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Business in the Online World: Determining the Value of SEO Services

The globe within reach

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of helping a website become more visible by making it more intuitive, user-friendly and easier for search engines to recognise.  That’s why the job of agencies specialising in SEO is not an easy one.  Search engines like Google and Bing rank websites based on over 200 hundred criteria. They also keep updating their algorithm almost 600 hundred times in one year. To understand the concept further, here’s brief yet informative discussion from Nu Studio:


Businesses that utilise SEO techniques make use of the power of the Internet more effectively, allowing them to get more customers and enjoy better profits. Studies show that people usually choose the first five pages in a typical search result and ignore the rest. If your site ranks consistently in the top 5 of SERPs or search engine result pages, it suggests that your site is an authority site for your particular industry. This can boost customer confidence in your brand.



When it comes to agency pricing on SEO services, there are three different models to choose from: per hour, per project or per monthly basis.

  • Per Hour – This is considered the most popular pricing schemes for SEO services. With this scheme, you pay the SEO firm or consultant a fixed rate.
  • Per Project – An agreement is made in advance regarding the type of activities and strategies the SEO specialist will undertake. This also includes the estimated number of hours of the cost of the project.
  • Per Month – A fixed rate is agreed upon, and the payment is made on a monthly basis. This is a recurring rate depending on how long the client wants to continue the SEO services.

Pay Range

The pay range for SEO services usually goes from 20 dollars per hour to as high as 200 dollars per hour. The big difference in the pay scale is due to a number of factors:

  • Region – depending on the area where the SEO Company operates, there are countries where the standard is much higher than others.
  • Company Size – If you’re dealing with a professional SEO company and a known and large one at that, prepared to pay more than freelance SEO specialists working in their homes.

Some Great Ideas to Jazz up Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

Salads for a Bar Mitzvah

As a Jewish parent, you understand the importance of Bar Mitzvah celebrations for your son. That is why you want to go that extra mile and make it special for him. In fact, you’ve even hired a professional photographer to create a unique album for the Bar Mitzvah party, so you can capture that day on film forever. Why not make the party a bit more interesting for your child and his friends by coming up with more creative ideas? Here are some great Bar Mitzvah party suggestions for you.

Pick the right venue

If you’re thinking of going the traditional way, you might as well host the party in a synagogue. But for a more modern take, go for a different venue, such as your home, a garden or a hotel room. Remember that you must book the party venue beforehand, especially if you have chalked out an evening bash.

Salads for a Bar Mitzvah

Some interesting themes

Now that your venue is fixed, let your imagination explore and come up with some interesting themes. The more innovative and different your theme is, the more memorable the party will be. A few great theme ideas include the following

  • American Idol
  • Luau
  • Garden of Eden
  • The Wild, Wild West
  • City Lights
  • Hollywood
  • Harry Potter
  • The Broadway

Plan some activities

A unique theme alone is not sufficient to turn a good party into a great one. Kids need some activities to keep them engaged and interested. So, include some fun games such as miniature golf, fun rides, virtual games, indoor soccer, dance, and table tennis, among others. While the kids are busy in such fun-filled activities, your photographer can find some more superb shots to create those memorable Bar Mitzvah party albums.


Make your invitations quirky. Don’t just print the cards. Instead, send them in boxes with balloons. You can even make your invitations via videos. If you still want to send cards, then try calligraphy to make them more personalized.


Finally, make sure that the menu serves up food loved by the kids. This will earn you rich compliments from them, and the smile on their faces will make all your efforts worth it.

Sweet Slumber: Buying Furniture Pieces for Bedrooms

Girl's bedroom

Furniture is essential for every home. You can find different pieces in all kinds of styles and budgets. Whether you’re buying furniture for the first time or for a specific room, there are four key pieces you shouldn’t miss — good quality sofas, dining tables, chairs, and bedroom furniture. To find a top quality furniture shop, spend some time checking out what’s available.

For bedrooms, a well-designed bed and mattress are the most important. Buyers should never skimp on these items.

Girl's bedroom

Bedroom Pieces

As people spend at least a 1/3 or more of their lives sleeping, it might be a worthwhile investment to look at high quality bedroom furniture for girls. Many young girls like their rooms to be special, so they put extra effort in designing their own spaces. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Room Size: The size of a bedroom will determine the number of pieces to buy.
  • Themes: Choosing a theme and colours again depends entirely on personal taste. There’s a huge variety in girls’ bedroom furniture. Lilly & Lolly, an expert in kids’ furniture, suggests making the entire process more exciting by letting your kids choose the pieces they like. A general rule of thumb is to pick light colours if the room doesn’t get enough natural sunlight and vice versa.
  • Picking a design: As there are many styles to choose from, homeowners can decide on specific ones if they want to keep the general look even all over the house.
  • Lifestyle: Bedrooms are people’s refuges at the end of the day. So, it should be comfort over style.
  • Storage: Choose your pieces depending on how much built-in storage is available in a home. Basic pieces would include two nightstands, a dresser, and an armoire. Cleverly designed storage beds are available and work well for those who need extra storage.
  • Furniture Materials: There are many choices available – metal, wood or combinations of both. Try to find sturdy pieces within a specific budget because this furniture will have to serve its function for a long time.
  • Quality: At the end of the day, quality plays a big role. So, invest in the larger and necessary pieces and add on later when the budget permits. Good furniture will last a long time.

Buying the right furniture is important as it will make life comfortable. So, choose ones that suit your tastes and needs.

It’s Time to Party! Birthday Theme Ideas for Your Baby Girl’s 1st Year

Birthday party

Throwing parties for your baby is a celebration for making it through the year. It seems quite difficult to plan and throw one, with all the themes, food, venue, and guests adding up to the stress—but getting there is already half the fun.

Organising and buying stuff for a kiddie party may sound as easy as getting supplies for a baby shower, but the latter is simpler to organise than the former. If you’re a first time mom, search for tips and tricks online on how to throw the perfect party for your 1-year-old.

According to Birthdays Wrapped Up, the first step to throwing the best birthday celebration for your angel is deciding on the appropriate theme. Here are some suggestions:

#1 Ballerina Party

Tutus, music boxes, and satin shoes—a ballerina birthday party is one of the most common themes for little girls’ parties. You have to admit, your 1-year-old dressed up in a glamorous tutu is too cute.

Throwing one may seem over-the top for your baby, but it is, in fact, simpler than you thought. It’s really all about pink and tutus! If you don’t have enough pink stuff around your house, you can find tons of ballerina party supplies sold all over the internet.

#2 Initial Party

Throwing an initial party is as easy as A-B-C using the initial of your baby’s first name. This is a great party not just for girls, but also for boys, kids of all ages, siblings, and especially twins.

Hang streamers with your baby’s initials on it. You can also adorn your cupcakes with letter cookies, and boxes with stamps of the initials of your guests. Personalised shirts with guests’ initials would make a great birthday souvenir.

#3 Tiny Party

Here’s the big idea: throw a party to make your baby and guests feel like Alice in Wonderland. It’s a party really simple to organise and almost affordable to throw.

Send out tiny invitations, and prepare tiny food, such as mini grilled cheese sandwiches and tiny milkshakes, but make sure your guests do not feel like you’re not willing to spend money on them. Mini toys and school supplies make up for good souvenirs for this kind of party.

You can throw any kind of party and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. The most important part is making your baby extra special on her special day.

Quality Landscaping: Changing the Look of a Property

Landscape design with stairs

There are a few benefits to getting one’s front and backyards landscaped. Plants, trees, flowers and shrubs liven up spaces and make them look good. Landscaping can make an ordinary home or building look warm and inviting. Some landscape design companies in Birmingham MI help individuals with designs and the actual work of transforming spaces.

People are now becoming aware that good landscaping increases the value of a property. If a person can spend about 10% of what they paid for their home into getting their yards landscaped, they can expect a 20% return at the time of sale. To maximize this, working with landscape designers in Birmingham MI is a good approach.

Landscape design with stairs

One important decision to make is to figure out whether owners will handle the project themselves or outsource it to landscapers. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this the first project?
  • Will it be a small area or a large one?
  • How do plants work in a landscape?
  • What are the technical aspects to landscaping?
  • What kind of plants, bushes, and trees do I want?
  • What kind of plants work best for me?
  • What kind of landscape should I choose based on my lifestyle?

Landscaping design companies such as Four Seasons Garden Center are highly qualified to give advice and guidance to people who have little or no experience. For those who like to work in the garden, research can help with finding the right plants and designs to suit your needs. There are a few websites and books where you can get information. With a little patience and preparation, homeowners can take care of this task on their own.

Well planned and laid out landscapes offer hours of pleasure to homeowner. They also enhance the value of a home. Landscape design companies can help with design elements like walkways, trees, water elements, and even designing vegetable and flowerbeds. Many look forward to experimenting with new ideas depending on individual tastes.

Implement new designs and elements to a garden. After all, landscaping is a creative process, and with the help of professionals, you can never go wrong with your choices.