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2013 Web Design Trends That Will Stay in Style

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2013 has been a great year for web design and development. Designers have looked into every element of a website and developed pages that engage and attract customers better. Before the year closes, let’s look into some of the web design trends that will still be relevant in 2014.

web development

Responsive Web Design

Introduced in 2012, responsive web design is one of the most popular trends in 2013, and which will continue to be popular in years to come. With the rise of smart phones and mobile web users, it is a must to have a website that can work flawlessly on different screen sizes.


There’s beauty in simplicity. This is the concept of minimalism. Web designers have realized the beauty of keeping things simple, and learned the importance of keeping unrelated content and over-the-top graphics at bay.


Mixed matched fonts and bold headlines are popular in web design and development, and they will continue to be trendy in the years to come. Just be careful with picking and combining fonts to make sure your page remains easy to read.

Infinite Scrolling

After being popularized by social media giant Pinterest, this design trend has taken the world of web design by storm. Infinite scrolling provides a great user experience by allowing the content of a page to load continuously while the user scrolls down.

Consider 2013’s web design trends and design a website that will engage and attract customers from this day forward.

Finding a Good Apartment

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Most of the time, it’s better to just rent a home instead of owning one. Maybe, you’ve just moved out of your parent’s house, relocated for a new job, and still unsure if you should buy a home right away. Whatever the reason is, there are factors you need to remember when scouting for a place to rent. Start by looking at listings of residential rental properties to see what your options are.

residential rental

This is an all-important factor for anyone on the apartment hunt. People always look for a place near their offices, schools or entertainment centers. Location can also affect the property’s renting price. The general rule is that the more sought after the area is, the higher the price will be.


This will determine the size and area of the house. It’s also a determining factor when choosing the apartment’s location. Decide on your budget depending on the ideal features that will suit your lifestyle.


Find out if the facilities you need are available in the apartment. Whether it’s a simple dishwasher or washer and dryer to public spaces like pools and clubhouses, check with your landlords if they can provide what you need.

Research online and visit websites that not only provide a list of the available real estates for rent, but also photos of the actual units. Before signing the lease, be aware of what the rent amount covers as well as other important details. This way, you’ll avoid any issues with your landlord in the long run.

What You Need to Know: Opening a Bank Account in HK

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Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is a straightforward process. To do this successfully, all you need is an ID and proof of address. Unless you need to register a company in Hong Kong, you don’t have to be a resident or have a work visa. It’s possible for a tourist to open a bank account in the city.

company formation


If you’re a resident, you need to provide proof of address, such as utility bill or official government communication. As a non-resident, you also need to submit one of these documents from your home country.

After submitting your proof of address, wait for a letter that the bank will post to the address you gave. Afterward, deliver the letter to the bank before opening an account.

Accepted forms of ID are passports and Hong Kong Identity Cards.


HSBC, Hang Seng Bank Limited, and Standard Chartered Bank are popular with expats. Be aware, however, that not all bank employees are up to speed on their own bank regulations. They may not know what documents you need to provide. As such, gather all the necessary information before opening a bank account, especially if you need it for a company formation in Hong Kong.

To find English speaking staff and managers more familiar with specific expat needs, head to the larger branches in Central.

There’s more to know about opening a bank account in Hong Kong. To learn more, ask colleagues, friends, and relatives, or fellow expats for advice.


Knowledge is Power: Services Sell Your Information

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Whenever you search for auto financing or dealer information on Google or Bing, you’ll get many results that seem to make legitimate offers. But, most of those links lead to affiliate marketing sites that sell your information. It sounds like something that should be illegal, but it’s not, and it leaves you vulnerable to targeted marketing that would do little to help you anyway.

car financing

Selling Information

Corporations sell preferential information to marketers in an effort to boost ad sales and cut down on space costs. Facebook and AT&T both announced that they will be using targeted marketing campaigns to raise their stock. They assure users that personal information regarding location, workplace, and photos won’t be sold, but some users are understandably wary.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing isn’t unethical by any means; in fact, it streamlines the entire process of companies getting their products to the people who need them. It’s just that, there’s something about companies knowing what you want without you telling them directly that feels off.

Some searches should stay private; nobody wants the web to know they’re looking for a dealership because they have bad credit. Fortunately, there are some companies that would rather not choose targeted marketing, giving a lot of internet users some peace of mind.

Tidy Up: The Perks of Having a Clean Office

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The office is like a second home for many. Some people spend almost the entire day in it. In some cases people have to spend the night working in an office. So, it only seems right to make sure it is always clean and conducive for working.

office cleaning services

A clean workplace brings many benefits to anyone who enters it. If you want to know just how Brisbane office cleaning service can help you, take these things into account:

Dynamic working environment

When people are less prone to sickness and injuries, they tend to be more pro-active when it comes to work attitude. They don’t have to worry about their safety, day in, day out. This translates to a dynamic working environment where everyone is geared to work efficiently.

Added productivity

A highly-motivated workforce, in turn, leads to added productivity. When your office is fully-organised, you can expect your employees to have more focus on their work and improve your operations more.

Professional look

You don’t want your visiting potential clients and partners to be discouraged by shoddy office maintenance practices. Impress them with professional-looking and clean work environment.

No one wants to work in a dirty workplace. So have a regular cleaning service in your office to make sure it stays clean and conducive for work. You may also look for office cleaning companies in Brisbane to know more about the matter.

Win a Court Case with the Help of a Good Court Reporter

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Law firms often need to hire independent court reporting to help them with their case. Not all court reporters are the same, as they’re people with different skills and abilities.

Here are some tips to ensure you hire the right court reporter to prepare your clients’ legal proceedings:

court reporting


Everybody should have a fair trial. This is why it’s important to ensure that nothing would interfere with the proceedings. Records are for all, so no special favors should be in place for one side over another. Court reporters shouldn’t publish or broadcast certain things during the trial.


Think about what type of court reporter you want to work with. Talk to your potential court reporter in advance to know if they can work within your parameters. It’s also important to verify if they can exercise good judgment when you’re in the middle of cross examination. There are many court reporting firms in West Palm Beach that are readily available to assist clients.

A court reporter should have qualities that match the case requirements. Don’t just hire someone to do the job. Make sure to employ someone who can understand your case and the field of law you’re practicing, and can keep up with your parameters.