe U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have always asserted the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) regardless of the task or workstation, but some workers simply don’t take these warnings seriously. As a business owner, you also have the responsibility to convince the people under your care to wear PPE. Here’s how you can do it:

Share First-hand Stories from Co-Workers

Ask everybody if they have stories to share, like how PPE helped save their lives. From the smallest job to the most complicated tasks, it’s best for everyone to have an idea what PPE can do. Make your workers realize that accidents happen unexpectedly and that by wearing PPE, they can avoid injury or even death. If nobody has anything to share, however, Aurora Pictures and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) recommend sharing visual materials that can share the same message. Videos are more effective in getting the attention of a big group of people and helping them understand your message.

Set a Good Example to Your Workers

If you’re not wearing PPE, then why should they? Some people have this kind of mentality, so it’s ideal to be the role model and wear the necessary PPE. If possible, ask your workers if they have a preferred brand or model. Another possible reason they refuse to wear PPE is its comfort and function, not that they aren’t aware of the risks.

Tell the Aftermath if Accidents Take Place

Being involved in an accident doesn’t only cause inconvenience to the victim, but also to their families, co-workers, and their employer. The victim’s family won’t have peace of mind until their loved one has recovered completely. Their co-workers will have additional tasks to compensate for the lack of manpower. The employer might receive a bad reputation for not promoting worker safety, which can affect the overall image of the business.

Even if your business complies with the necessary safety measures, it’s still possible to have accidents if your workers aren’t doing their part. Convince them effectively, so you can say that your workplace is indeed safe.

Tips for Hassle-Free Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Tips

Whitewater Rafting TipsFor adventure seekers, there is nothing like answering the call of the rapids. Before going on that trip, however, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Choose the right trip

Not all Colorado whitewater river rafting trips are the same. You need to pick one that is appropriate for all the members of your group. American Adventure Expeditions suggests taking into account your group members’ swimming skills, fitness level, desired challenge, age, and experience in rafting.

The next thing you should decide on is the length of the rafting trip. Rafting companies offer trip packages that range from half a day to one full day. You may have hiking, fishing, and camping activities included in your trip. Finally, decide on where to raft. River conditions keep changing so ask your guides for advice.

Know what to bring

You should create a list depending on the length of the rafting trip, the difficulty, and the activities included. Some trips may require you to bring a wet suit because of cold water temperatures, so it’s best to be prepared. In general, you should bring the following:

– Shorts or swim suit
– Secure sandals or tennis shoes
– Sunglasses with straps
– Hat or sun visor
– Waterproof sunscreen
– Water bottle

Ask the rafting company if food is included with your trip. For overnight trips, ask the rafting company if they provide sleeping bags, tents, and other camping equipment or if you’ll have to bring these with you. Also bring a jacket or sweater just in case the temperature gets too chilly.

Be prepared

For groups of beginners, the guides usually do most of the paddling. Advanced rafters get to do more paddling according to what the guide instructs. Having knowledge of the area’s water conditions during whitewater rafting season can help you decide where and when to schedule your rafting trips.

If you follow your guide’s instructions carefully and you’re wearing the proper gear, whitewater rafting can be a thrilling, yet safe activity. Contact an experienced rafting company so they can give you a full orientation on what to expect during your trip.

Committing DWI in Texas: What is Legally Drunk?

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving While IntoxicatedIt is illegal for a car owner to drive while under the influence of alcohol. You have seen the commercials or probably heard about the crime on the radio. Many people know that it causes serious injuries and can kill people. But why are there still some who drink and end up driving themselves home? Even if someone only took two to three glasses, they have to think about the likelihood of being caught.

In Texas, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common arrests, and local officials take it very seriously. When people have committed the crime, they risk their freedom, finances, career, relationship, and future. Before facing fines, penalties, license suspension, and jail sentence, however, the police officer needs to determine if a person is legally intoxicated.

Acceptable Tolerance

Most drivers are unaware of how many drinks it can take to reach the legal limit. Currently across the United States, 0.08 is the benchmark to consider a driver legally drunk. The State of Texas follows a low limit for commercial drivers, which is 0.04. While for drivers under the age of 21, the limit is 0.02.

A blood alcohol content (BAC) score can determine the level of drunkenness by a number of factors. This includes the body weight, gender, interval between drinks, and many more. Though there are calculators or charts available to help people determine their BAC, it’s always better to get some legal help.

Defining Drunkenness with Blood Alcohol Level

One of the most reliable ways to prove that someone is drunk is a blood test. Some DWI lawyers from, note the importance of taking a series of tests to have an effective defense. But not all people find the results satisfying to prevent alcohol-related car crashes that kill thousands every year. This has prompted concerns to make drunk driving standard get tougher.

The National Transport Safety Board aims to lower the blood alcohol level to 0.05. It explains that this small change can have an impact on reducing the number of people dying on America’s roads. The 0.08 limit is already equivalent to four drinks in an hour, making someone unfit to be behind the wheel.

The problem of drunk driving is something people should not ignore, as it is still a national epidemic. By arming themselves with the right information, they can make smarter, more informed decisions.

3 Roof-Related Health Hazards You Should Be Aware Of

Roofing system

Roofing systemRoofing systems are designed to withstand heat, rain, snow, wind, and other outdoor elements. As this is not easy to access, you may not always have the opportunity to check some parts of the roof. Small problems that you did not notice will eventually turn into something big.

Apart from the architectural damages, a poorly maintained roof can also pose a number of health hazards. Here are three examples:

1. Mold Toxicity

Leaky roofs are one of the common causes of mold growth and development in homes and commercial buildings. Even the smallest holes can already give way to molds, which can spread inside your home or office.

While not all molds are actually toxic, some can be hard to detect. Instead of risking toxicity in your space, check for roof problems and have them fixed right away. recommends commercial roof repair in Salt Lake City and other cities where the humid weather contributes to mold growth.

2. Allergic Reactions

Even if the molds are not toxic, constant exposure may still result in allergic reactions. While some people can tolerate mold spores, others with compromised immune systems may not have the same tolerance.

Runny noses, coughing, sneezing, and difficulties in breathing are some of the common signs of allergic reactions due to mold exposure.

3. Injuries

Small roofing system issues can quickly make way to bigger ones. If you still do not resolve these problems, these can greatly affect the integrity of your roof. Eventually, your roof might start to give in and cause significant property damage. Some of the parts might even fall on a person and cause injuries.

Fortunately, there are people you can trust when it comes to repairing roofing problems. If your roof is starting to show wear, contact a professional contractor to take care of the problem.

Keeping Your Faith Strong When Everything is Going Wrong

girl praying

girl prayingChallenges are part of every person’s life. They usually come in varying degrees, involving different people and circumstances. While there are problems that are easy to face, there are also moments that may make you feel that it may be better to give in and let the difficulty wash over you.

Many times, hope falters because of everything that is happening. All you have is your faith that things will still turn out good. In situations where adversity keeps on attempting to crush that faith, how will you protect it?

Attend church services

This advice may seem overused, but it still works. To keep an ember glowing, you need to return it in the furnace. Faith is like that ember that needs fuel to burn. No one can give it to you better than the One who gave that faith from the start. Reading the bible and daily devotions are activities Christians do to enrich their faith, but you still need your community. A solitary rock exposed to the elements erodes in time. You need the protection and passion of the group to strengthen your faith. Your hectic schedule or unbearable problems shouldn’t hinder you from attending. Your Churches’ Saturday worship schedule is meant to fit the timetable of every busy person.

Volunteer for humanitarian work

Things may not turn out fine for you, but there are greater problems in the world. Again, this is a clichéd statement, but try to look at it from a different angle. Instead of waiting for miracles to happen in your life, you have the power to be a miracle to someone else. The warm smiles and heartfelt gratitude from the people you help will be enough to give back the hope you are looking for.

You might have heard from your church leader once that whenever a person’s faith advances, trials tend to become more difficult. Difficult situations arise to give you lessons and to direct you to a better path. Remember that these challenges will just make you a stronger and wiser person.

From Nice-to-Have to Must-Have: Are Mobile Apps the New Solution for Businesses?

Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsWe are all consuming more and more information on the Internet. So, no doubt about it, mobile applications have changed peoples’ lives for the better – from shopping and knowing the latest trends, to researching for DIY projects and looking for tips. As a matter of fact, it is taking the world by storm.

This is the reason going mobile can do wonders for your business. Times have truly changed quickly and it is important that you know how to adapt to the latest developments in technology.

Here’s how a mobile app can help your business thrive:

Enhance Productivity

Many employees today use their smartphones or tablets when finishing their tasks, communicating with clients or suppliers, and updating their bosses about their deadlines. Employees who are on the go constantly face problems when it comes to interacting with their team. According to Mpro5, a provider of enterprise mobility solutions, mobile productivity is no longer an option. The company explains that a mobile app can empower your employees to learn and perform better, not to mention help you use the potential of analytics and big data.

Improve Workforce Visibility

Communicating with virtual assistants, freelance writers, web designers, and other remote workers can be downright challenging. For employers, it is often a struggle to determine what they do in real-time on a daily or even hourly basis. Fortunately, a mobile app can provide greater visibility into workforce productivity. By customizing an app and creating time card, you can track your employees’ time spent on work.

Solve Problems Quickly

If one of your remote workers encounters a problem, the right mobile application can help resolve it immediately. If an issue takes a long time to fix, it may lead to costly delays. This is the reason having real time communication is necessary to field employees.

Launching a mobile app for your business is a smart way to help your team members do better and make every task easy to finish. As the digital world is changing rapidly, it pays to know what you should do to adapt.