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Used BMW 3-Series: A Great Buy

used bmw

There are different makes and models of cars today, but only a few maintain their position as a class leader. The BMW 3 Series saloon is one of them. While it isn’t the most exclusive model, it’s a great buy for those who want quality performance and image. Used BMW 3 Series has the best engine in the used car market. It provides choices for body styles, from cabriolet, to coupe, touring estates, and saloons.

used bmw

Why Buy a BMW 3 Series?

BMW’s 3 Series offers a spacious, premium cabin, making it one of the best compact executive cars to drive. The 3 Series received a face-lift in 2008, bringing more efficient engines and exterior styling tweaks. Refinement is one of the car’s strongest points. Suspension and road noise is kept to a minimum; wind can only be heard at high speeds.

The car also features a comfortable space; the front seats and steering wheel offer great adjustment, the legroom is good, and the rear seats are comfortable.

What Are the Available Engines?

A selection of engines is available for a pre-owned BMW 3 Series. Diesel buyers can choose from 318d, 316d, 320d, 330d, 325d, and 335d units. The 318d produces either 120bhp (brake horse power) or 141bhp, while the 320d is available in 163bhp, 175bhp, and 181bhp versions.

Avoiding a Breach of the Liquor Control Act through Proper RSA Training

rsa training

Working in the hospitality industry involves looking after the welfare of patrons, especially when they’re intoxicated. Whether you’re in working in a hotel, bar or restaurant, you need to understand the Liquor Control Act (LCA) to protect the interest of the establishment. There’s no better to succeed in this goal than taking up a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training.
Compliance with the LCA

rsa training

Following and understanding the provisions of the LCA carefully is the key to avoid a breach and the possible result of an infringement being issued. This should serve as the foundation of your business practices, allowing you to trade liquor responsibly.

Providers of RSA Training

Organisations like the Australian Hotels Association (WA) provides an online RSA training course to equip students with the knowledge necessary for working in the hospitality industry alongside the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, WA Police and the License Enforcement Division.

Course Coverage

RSA training details areas of the LCA where licensees, approved managers and staff need to be mindful of potential breaches such as permitted trading hours, the provision of liquor to juveniles, the supply of liquor to an intoxicated person and conducting trade without an approved manager present. Students will receive a nationally accredited alcohol service certification after completing the course.

In the hospitality industry, a single breach of the law could break the name of your business. Undergoing RSA training is the right direction to take to comply with the LCA at all times.

Christmas Island: A Vacation Venue Not Just for the Holidays

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You’re an experienced angler who wants to try fishing somewhere you’ve never been to. The family, however, wants to go somewhere exotic for a vacation. Why not solve the issue with a place where you can both have fun? There are many options, starting with Christmas Island.

fishing trips

A Vacation Paradise

Set in the Indian Ocean near Indonesia, Christmas Island offers great travel opportunities for those with an adventurous spirit. The island is a very good location for sport fishing trips in the Asia-Pacific where you can meet other enthusiasts. Nature tours are also fun to do in Christmas Island because of its unique plants and animals.

Go scuba diving to have a once-in-a-lifetime close encounter with a whale shark or see the red crab migration. Bird-watching is also an activity you shouldn’t miss, as Christmas Island hosts thousands of winged creatures every year.

Arranging the Trip

Getting to Christmas Island with all the equipment you need is something you shouldn’t worry about. There are many companies who can help you look for solutions to your vacation needs. Get more information about going on fly fishing in Christmas Island and other activities you can enjoy. This will make planning easier, as you’ll have experienced guides helping you.


Buy Travel Insurance before Going Abroad

travel insurance

Travelling abroad can be fun, yet there are times when flight cancellations, lost luggage and other untoward events happen. These instances make it essential to have travel insurance. It will provide financial cover for the times you experience these situations.

travel insurance

Going out of Australia makes getting insurance even more important. There are many Australian travel insurance options to look for, such as medical cover, evacuation and repatriation, and other features. Some even provide free coverage for children under 25, which is preferable if you love going on overseas vacations with the whole family.

Important Provisions to Look For

It is necessary to take into account every situation that can happen when you are overseas so you can prepare for everything that may happen. Consult knowledgeable professionals from companies, such as Travel Insurance Saver or read informative resources like The Lonely Planet and the Australian Government Statutory Authority (AGSA). These will provide important details and tips on how you can ensure a smooth and carefree trip abroad.

Consider Your Special Needs

All travellers have their own concerns. Think about your own goals and the corresponding travel insurance features you will need to ensure a safe trip. This will let you prepare well when looking for the right insurance.