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Drumming Up Your Containment Solutions

Drum Accessories

Drum AccessoriesIt is difficult to imagine how certain industries can function without drums. Many manufacturing and food industries employ them to carry a wide variety of materials, edible and non-edible alike. Chemicals, petroleum and hazardous materials fill them, which these industries store or transport.

Not Exactly Indestructible

Drums are one of the strongest containment solutions available, but this is not entirely true. They are sturdy but they still suffer corrosion, puncturing or scratching. This kind of damage can lead to spills and leakage of hazardous chemicals. Additionally, they are bulky and heavy to handle.

The Need for Drum Accessories

Companies strive to maximize the durability of these containers. There are many accessories available today that increases the lifespan without harming the integrity of the containers. Some accessories help keep the materials in them secure, while others help the handlers to manage the drums and their contents safely and efficiently.

The Youngstown Barrel & Drum Co. discusses the two popular examples below.

Pail Liners

The first are pail liners that reduce the contact of the hazardous substances with the drum. This increases the life of the containers to a large extent. These linings help workers clean the drums quickly and make it ready for reuse. Once the material is exhausted, the worker just needs to change the lining. Thus, they function like daily garbage bags.

You also get anti-static ones used in steel drums. As steel is as good conductor, when such a drum carries a flammable material a small spark can spell disaster. These anti-static linings act as insulation under such circumstances.

There is also the polypropylene lining that keeps the metal drum cool, even if hot substances are in them. This protects the workers and handlers, as the heat does not transfer to the outer drum.

Patch Repair Kits

The second accessory is the patch repair kits, which are useful when there is a puncture or a tear in the drums, usually from forklifts that can damage these containers while lifting or transporting.

These repair kits can help plug leaks temporarily and thus, help manage spills. These kits contain t-patches, epoxy putty, screws, and ball plugs.

These accessories are now essential add-ons for industries that require an inventory of drums, and ensure that drums remain the ultimate container solutions.

Hardwood Conservatories are Beautiful, Warm, and Durable

Hardwood Conservatories

Hardwood ConservatoriesA conservatory is a great way to bring the beauty of nature into the interiors of your home. Windows all around are great, but using natural elements like genuine hardwood inside the conservatory is a great way to maintain the theme all throughout.

Conservatories made out of hardwood have been around for a long time; since the 19th century to be more precise. Despite their being old-fashioned, building a conservatory at home is something homeowners continue to do because it is a great way to make a house feel more like a home. Despite the use of newer materials, nothing beats hardwood if you are after beauty, warmth, and durability.

Although other materials will work just as well, hardwood is still the top choice for many homeowners who choose to get a conservatory built at home. briefly discusses why it is preferred by many:

Added Warmth

Hardwood exudes this feeling of warmth that no other material can emulate. Additionally, most of the hardwood conservatories work well with thin frames that allow the easier passage of light within the conservatory. More sunlight also means you do not have to use artificial light that much.

Moreover, wood is a very thermally efficient material that can keep you warm and snug even during winters. You get a cosy and comfortable space and reduce energy consumption at the same time.


Wood is a classic choice and has a rustic appeal that can turn the most contemporary house into a comfortable space with a lived-in feel. Another advantage is that hardwood will only boost home value by several notches if you decide to sell in the future.


Some homeowners are under the impression that wood has a tendency to rot over time considering how it is a natural material. You need to remember, however, that hardwood is exceptionally sturdy, long lasting, and resistant to extreme weather.

Finally, with a hardwood conservatory, you will be doing your bit for the environment by using a natural material. Use hardwood in the construction of your conservatory and enjoy this great looking value addition to your home for years to come.